Top 10 Best Lawn Sweeper: 2023 Reviews & Buying Guide

Lawns look beautiful and are very luxurious to have, while the work that goes behind them is nonstop, straining and maybe even never-ending. Making your yard look beautiful is a steady job, and we understand how difficult it can get. Whether it comes to keeping your lawn fertilized or edging your lawn, the physical strain involved in maintaining a garden is immense. One such physical job, apart from mowing a small yard, is cleaning your lawn. Inventions have made this easy too, should you choose to buy the best lawn sweeper.

Top 10 Best Lawn Sweeper

Lawn maintenance is not easy, and hence people who own a lawn also own tons of different garden tools. There are varied used for garden tools, and one such important tool is lawn sweeper. You need lawn sweeper to do away with debris in the lawn which consists of pine needles, twigs, sticks, fallen leaves, etc. In our attempt to help you find the best lawn sweeper, below are the ten best lawn sweeper reviewed in detail for your ease and reference:

1 – Yard Commander Lawn Sweeper

The lawn sweeper is a 42-inch tow behind lawn sweeper type which can be attached to any lawn tractors, UTV or ATV and then used along with the lawn for cleaning out the debris. The product is known to be favorable for large lawns. It has a convenient, easy design which provides for smooth operation to sweep off the debris. The lawn sweeper can save you hours, conserve your efforts, and also leave your lawn looking beautiful with ease.

The lawn sweeper has a cross brush design that works swiftly with a collapsible hopper bag which also offers secure storage. It gives multiple hitches for ease of attachment and also tackles any variable terrain with it’s enormous and big wheels.

Key Features

  • 12.9 cubic foot nylon hopper
  • Brush diameter 10 inches
  • 42 inches clearing width
  • 10.5 inches rubber wheels
  • Rust-resistant powder coat finish
  • Cross brush design
  • Collapsible hopper bag
  • Blister card hardware pack
  • 9 inches of height adjustment
  • Four pieces of brushes


  • Saves time as it has broad sweep and cleans the lawn immaculately
  • Saves manual efforts
  • Easy dumping of debris
  • Leaves the garden looking beautiful and stellar


  • Takes time to assemble
  • Heavy weighted so not easy to move around

2 – Agri Fab Lawn Sweeper

Agri fab lawn sweeper comes with semi-pneumatic tires that ensure that the movement of the sweeper on the working area is smooth and transport is seamless. It comes with four brushes that clean through the debris quickly and collects the same in an extra-large hopper bag. The bag here is almost equal to 2 bin baggers that you would typically use. It is made with a unique offset design which enables cutting and sweeping at the same time.

This tow behind lawn sweeper comes with a handle, and hence you don’t need to dismount it while dumping the debris. It is also an easily storable device as it shrinks down to as much as 30% it’s the original size, and then you can easily store it.

Key Features

  • 44-inch lawn sweeper
  • Easily attachable universal hitch
  • Spring-loaded quick release
  • Extra-large hopper bag
  • Easily collapsible
  • Shrinks to 30% of its original size
  • Easy storage
  • Four brushes for a sweep
  • Easily emptied storage bag


  • Hitch can be universally attached to any tractor
  • Emptying the debris is easy with steel lever
  • Secure storage as it shrinks down to 30% it’s the original size
  • Cleans almost all type of lawn debris
  • High durability on nominal care


  • Holes on the sweeper might need to be drilled more
  • Instructions for assembling are difficult to follow

3 – Earthwise Yard Sweeper

Earthwise offers a 21 inches lawn sweeper that has two brushes per section with a broad sweep that are equipped to clean almost 80% of the debris in the first pick up itself. The lawn sweeper comes with adjustable height settings for brushes which can be tailored to suit the type of terrain on which the brush is being used. The sweeper claims to give you a break from back-breaking sweeping using the rake and replacing it with the Earthwise yard sweeper.

Best suited for small clean up jobs, this lawn sweeper is an ideal pick if you want to choose a push forward lawn sweeper for your lawn. The materials used are lightweight and comfortable and hence, can be maneuvered easily.

Key Features

  • Lightweight
  • Easy maneuvering
  • Adjustable height settings
  • Sweeps in a single motion
  • Two brushes per section
  • Big collecting bag


  • Picks up almost 80% of the debris in the first attempt
  • Can be tailored to suit the terrain with adjustable height feature
  • Does not strain to push through the lawn sweeper due to lightweight and sturdiness


  • Does not pick up rocks, wet debris, pinecones or nuts
  • Brush height will always need to be adjustable as per the lawn

4 – Brinly Lawn Sweeper

The brinly lawn sweeper is again one of the excellent tow behind lawn sweepers which are equipped to clean debris like leaves, grass clippings, old grass after detaching, pine needles, etc. It is designed with a brush to ground ration such that it helps to achieve optimum performance by minimizing the skipping. It has a pull rope coupled with ergonomic t handle that allows emptying the bag without having to detach the sweeper from the tractor.

The lawn sweeper has six brushes which work at high velocity and continuously pick up the debris even when the tractor is taking turns. The material is easily collapsible into an upright position after your cleaning is done.

Key Features

  • Pull rope
  • Ergonomic t handle
  • Six high-velocity brushes
  • 20 cubic feet hamper
  • Durable hamper
  • 42 inches sweep
  • Collapses into uptight storage
  • Easy height adjustment settings
  • 5:1 brush to ground ratio


  • Continuous sweeping with high-velocity brushes
  • Maximum efficiency with the suitable ground to brush ratio
  • Secure storage with collapsing into uptight storage


  • Huge material craft
  • Parts are not highly durable

5 – Joe Green Electric Scarifier And Lawn Detacher

Powered by a robust motor, joe green lawn sweeper comes with a moto to let the lawn breathe. It believes in being kind to the lawn and still making it green by using Joe green. It comes in a fabulous green color and is fun to work with. It has an air boost technology that maximizes the thatch pick up. It comes with spring steel tines that are good in quality and stay sharp for a long time. It works at a faster pace and cleans debris with efficiency.

The lawn sweeper can start instantly and clean the debris without polluting the atmosphere around as it does not emit any toxic carbon gases.

Key Features

  • 12 amp motor
  • 13 inches wide path
  • Five-position depth control
  • Air boost technology
  • Detachable collection bag
  • Instant start
  • Warranty attached
  • Steel strip tines
  • ETL approved


  • Debris is cleaned much faster due to wide sweeps
  • Thatch pick up is efficient with steel strip tines
  • Durable parts that last for a good time


  • Little heavy as compared to other push forward lawn sweepers
  • Takes up a lot of space

6 – Lawn Sweeper By Ohio Steel

Ohio steel lawn sweepers are reputed and known for the product and the quality that they offer. As with all lawn sweepers, the motive is simple. It aims at cleaning the debris from the lawn and making it look pleasant and beautiful. It is a tow-behind lawn sweeper that can be attached to any tractor and used to sweep any large-sized lawn. The sweeper is humongous at 50 inches and is still fairly easy to handle.

Ability to pick up any time of debris, and it is also effortless to assemble for such a big machine. The making is sturdy, and it comes with an adjustable height feature.

Key Features

  • Adjustable height feature
  • 42 inches wide
  • Easy handling
  • Easy assembling
  • Five-position hitch adjustment
  • Weighs 102 pounds


  • Easy to handle and maintain without much efforts for caring
  • Assembling the lawn sweeper and usage is easy to understand and follow
  • Offers wide sweeps and saves time as compared to other lawn sweepers


  • Huge in size so needs extra large storage space
  • Priced high as compared to other lawn sweepers

7 – Agri Fab Lawn Sweeper

Another Agri fab product has made it to the list as they produce good and quality products. The lawn sweepers are some of the best in the business as they know what they are doing and fulfill the expectations accordingly. This 42 inches model comes with two semi-pneumatic tires which enable the lawn sweeper to transfer smoothly on the working area. This product works thoroughly in all seasons; whether it is summer or falls, it will keep your lawn clean.

Model number 45 – 0320 is a tow-behind lawn sweeper which can be attached to any tractor and has adjustable settings for easy usage. It comes with a lever which allows you to empty the debris without detaching the lawn sweeper from the tractor.

Key Features

  • 42 inches lawn sweeper
  • 12 cubic feet capacity
  • Four brushes
  • Brush height adjustment settings
  • Universal hitch
  • Collapsible hopper bag
  • Easy storage
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Warranty attached


  • Universally attachable hitch can be used to attach to any zero-turn mower or riding mower
  • Easy storage of the lawn sweeper with collapsible hopper bag
  • Picks up all types of debris and has a good-sized collection bag


  • Quality is not up to standards
  • Difficult to assemble as the directions available are pictorial with no text instructions

8 – Yardwise Push Lawn Sweeper

As the name suggests, this is a push forward lawn sweeper which will have to be pushed around by the user. The product is made lightweight, so it is easy to move around and maneuver. The lightweight of the lawn sweeper also provides to make it easy to store. It has adjustable height dial, which helps to adjust the height of the brushes in alignment with the terrain which guarantees maximum performance. It also comes with a huge hopper bag which makes a maximum collection of debris possible before the need to empty it.

It comes with 21 inches wide sweep, which also helps to collect maximum debris and saves time as compared to other lawn sweepers.

Key Features

  • Adjustable height dial
  • Lightweight
  • Easy maneuverability
  • Easy storage
  • Detachable hopper bag
  • 26-gallon hopper bag


  • Suitable for most terrain with adjustable height dial settings
  • Massive collection of debris in one go with 21 inches sweep and 26-gallon hopper bag
  • Easy to maneuver around without burden of weight
  • Easy to store


  • The bag is a little out of line so doesn’t work always
  • Doesn’t work on the low grass even after the height adjustment

9 – Ohio Steel Lawn Sweeper

Other product by Ohio steel coming into the list. Ohio steel is known for its garden tools and generally make good and helpful devices to help maintain your lawn. The lawn sweeper is made on similar lines. The basic principle at Ohio steel is to ensure that the handling of the tool is easy and anyone can use it without much hassle. The same has also been achieved with this product.

The 42 inches lawns sweeper is best for large lawns and works on them like magic in far less time than one would take while cleaning the same manually. It is a substantial and sturdy model that ensures efficiency.

Key Features

  • 42 inches wide sweeper
  • Easy handling
  • Sturdy structure
  • Easy maintenance


  • Easy to use, handle and maintain
  • Wide seep saves time and energy


  • Huge size and heavy tool
  • Difficult storage

10 – Agri Fab Push Lawn Sweeper

Third Agri fab lawn sweeper which is an amaze buy if you want a push lawn sweeper for your lawn. It is 26 inches in width with seven cubic feet capacity for the debris. The debris can be easily dumped. It is made with natural, lightweight material and can be moved around easily throughout the lawn. Two poly tires that ensure smooth working on the lawn. Sweep is performed by four brushes and is efficient to pick almost all debris

Key Features

  • 26 inches width
  • Four brushes for sweeps
  • Two poly wheels
  • Seven cubic feet hopper capacity
  • Easy dumping of debris
  • Works in all seasons
  • Lightweight


  • Debris can be easily dumped by merely lifting the lawn sweeper
  • Lightweight and easily maneuverability


  • Hopper bag capacity is less as compared to other lawn sweepers
  • Use of plastic is flimsy

These were ten best lawn sweepers explained in detail to suit your understanding and requirements. I hope this helps you to make a wise choice for your lawn!

Best Lawn Sweeper Buying Guide

Cleaning your lawn is a tough job; it involves cleaning varied type of debris. Your lawn is probably the most active place of your house, and that itself should tell you, how dirty the lawn can get. It has debris formed from all types of leaves, pine needles, twigs, grass cuttings, sticks, etc. All of this needs to be removed, and removing them manually is undoubtedly a massive activity. Instead of straining yourself out in these, you can choose a lawn sweeper that will clean these out for you with minimal effort.

Types Of Lawn Sweepers

One of the best things about the lawn sweepers is the fact that they are available in various types, shapes and customizable options which cater to any individual demand you might have as per your lawn type and specifications. However, even with so many options available, the lawn sweepers can be divided into three main types. Let us take a look at these types in short brief so that you have a fair idea of what each model has to offer:

Tow-Behind Lawn Sweepers

As the name rightly suggests, the tow behind lawn sweepers is the type of lawn sweepers that are towed behind the lawn tractors. They are suitable for large lawn sizes as they sweep up a considerable amount of debris and cover a lot of area in a short time. If you have a large lawn, this is your best choice. They require a little more maintenance than your usual small equipment would. Choose a tow-behind sweeper with a universal attachment so that it can be used with any tractor or vehicle.

Push Forward Lawn Sweepers

The push forward lawn sweepers are more small, lightweight, and compact in terms of size and are usually best suited for residential cleanups. If you have a small yard which requires cleanup, then this type of lawn sweeper is the apt choice. Even though more modest in size, these also come in varied capacities and can help clean up an excellent sizable yard. It might, however, require that you empty the bag multiple times as compared to the tow behind lawn sweepers.

Power Sweepers

The lawn sweepers that are usually powered by gas or electricity are termed as power sweeper. They can help large cleanup size of lawns and have more capacity than a push lawn sweeper has. The power boosts it to move forward, and it does not need much of manual propelling to sweep the yard clean. It is comparatively bulky and might also be of an issue as it creates dust.

Benefits Of Lawn Sweepers

You might be managing your lawn well enough without the use of a lawn sweeper and would be wondering why do you need a lawn sweeper at all? There are a lot of benefits that come attached to the best lawn sweeper, and you would know about them as you read in this section. These benefits will help you understand the change this device can bring in your routine. Below are some of the critical benefits of the best lawn sweeper:

Saves Time

The most significant advantage that comes with the use of lawn sweeper is that it will save you time. Something that would have taken hours for you to clean manually can be done in almost one fourth it’s time with the use of the lawn sweepers. They are mechanical and hence operate much faster than human cleaning. So if you are someone who keeps busy, this is precisely what you need.

Reduced Efforts

Another prominent advantage is the level of efforts. Where you were supposed to sweep everything off manually, all you need to do is move the sweeper around and dispose of the debris from the hopper bag. The involvement of manual effort is minimum, and yet it promises better and cleaner output for your lawn.

Less Physical Strain

When you manually clean the lawn, you will have to continually swoop down and use your shoulders to sweep the debris out. The entire activity is very straining for your back and shoulder. With the help of the best lawn sweeper, your back and shoulders are not impacted adversely, and they can be well-rested while the sweeper still cleans the yard.

Fun Activity

Cleaning is an activity that is loved by some and also despised by some. With the help of lawn sweeper, everyone can enjoy cleaning and be happily involved in it. Sweeping it across the lawn is fun, and it is also a treat to watch all the debris get cleaned up by the lawn sweeper. It makes your job fun, and that will help you be more involved too.


Using a lawn sweeper is a lot safer option than manually cleaning the debris from your lawn. Your lawn is an open space, and how much ever involved you are, you can’t be assured about what all you can expect when cleaning the debris and whether it can affect you in any way. Using the best lawn sweeper is the better and safer option which will keep you safer.

Easy To Operate

The lawn sweepers don’t have an intricate mechanism of operation as it is the case with some of the various gardening tools. It can be easily operated, and you can get the hang of it in a couple of uses. Things that are easy to operate are generally used more, and hence you can be assured that you won’t be disappointed about the working of the sweeper.

Prevention Of Lawn Disease

Your lawn is also susceptible to catching diseases or other problems if it is not cleaned correctly and efficiently. When you clean the yard at regular intervals with the help of lawn sweeper, it helps to keep the garden healthy as well, and the chances of our lawn growing better grass also increase.

Protects Grass

When there is a lot of thick debris and things over your grass, grass can get blocked from sunlight, and hence there will be a hindrance in the growth of grass. Proper and timely cleaning by using the lawn sweepers can help to clear all blockage, and the grass can feed in sunlight without any hindrance.

Helps Mower Blades

You would need to mow your lawn to keep the grass in good health and for mowing your lawn you need the yard to be clean. If the garden is not neat, the mower blades can rust very soon and also become less sharp. By cleaning the lawns using the best lawn sweeper, you will also be ensuring that the mowing and mower blade are both excellent.

Not Noisy

One of the most apparent advantages of the lawn sweeper is that how it is much less noisy as compared to the leaf blower. While both can necessarily help you clean the lawn, the lawn sweeper is efficient and also does not make any noise which makes it a favorite for most people that are confused between the two.

Things To Consider Before You Buy The Best Lawn Sweeper

The benefits can help you with the decision of why and how useful the best lawn sweeper is for you, however, once you have decided to buy it, there are the whole set of things you will need to be mindful about. You will need to check and analyze some factors so that you choose a model that is best suited for your needs. Below are some of the factors that should be considered before buying the best lawn sweeper:


First and foremost, you will need to check that the lawn sweeper fits into your budget. You will have to check for options that fit in your budget. Don’t ever let the cost be the only factor. Always align the price with the properties and needs that you have. It is smart to check from a cost and benefit analysis perspective than just from a cost perspective.


Next thing you need to be mindful of is the brand that you buy it from. The lawn sweeper is a device that you will be buying to use for a relatively long term. You will need to ensure that the brand is reliable, tested, and assures about the quality. Always check the reviews before you buy the product to know what the end-users are saying about the product.


When buying a device or a tool, one should always check the warranty that comes attached to the device. While the brand assures quality, there are enormous things that can go wrong with the technical device, and not all are under your control. Getting a product covered under a good warranty will keep you under the safety net to fall back on, in case needed.


As we discussed above, there are different types and models of the lawn sweepers available in the market. They are adjusted and customized to meet your needs. The best lawn sweeper for you will be the one that fulfills the criteria that you have in the best possible manner. Always choose the type as per your needs.

Size Of Lawn

You will need a lawn sweeper that is compatible with the size of your garden. A tow behind lawn sweeper used for a small yard is simple wastage and might not even work at it’s best. Always buy the lawn sweeper in line with the size of the lawn. If your lawn is extra-large, choose a lawn sweeper with a higher capacity.

Ease Of Operation

One of the crucial things every typical person looks for is whether he or she will be able to operate the device. The ease of operation is a prime criterion of selection for some. You have to operate this device and get the job done. Always choose something that you are comfortable with, and that has natural storage quality.


You need to clean your lawn, and no one else is aware of the cleaning required for the lawn better than you. You need to compare the capacity that the best lawn sweeper has in line with how much capacity does your lawn need and then accordingly make a choice. Always choose a lawn sweeper with functional capacity.


You don’t buy a tool to give it up anytime soon. A lawn sweeper should be durable and should run for good after it has been obtained. Always check for the features which indicate the durability and choose a model that ensures maximum durability and quality.


Always check for the width that is offered by the best lawn sweeper. You need to gauge how broad sweep is so that you can decide whether the model is apt for your lawn or not. The width should be in tandem with the requirement of the lawn.


Collection Of Debris

Frequently Asked Questions About The Best Lawn Sweepers

While you have read so much about the lawn sweepers so far, there must be some common questions that you have about it. While it is difficult to identify all questions, below are some of the common questions that we are aware of, and they have been answered simply so that you can understand and decide for yourself:

What is the purpose of a lawn sweeper?

A lawn sweeper, as the name suggests, is used to sweep through your lawn or even through a paved lawn area. It helps to sweep through the dirt, leaves, twigs, grass clippings, or any form of litter that has been accumulated in your lawn. While you can think of manually cleaning them, this systematic removal of debris using the best lawn sweeper is more accessible and safer.

What are the best yard sweeper brands?

When it comes to electrical products or tools, everyone needs durable products and the guarantee for same can only happen through choosing a good brand. Some of the brands that have been along for a good time and are known for their work are Karcher, Ohio steel, and Agri-fab.

Do lawn sweepers work?

Yes, lawn sweepers indeed work. They are known for doing their job in the best way possible and reduce your time and efforts marginally. If you are someone who detests cleaning anyway, then the best lawn sweeper for your lawn maintenance is a must-have. So if you are worried whether a lawn sweeper would prove to be useful, yes it would be beneficial.

Will lawn sweepers pick up acorns?

Lawn sweepers serve the purpose of cleaning the debris from the lawn. The debris involves fallen leaves which could have fallen using a push mower, twigs, sticks, and acorns too. The lawn sweepers have different methods of operation, some clean up the acorns using the vacuum while some use brushes to collect them into a bin.

Will lawn sweepers pick up grass?

A lawn maker has rotating brushes that roam through the lawn and collect the debris into a bin. It is equipped to pick up fallen leaves, twigs and also grass clippings that have been left out while mowing the lawn. It works on picking up all sorts of debris unless it is something weighty which would not be vacuumed by the lawn sweepers.

How to empty a lawn sweeper?

Any typical lawn sweeper will have a hopper bag attached to it at the rear portion of the device. All the debris collected by the best lawn sweeper is in this bag which can be quickly emptied from the sweeper and then emptied into the disposable container. The bags can be unhooked with ease and emptied every time they are full.

The above are all the things the one would need to know with regards to a lawn sweeper. If you love maintaining your lawn and believe that you need a lawn sweeper, these points should help you to choose the best lawn sweeper. Not everyone has the same needs, and we cannot define your needs for you, what we can surely do is help you find a lawn sweeper that fits your needs.


Proper research and reading about the specifications are the basics that will give you a better understanding about the product you need to buy and whether your lawn needs a lawn sweeper is something that you will need to decide as per your subjective preference. If you are too strained physically by manual cleaning, the best lawn sweeper is a lifesaver.