Top 10 Best Commercial Lawn Mower →Updated April 2023

Mowing can inevitably turn into a hectic craft on a bright sunny day if you don’t have the right mower in accordance with your garden needs. Whether it be a patch of grass or acres of the yard, no matter if you are a newbie or a pro at mowing. If you have the appropriate mower with you, all your work becomes hassle-free and straightforward. When we say the best commercial lawn mower, then there are plenty of such available in the market, but we would surely not suggest you empty down your bank account in one go for just any ordinary mower. Thus the next big question that arises is which lawn mower to select and why?

Top 10 Best Commercial Lawn Mower of 2023

Searching online and looking into every specification, price, warranty, the brand can be callous. Professional gardeners and groundkeepers have assisted us with the list of most trustworthy lawn mowers. To make your work easy and straightforward, we have listed the top 10 best lawn movers with all the other essential information you need to know.

1 – Swisher Z3166CPKA Zero Turn Commercial Lawn Mower (Best Pick 🥇)

The Swisher Z3166CPKA Big MOW has its build from America. It has about 66 inches of cutting deck that enables you to chop off a large area in one shot quickly. The mowing speed is up to 10mph. This commercial-grade mower is at the top of the list due to its 31HP Kawasaki engine with and auto electric start.

One can surely assure themselves that this lawn mower can serve them for a more extended period of run without creating any technical problem for ten year+. The best part above all is you get power with comfort. Yes, for the operators, the company has provided a comfortable seat, armrest, cup holder as well as armrest space as well.

Thus working with Swisher Z3166CPKA Big MOW will never feel like a burden at all. The mower even has headlight in the front so that no matter what time of the day or night it is, you can complete the work anytime you wish too.

Key Features

  • Rapid control system.
  • Hydro gear of 3400 transmission
  • Heavy-duty iron blades
  • Adjustable seat.


  • Affordable in rate
  • Power internal engine of 31HP
  • Heavy-duty build that is best for the long run.
  • Cutting area coverage is extensive.
  • Powerful headlight for easy night work.
  • Adjustable suspension seat.


  • The body is quite extensive, which makes it challenging to handle in plain or uneven terrain.

2 – 18.5 Hp Commercial Trail Mower By Streamline Industrial

The streamline industrial, commercial trail mower is built in the USA and is a perfect mower for any terrain types, no matter if it’s plain, rugged or uneven. This lawn mower can get easily attached to your tractor and boom. You can move it according to mow and field you want to.

No matter which type of lawn care you follow, this small lawn mower works very efficiently. It has a 10HP horsepower and has a twin blade system which can quickly chop off grass up to 6’deep. It has additional safety features than enable the operator to work safely in any condition.

Key Features

  • Easy to use
  • Easily gets attached to a tractor.
  • Heavy-duty iron blades


  • Affordable in price
  • Efficient with a small body
  • It has a cutting width of 44 inches.
  • Efficiently run in any terrain type, no matter rugged or plain.
  • Contains 10HP for sharp and neat cutting


  • It does not have riding features; thus, people having tractors can only purchase it.
  • U1L type battery required, which you have to purchase separately from the local market.

3 – Troy-Bilt Commercial Zero-Turn Mower 

When we say one among the best commercial riding lawn mower, then this mower is undoubtedly the answer to all. This lawn mower has a riding deck lift of approximate 54 inches, which helps you quickly clear any field up to 1.5 or 2 acres in just 30-40 minutes.

The durability and built is a super exception, which makes it 20% faster than other riding mowers. Apart from the sharp cutting edge, it has extreme innate energy of 24HP that enables the operator to run the mower smoothly and efficiently.

If you are a professional lawn mower, then you surely understand why power is essential, and this mower surely fulfills that section. No matter if it’s about tiny grasses or long with such high power, one can quickly complete any task in no time. Apart from power and durability, it comes with an all-around comfort for the operator as well as easy access to different functions of the mower.

Key Features

  • Additional oil filter
  • Well equipped with four gauge wheels
  • Has a forward speed of 7mph and reverse speed of 2.5mh


  • Affordable in price
  • Easy to trim of large field in no time
  • Heavy built body
  • Can efficiently run in different terrain type no matter rugged or plain.
  • Fuel efficient and a full tank can cover up to 2.4-2.5 acres(approximately)


  • Not at all ideal for sloped surfaces.

4 – Honda 4-in-1 Walk-Behind Mower

This honda 662300 is a walk behind lawn mower, which is designed by Honda with specialized and advanced features. It has a deck of 21 inches and has a rust-free coating, which makes it durable for a longer run. Apart from power, it gives you different cutting heights as well, which help you to cut grasses of varying lengths with four in one versamow system while mulching, bagging, or discharging at the same time.

Apart from cutting sharpness, it has a speed dial drive system that helps you to control the speed of the mower as you want. The moment you turn the dial to a higher number, the speed of the mover will increase accordingly, which is undoubtedly a plus point to adjust the speed easily and quickly.

Key Features

  • Seven different cutting range
  • Rust free deck plating
  • Micro precision twin-blade cutting system.
  • Heavy-duty iron blades


  • Economic on pocket
  • Easy to trim of large field in no time
  • Smooth start and run option
  • Has large 9 inches wheels for better grip on the ground


  • The starter cord is a bit low, so you have to bend every time you stop to clean the bag.
  • Wheel adjustment is also tough to do

5 – Swisher Pro Trail Commercial Trail Mower (FC14566CPKA) 

So, on the list of top 10 Swisher FC14566CPKA is the fifth-best lawn mower on the market you can purchase. This mower is operator less and can be easily attached to the tractor. If we talk about the size, then it is average and compact, which enables it to move flexibly anywhere and everywhere without hustle. The cutting height is of 1 to 1.5 inches, which generally is good for having a clean-cut lawn within minutes.

When we say power, then it has 14.5 HP Kawasaki engine, which is pretty good to cover a larger area with no problem.  The blades are of fine and sharp quality, and the mower blades have a three-blade cut finish system that me no mess will remain at the end for sure.

Key Features

  • Commercial cast iron grass cutting blade.
  • The standard battery is not included.
  • The three-layer cutting blade system
  • Heavy-duty iron blades


  • The three-layer cutting blade system
  • Electrically safe to use
  • 66inches deck with side discharge available.
  • 14.5HP for efficient and powerful cutting
  • The battery is available and is covered with an access panel.


  • The hitch is quite lightweight and can easily get damaged, needs delicate handling.

6 – Ariens Zero Turn Lawn Mower 

This hustler super lawn mower surely needs constant maintenance and is not suitable for residential property owners. Mowing can be a challenging task if you still use the manual push hand lawn mower, which takes a lot of sweat, energy, and, in the end, makes you dirty aswell. Thus if one has this task as day to day activity, then lawn mowing can turn into a horrible experience with hand or a junky mower.

People tend to ignore the seat of a lawn mower, which is an important part and plays a very vital role in helping the operator to handle the speed and functioning correctly. If the seat of your mower is uncomfortable, then you are surely going to get tired and frustrated with work soon. This Ariens Zoom 34 has a well-padded seating of 18 inches that makes it comfortable to use.

The turn mower has a power of 19HP with a 6000 series engine, which helps you to mow 1 to 1.5 acre of land in half an hour or 40 minutes, which is undoubtedly pretty quick. Apart from power, it has a deck size of 34 inches.

Key Features

  • KOHLERÂ 6000 Series Engine
  • Electrically safe to use
  • Pocket-friendly


  • The cutting width is 34 inches.
  • 34-inches deck with side discharge available.
  • 19HP for efficient and powerful cutting


  • Not suitable for uphill due to the weight of the mower.

7 – Dirty Hand Tools Electric Start Commercial Lawn Mower 

This mower is smaller than size as compared to all the lawn mowers listed above, but size surely doesn’t define its power. It has a powerful engine of 11.5HP with 344cc. The sharp blades are specially designed to cut up to 2 inches thick grass easily and efficiently. It is effortless for the operator to use and comes with a 5 ft long cord for easy usability.

Apart from power and cutting sharpness, it has a cutting width turn radius covers 44 inches, which are quite enough to easily mow a 1.5-2 acre in just 40 to 50 minutes and 1 to 1.5 miles per hour. Thus the innovative design has additional debris and chain guard on both the back and front.

Key Features

  • EPA approved engine
  • Easy to operate
  • Easy electric start
  • Chain debris guards


  • Efficient buy
  • The cutting width is 44 inches.
  • 11.5HP for efficient and powerful cutting


  • The built is quite heavy to use.

8 – Swisher (RC14544CPKA) Commercial Black Lawn Mower 

This bad boy swisher RC14544CPKA is an expert at cutting lawn grasses like a pro. No matter what length of grass it is, the two blades cutting system chops off all the useless stuff. The deck width is 44 inches, which admittedly is a great deal to grab. With such a width, 1 to 1.5 acres of land can be cleared off within half an hour without a fuss.

The Kawasaki engine is of 14.5HP and intakes approximately 12.volt engine. One can easily attach it to diesel engine tractor and get started. The top free offset has a variety of adjustment options also available, which you can adjust as per usability.

Key Features

  • Kawasaki electric start.
  • 2.5-gallon fuel tank.
  • Easy battery access
  • The deck has infinite positions


  • The cutting width is 44 inches.
  • It gives you a cutting height of 3-4 inches.
  • 14.5HP for efficient and powerful cutting


  • Not suitable for uphill or steep sloping terrain.

9 – Cub Cadet Ultima ZT1 50 in. 23 HP Kawasaki Zero-Turn Mower 

The Cub Cadet Ultima is a combination of power, efficiency, performance, and features. All bucked up in one. This lawn mower comes with a 48 inches deck, which is undoubtedly quite big as compared to other efficient lawn mowers. Apart from cutting width, it has a 23HP. It has a heavy-duty built and enables you to achieve professional-style cutting in one go.

Key Features

  • Safe
  • Easy to operate
  • Best quality Kawasaki engine
  • Variety of cutting methods available


  • The cutting width is 48 inches.
  • The deck has infinite positions
  • Large wheels to move efficiently
  • 23HP for efficient and powerful cutting


  • Doesn’t have an armrest

10 – GreenWorks Cordless Commercial Mower 

The GreenWorks snapper is the odd one out of many mowers tested and reviewed Greenworks PRO stands out to be the best. Starting with the durability and build quality is not at all sacrificed to keep the price low. It has a steel built deck that is resistant to any wear and tear. The cutting width is 21 inches and consumes 80volt. The company provides an additional benefit of battery and charger with the mower, which helps you to charge anywhere and anytime.

Key Features

  • Safe
  • 60 minutes run time
  • Lithium-Ion batteries used for longer run
  • Variety of cutting methods available


  • Maximum cutting height1-3 inches and minimum 3 to ¼ inches
  • 80 Volts 4 Ampere Hour battery
  • Easy, handy usability
  • 21-Inches deck width


  • Doesn’t have an armrest and other sitting facility

There are various types of lawn mowers available in the market, but it’s always best for any product before a proper analysis, review checking, and the reason to know why you need to buy it.

Best Commercial Lawn Mower Buying Guide

No matter if you have acres of land with you or a small tiny patch of grass, one would undoubtedly require a right lawn mower to clean it off. Consumers or operators usually look for a mower that is pocket-friendly as well as includes different mowing options like mulching, bagging, etc. One of the top lawn mowers is considered of john deere, but not all of us can afford it, right? Therefore, every consumer looks out for proper buying guidance when it comes to select the best for them.

Commercial lawn mowers are a bit different than consumer models and provide the best fit for industry-grade standard. To maintain a beautiful lawn even for commercial purposes requires using the right kind of tools available. To start with, mowing capacity is one of the key differences in using a popular model. Similarly, there are other aspects you need to check while buying the best commercial lawn mowers.

For reference, you can use our extensively researched buying guide, as given below. It includes all the critical pointers required to be present in a commercial model.

Should you invest in a commercial lawn mower?

If you are handling extensive facilities or properties, commercial lawn mowers are a necessary investment. You may need expert lawn care, and that is only possible with using efficient mowers made for the specific purpose. No matter you want a push lawn mower or riding mower, there are always going to be differences between what you choose for residential and commercial purposes.

High-quality, costly, and durable parts are also the main reasons you should invest in a commercial-grade mower. Another significant feature is the cutting decks, similar to what is found in John Deere decks. They are generally constructed from high-quality steel with noticeable blade speeds to minimize the clumping required in commercial brands.

Clumping is the most hateful aspect of consumer models of lawn mowers. Thus, it is one of the required functions in commercial models to reduce the level of clumping.

The powerful engines significant horsepower quantities are another difference we can tell you. These heavy-duty engines are also allowed better displacement. Because of these qualities, it makes sense to buy commercial lawn mowers. Even if you have large lawn properties in your home, these mowers can be the best bet.

Factors to be considered before buying a commercial lawn mower

Whenever you are heading towards buying mowing equipment, these five factors are essential to be noted.

Operator Position

The person using the commercial turn mower has to decide his operating position that whether he wants to use the machine for sitting, walking, or stand. Maneuverability, Ergonomics, and Efficiency vary according to different machine types. To decide the position, the operator can look at factors such as fatigue, comfort, and the condition of areas upon which he wants to use the machine.

In case, you want to navigate the extreme details on tight spaces, walk-behind lawn mowers are the best choice for the purpose. Various brands of the mower on the market provide the ability to cut grass efficiently in tight places within a short period.

Cutting Width

The cutting width is another essential factor you need to think upon before purchasing. If we talk about the lineup availability of John Deere, they come in cutting widths where you are confronted with lots of choices. The size of cutting decks is the central aspect to be decided here, which further places a focus on the fast and slow speeds.

Large cutting decks allow a quick and large quantity of mowing while the small ones provide advantages of being more compact and agile. To differentiate, you can think about width restrictions such as trailers, gates, storage space, and trees present in the large lawn properties.


Think about what you want from the commercial-grade mower. Apart from necessary bagging and mulching capabilities, lawn mowers do come with a specialized attachment for various other activities. So, if you are curious to see more functionality, kindly consider this factor.

Fuel Preference

Check for whether your mower is having a diesel engine or includes a cup holder to be powered with fuel. Whatever efficient fuel system you prefer, go for it. You can decide on terms such as operating cost, and overall productivity provided by a particular model. So, if you like other features as well, along with the drive system, the product may be a perfect choice.

Discharge Preference

Based upon the area, you are mowing, discharge preference can be selected. Mainly, you are provided with two styles to discharge grass. Firstly, the side-discharge units’ offer superior cutting height with quality. On the other hand, rear discharge systems are better to go with if you are mowing on governmental and roadside contracts.

Points to be checked before buying a commercial mower

To get the job done fast, commercial zero-turn mowers can be the best product to start with. Listed here are three crucial factors that you can check buying one for business activities.


The mowers with a full suspension system allow greater efficiency with the smoothest ride possible. Their effective blade sharpener helps to get the required cutting height and overall operation. With the full-suspension, you can consistently follow different lawn contours. Moreover, it also needs fewer repairs due to reduced shocks.

Engine with High-Performance

The mowers with highly productive engines allow for quick mowing. Also, the high performing commercial zero-turn mowers can zip grass at a speed of 13 miles per hour. Thus, along with proper deck lift, considering the engine’s productivity is also essential.

Mowing Deck

It doesn’t matter what size you are using to mow the grass. The concern is about how you use it. This is where the deck lift function comes into the scenario. Deck with 61″ height indeed is more than the 5 feet cutting height, but commercial brands are primarily found with high-performance features not found anywhere.

So, the sloped front decks that can push the grass up offer a decent cut. Some models also include a revolutionary system for cutting to provide enhanced quality with impressive airflow discharge.

FAQs On Commercial Lawn Mower

What is the best commercial lawn mower brand?

Swisher is considered to be the best commercial lawn mower brand and is serving the people for 60 years now. The lawn mowers of Swisher provides not only efficiency but also durability with different other additional features. They have indulged all the creativity, the passion of working, technology, and comfort into providing the best lawn mower for people’s usability.

What does fabricated deck mean?

A well-fabricated lawn mower deck appears to be welded with pieces of steel. This surely doesn’t make it better, but yes, it seems to be stronger inbuilt as well as has proper protection from rain children and other outside stuff, which can damage the blades. Thus a fabricated deck is considered to better as a non-fabricated one regarding safety.

How much horsepower does a lawn mower need?

The lawn mower comes in different variants and usability; thus, the horsepower they provide is also different and varies from company to company. Like a walking lawn mower tends to give 2HP to 7 HP minimum and if we see riding or attachable lawn mower, on the other hand, it tends to provide a minimum of 13HP to 30HP (average).
Consequently, HP depends on the design and features, specifications you are getting with the mower. It is usually seen that land mower with high deck width and additional features tend to have more than 30HP.

What brands are the best when looking for commercial zero-turn mowers?

There are few selective commercial brand lawn mowers which are very much popular among the consumers, below listed are the top five brands of the lawn mower.


All these features are needed to be present in a commercial riding lawn mower or another commercial-grade mower. After you have decided to buy a specific type of lawn mower, get back to studying these points so that a few technical specifications with general sense can be checked.

Along with these factors, the budget should not be overlooked. You can purchase within budget after considering your lawn mowing requirements. As we are specifically talking about commercial-grade mower for large capacity, you can compromise on features such as additional attachments to be within the funds.