Top 10 Best Lawn Mower For Small Yard: 2023 Reviews & Buying Guide

A lawn trimmer or mower is one of the most considerable devices for any owner’s lawn maintenance. There aren’t any lawns that can excel in perfection without using this product.  Various types of lawn mower based on different configurations and functionality are available.  If your grasscutters are not even then your gardening might not look beautiful. So, there are various factors related to a lawn device to get the best garden appearance. May it be big parks or small yard; every plantation needs to be taken care of nicely. With the help of professionals we got you covered by finding the best mower for small yard.

Top 10 Best Lawn Mower For Small Yard   

Garden experts and ground keepers have often helped us in understanding the necessities of our farms or lawns. With their expertise and knowledge, we have selected the top 10 Best Lawn Mowers For Small Lawns, which will benefit you to choose the best for lawn care.

1 – Ego Power Lithium Volt Cordless Mower For Lawns

It is a 3 in 1 device designed for mowing a small yard. You can do bagging, side discharge, and mulching with this tool. The construction has been built with a less 30% sound compared to the rest of the lawn mowers. Storage and cleaning for maintaining, in the long run, is super convenient.

There is a push-button for starting easy, which makes the entire gardening operation smooth. For varying weather conditions, this tool is safe to use. In case you are traveling, pack this compact grass cutter and carry with yourself. The battery-powered range is 5.0Ah for fast charging purpose.

Key Features   

  • 3 in 1 technique
  • The mower for small yards
  • Push mower
  • Easy cleaning
  • Great Maintenance
  • 30% less sound
  • Max Lithium battery range 5.0 Ah
  • Storage
  • Safe


  • Quiet and noise-free grass cutting heights are possible by using this cutter
  • The incredible concept of push-button for starting is another excellent feature
  • There are four wheels with which accessible adjustment settings can be done. No notches are present for these adjustments so that you can travel safely with grass cutting method all-around your lawn


  • Few customers have opined that this mower is a bit fragile. The plastic lid on the battery is weak.
  • The clipping system of this mower needs improvement.   

2 – American Lawn Mower Company Black Electric Lawn Corded Mower  

The manufacturers have crafted this grass trimmer with a powerful motor system. The motor has a robust built of 11 AMP which provides extreme deep grass cutting. So any rough, unruly grass type of various sizes can be cut smoothly. The gas content found in the edger. Grass size of 14 inches can be cut down steadily at ease. There is an ergonomically styled handle with a cushion grip so that you can rest your arm while gardening. A cord retention hook is also present in it. The rear bag with a brilliant capacity of 9.25 gallon is there for storage purpose.

2 in 1 system of the rear mechanism is there for the users to cut the thick unruly grasses around 16 inches. Level indicator can help in smooth disposal. The handle is smoothly adjustable with the help of a single lever system. You can even travel in your lawn with the portable wheeled edger. Size of the rear wheels has 7 inches built. No assembling is required with this device. Composition of the blades is made up of high-end stainless steel blades. This also ensures the longevity of the tool. A compact, sleek designed trimmer which is light in weight is exceptionally favorable for your garden. It is much stronger and convenient to use as compared to gas lawn mowers.

Key Features   

  • Motor system robust
  • 11 AMP
  • Cutting the grass effectively
  • 14-inch grass trim
  • Gas edger
  • Storage bad capacity 9.25 gallon
  • Indicator light
  • Portable
  • Wheeled cutter
  • Stainless steel blades
  • Compact, sleek design
  • Easy to use


  • The weightless product allows you to attend a phone call or work on other things simultaneously.
  • Professional lawn care is possible
  • No noise problem is there experienced


  • Few users have complained that framing of the built is this tool is quite weak. It may lack in durability.
  • Blade jamming at the grassroots was another disadvantage.

3 – Greenworks Electric Corded Mower For Lawns

The stunning feature of this push mower is the steel deck with a large amount of durability. It guarantees a protected and clean grass cutting at a brilliant level with the powerful motor of 12 AMP back up. For fast and quick operation throughout the coverage area of the small or medium lawn, there are smooth 7 inch wheels attached to the trimmer. You can also use this device for the gardens, which tends overgrowth of weed at a rapid pace with a quick start button.

As in regards to the heavy motorized lawn cutters, this mower can provide you précised and neat grass cut at a less period. For comfortable operation, there is a height adjusting system which can be changed in 7 cutting positions. The grass cutting can be of range in between 1 and ½ inch to 3-3/12 inch, and this is applicable for all grass size.

Neat and clean lawn maintenance is possible with this item. The handles are foldable, so to reach the problematic sideways or flower beds in your garden is super easy. You won’t have to bend any more for this purpose.

Key Features   

  • Durability
  • Foldable handles
  • Seven cutting deck positions
  • Grass cut range 1 and ½ inch to 3-3/12 inch
  • Strong motor


  • Excellent product for taming the overgrown jungle at your small garden area
  • Sturdily built with a striking performance
  • The solid handle with durable blades is also a catchy feature about this garden tool
  • Descent height adjustment
  • Quick attach and detachable bag.


  • Few users have noticed smoke emulsion from the motor after a few uses of this device
  • Plastic built holding the motor bearing is of poor quality.   

4 – American Lawn Mower Company Lawn Blade 4 Reel Push Mower

It has a design without gas and oil-free composition. While operating the grass taming activity, you won’t find unnecessary gas hassle. The weight is extremely light, and the brand guarantees durability. There are four alloy steel blades attached with the ball bearing reel. For smooth edging and trimming purpose, this four-blade reel shows marvelous actions. Toughest weeds can be chopped easily with the usage of this edger.  Height of the cutting can be adjustable at a range of 0.05 -1.75 inches. It is one of the eco-friendly grass cutters that you can opt for.

Key Features   

  • Oil and gas-free
  • Eco-friendly
  • Lightweight
  • Four blades with ball bearing
  • Alloy steel
  • Height of grass adjustable


  • You won’t have to bend or stoop while using this
  • No noise is produced while gardening
  • Lightweight allows you to travel around in your lawn smoothly and do other activities as well as answering a call or sipping a beer
  • It is an excellent product; ultimately value for money.


  • Few consumers have observed it takes a lot of time for mowing the grasses.

5 – Black + Decker Corded 13 AMP Mower

Black Decker has manufactured spectacular varieties of garden products for a long time. It is another brilliantly designed garden trimmer that you can rely on and get it for your house. A robustly built motor of 13 AMP is induced in this tool for fast operation.

To get convenient storage, there is a 13-gallon grass collecting bag in the edger. You can travel around in your small or medium yard with this wheeled mower. The blades are finely adjusted according to your cutting preference and depth.  There are seven sets in which you can change the height of the mower. Deep grass cutting is possible at a range of 1-1/2 inch to 4 inches and approximately 20 inches of width along the pathways.

Cleaning of this lightweight, compact tool is effortless with mild wash. Again for the user benefit, the builders have provided convenient handles. You can rest your arms while gardening process and also enjoys it at the same time.

Key Features

  • Motor robust quality
  • 13-gallon nylon bag
  • Storage facility
  • Handles adjusting
  • Cleaning with mild wash
  • Portable


  • A significant building with a decent variety of materials used in it
  • Powerful edger for grass chopping
  • Easy handle adjustments


  • Durability is one of the concerns with this product

6 – Husqvarna Lawn FWD Gas Mower

A distinguished professional way of chopping grasses neatly is generated by this garden tool. It looks very trendy and is lightweight. The user can get portability benefits by using it. A front wheel technique is powered for a convenient and portable grass cutting operation. 

For cutting depths, the manufacturers have included the sharp blades. It can make your work uncomplicated. Heights of the cutting edges can be adjusted according to the grass dimension and size. Three in one mechanism for mulching grass, collection, and smooth discharge is also derived from this product.

The user can get comfortable with the soft grip of the handle. Thick weeds and overgrown plants can get chopped down in a quick period.

Key Features

  • Professional look
  • Lightweight
  • Portable
  • Sharp blade
  • Comfortable handle
  • Quick grass trimming


  • Highly effective and robust weed killer for your lawn
  • Very easy to use and assemble
  • Extremely suitable for medium and small-sized yards


  • A few customers observed the weak adjustment of the drive cables

7 – Greenworks Lawn Cordless Battery Mower   

It is designed with a two in one functionality of bagging and mulching benefits. The single lever enables the user to adjust the height during grass cutting. There are five position height changes that you can do easily for effective edging. The lightweight and 14 inches black deck is another exclusive feature of this product. A max lithium battery (4-40 volt) is used for charging. With this method, your plantation can be safely maintained. The superb design of trimmer can enhance the classy look of your status.

Key Features

  • Wheeled mower
  • Fast operation
  • Height range adjustable
  • Time consumption is less
  • Lightweight
  • Fashionable


  • Overgrown plants and grasses can be chopped finely, and it will enhance the beauty of your lawn
  • The longevity of the trimmer is another significant advantage
  • Overall sturdy built of the product
  • Large battery
  • Handle modification is a superb function about this mower


  • Battery life is weak as compared to other mowers. It resulted in quick dying in a few instances.

8 – BLACK+DECKER Electric Small Lawn Mower

Now converting the mower to a safe trimmer can be uncomplicated with this device. There is a 3 in 1 technology in this specific garden tool. A reliable motor system with a capacity of 6.5 AMP is included in the construction. Excellent power drive can enhance the performance when you plan to cut the harsh weed or grasses. Overgrown plants can be chopped well. The cutting heights are varied in between 1. 6 inches. /2. 4 inches with a sideway cutting width path of 12 inches.

Easy to adjust and extensive portability are the main features of this small mower. User can get maximum comfort by using the nice stylish handle. There is an Automated Feed Spool facility added for preventing the bumps during grass trimming or cutting operation.

Key Features

  • 3 in 1 edger
  • Motor 6.5 amp built
  • Grass taming 1.6 to 2.4 inch
  • Adjustable
  • Electric model trimmer


  • One of the best devices for tiny lawns or yards
  • It is effortless and safe to use.
  • The brilliant function of the trimmer


  • Absence of an extension cord can be a disadvantage.
  • A few instances burning off the power cord was also observed
  • The base housing and wheels are a bit weak in design and do not serve durability.

9 – Power Smart Propelled Red/Black 20 Inch Gas Mower

It is a superb compact styled grass trimmer that you can get for your house. You can use it for both medium and small lawns. The gas influenced machine can operate in a self-propelled way. This grass cutter can neatly cut the grasses from the roots nicely. There are real wheels present in the tool, so portability is ensured completely.

For bagging, mulching, and productive side discharging, it can be used. The sharp and durable stainless blades can finely chop the grasses and weeds. Incredibly it works as a natural fertilizer for your lawns. Adjustable height of the handle is another important feature of this product. The height range can vary in between 1.18 to 3.15 inches with eight different cutting positions. Grasses of 20 inches can be chopped well.

For smart operation, you can take out the gas and oil after 15-20 minutes of assembly time. Start cord needs to be pulled, and there won’t be any chocking. That’s it your device is ready for making smooth grass trimming operation.

Key Features

  • Suitable for medium and small lawns
  • Propelled grass mower
  • Extensive grass trimming
  • Gas-powered edger
  • Height settings adjustable
  • Eight various cutting positions
  • 20 inches wide deep grass chops
  • Durable
  • Rapid operation
  • Red and black colored
  • Stylish, compact design


  • Super quality used in the built of this device
  • Cutting of the grass and thick weeds are simple
  • The three in one option of your selection of mowing or side discharge etc. can be nicely done.
  • Speed controls are also adjustable


  • Few users have opined that it can be favorable for flat lawns
  • Front-wheel longevity was noticed to be weak by some consumers

10 – the Great States Push Blade Lawn Reel Mower

Now you can invest in this smart manual push, easily adjustable grass cutter which can save your money. You don’t need a power mower if you own a small yard or lawn. The grass height cutting range is between 0.5″-2.75″ for a neat gardening process. Durable, designed stainless blades have been used for its construction. So sharpness of this product is brilliant. There are five blades on four spider ball bearings which can assist you in reel spinning rapidly. It can save a lot of your time as well.

Compact design with the wheels makes your gardening portable from one place to another in a quick period. The ergonomic handle is equipped with a cushion grip for user comfort. Grass cutting options can be smoothly changed as per your convenience between 1/2 and 2 3/4 inches.

Key Features   

  • Height adjustable
  • Clean grass trimming and cutting
  • Manual edgers
  • The handle design is brilliant
  • High quality five steel blades
  • Four ball bearing
  • Reel spinning can be done
  • Quiet with no sound


  • Lightweight is the main attraction for this device, which allows you to do other work with the grass cutting.
  • Striking functionality of cutting by this reel mower is unique and takes less time
  • Maintaining this device is also easy
  • Affordable and compared to other trimmers, it is quite friendly to your pocket.


  • Frame and handle can be an issue with this grass cutter
  • Taller grasses and hard unruly weed cutting is a bit difficult
  • Jamming at the twig cutting endpoints can also be a problem

A beautiful garden is always our favorite. Taking care of the grasses and overgrown plants can be challenging at times. However, lawn trimmers or edgers can help this process at ease. There are various kinds of edgers available in the market and online. So before you think of an investment in the best lawn edger, kindly go through all the reviews and comparisons for your benefits.

Best lawn mower for small yard buying guide

Having your lawn and maintain it can be something that brings a lot of discipline in your life. Maintaining a garden is an activity that requires discipline, regular tending, and a lot of time. Your lawn needs things like regular lawn fertilizer to nourish it for better quality; it also needs best lawn sprinkler so that there is adequate water around to keep the lawn growing. Similarly, you need the best lawn mower for a small yard so that you can cut the grass without much physical strain. The lawn mower is different from the best lawn edger as both have different uses.

A right lawn mower will help you keep your lawn neat and evened out by cutting the grass. Earlier, before the innovation of lawn mower, the grasses were cut using manually using tools. It was time-consuming and physically tiring as well. With a lawn mower, you need to propel it around, and the rotating blade cuts around the grass and also brings the entire lawn grass to the same height. There are also electric models for lawn mowers which don’t need to be pushed around at all. Your efforts are reduced to half, and it also gives a professional look.

Types Of Lawn mower

While there are lawn mowers that are there in all shapes and sizes and patterns, not all can be used by you. Which one would be the best lawn mower for a small yard is something that you will need to identify after you have understood the type of lawn mower that are available and what each one of them does. You can choose the correct one only when you are aware of the specialties of each one of them. Below are the different types of lawn mowers and how they work:


The hover lawn mowers have rotary blades and are moved along usually using electric energy. They are cheaper than other models and are very good for uneven lawns. Hover lawn mowers move above the ground, and hence they are adept at mowing on unusually shaped lawns. Hover type is a propelled lawn mower and is the best lawn mower for the small yard as it does not work well for large lawn areas.


All three, electricity, petrol can source a cylindrical lawn or even manually pushed around. These are the best mowers for flat lawns where you will need to walk behind mower. If you want to keep your lawn grass short for your flat yard, you can pick this option. The lawn mower has cylindrical blades that rotate at the start of the mower in the vertical direction. These cut against the fixed blade at the bottom. It is good to choose the one with multiple blades.


The rotary lawn mower has a single blade at the bottom that makes horizontal cuts on the grass clippings on your lawn. These type of lawn mowers have electric models, petrol operations and also can be battery powered. They are very versatile and can work on all grass types, which makes it the best mower for a small yard. They are better at dealing with cutting rougher grass than cylindrical lawn mowers.

Types Of Power To Source The Best Lawn Mower

Like we saw the different models of lawn mowers based on the way they are constructed, it is also essential to consider what the lawn mover operates on. While the model of the lawn mower helps you decide what is best for the type of lawn you own, what the lawn mower operates on will help you determine the running cost and ease involved. Let us take a look at some of the ways the lawn mowers are sourced:

Push Lawn Mowers

The push mowers are self-propelled lawn mowers. You will need to push these around manually to mow your lawn, and any energy will not drive it except your physical force. They don’t use any electricity, petrol or battery and work on muscle power. They are very much suitable for small yards as mowing a large yard with a riding lawn mower manually can be taxing. They do not produce any noise or emission and are relatively cheaper.

Cordless Lawn Mowers

The cordless lawn mowers work on the batteries. They have batteries inside them, which help the mower to move around, just like being powered by electricity would. They are perfect for small-sized or even medium-sized lawns and do not require much effort to mow around. Anyone can efficiently operate these once you have learned it. Lithium-ion batteries last longer and are also light. These can turn out to be costlier than other mowers.

Electric Lawn Mowers

The electric lawn mowers operate based on electricity. They have a cord attached which helps you to use the electricity supply of your house and also move around to operate the mower on the lawn. They are easy to maintain and too compact to deal with. They are also cost-effective. You will need to ensure that you have checked the cord length so that you can move around your lawn. They are best suited for small yards.

Petrol Lawn mowers

The source that drives the petrol lawn mowers is petrol. They are heavy machines that are usually used for large-sized lawns. These are expensive as they have additional features and they work at a professional level. These have to be oiled up to operate, just like your car. Hence, the operating cost is also on the heavier side for this type of lawn mowers.

These are some of the ways you can distinguish the lawn mowers and understand there working. There are various reel mowers and some which operate excellent on rear wheels as well. You will need to check all the options and decide on one based on your choice and the type of yard you have. For a small yard, even a zero turn mower will work fine and without any issues.

Factors To Consider Before Buying The Best Lawn Mower For Small Yard

You have the idea now about how difficult it is to choose the correct type of lawn mower. While that is the crux, you still need to understand your requirements, to identify what’s best for you. You will find the best lawn mower for small yard only after you have taken note of the factors which determine the right lawn mower. Below are some of the points you will need to consider:

Size Of Yard

While you need to check the ease of your use, there is also the need to check how much mowing needs to be done. If you have large extensive yards, it is best to choose petrol pushed lawn mower. Whereas if you have a small yard, the electric model and the cordless model work the best for you. The medium yard can be mowed using any of the lawn mowers.


You need to check if you are comfortable to drive the mower around your yard yourself. If you are looking for a mower for a small yard, then you can consider the option of manual push mowers. A small yard will not exhaust much of your muscle strength and the same can also be regarded as a good exercise. However, you will need to check and decide based on the time you can venture out for this.

Grass Box

When the mower cuts the grass, there is a discharging of grass that happens. Usually, the mowers have side discharging and you will need to check on whether you want a grass box or not. The grass box is present on the mower which collects the grass clippings so that you don’t need to clean after mowing to remove the grass. You will need to check and decide the length of the grass box so that you don’t need to empty it frequently while mowing.

Mulch Mowers

Even the grass clippings collected from the grass box will need to be disposed of. With technology, there are mowers that can shred the grass clippings into tiny pieces and add them back to the lawn as mulch. The mower will do the complete job of cutting grass clips and adding them back to the lawn as mulch. It will also relieve you of the need to dispose of the grass.

Cutting Height

The lawn mowers have different cutting heights. The cutting height determines the altitude of the grass when you have to opt to cut it. Most of the lawn mowers have adjustable height settings and they can be moved as per the height of your grass. According to a study by the IOWA state university, the best range between the height settings is 20 mm to 60 mm and you can adjust between them as per the height of your grass and how much you want to cut.

Width Of Cut

Along with height, you also need to check the cutting width of the grass. The width will determine how many inches wide can the grass be cut during each cut. This will determine the time you spend on the lawn while mowing. More extensive cuts would mean lesser time. The ideal width for a small yard would be 300 mm inches wide. Choose the width wisely to save time.

Mowing Edges

While people usually use the best lawn edger to work on the edges and clean them, you can also consider including the edges on the best lawn mower for small yard. A lawn mower has to be more equipped to run on the edges as the edges are uneven and different from the single lever needed for the flat surface of your yard.

Rear Rollers

As mentioned, there are few mowers that allow you to mow along the edge of the lawn and the lawn mowers that have rear wheels can facilitate that. It will also give you the finish that you usually see on football pitches. The lawn rolled by rear rollers also last for a longer time and give you a professional finish that works along the edges as well. You can choose the right mower from black&decker for the perfect finish.

Robot Mowers

With new technologies, there are also unique and convenient methods. Following the same need, there is now existence or robot mowers. All you need to do is set time on time and they go around mowing the lawn on their own with little to no interference from your side. You will not need to walk behind the mower to get the lawn mowed. They are on the expensive side of pocket due to the extra features that they offer. This is an ideal choice if you hate mowing.


Cost drives most of our decisions. We need the options available to be cost-effective so that they don’t dig a massive hole in our pockets. Most lawn required mowers for small yards are reasonable. However, don’t let cost be the sole determining factor. Most electrical mowers are available at cheaper costs and their handling is also not very difficult. The running prices are reasonable. You can choose the best lawn mower for the small yard as the electrical lawn mower as it fits all the criteria.


You are buying a tool and it needs to be of a good brand if you effective service and excellent durability. There are a lot of brand options like cutting deck which provides efficient service and also great deals. If you are susceptible to the brand that you are choosing, then you can opt to read the reviews. It should tell you what the end consumer is thinking about the product and bring your expectations in line. It will also assure you of the quality.


Whenever you are buying a device or an electric model, it is best to choose an option that will give you a good warranty option. While you can ensure that the device is handled with care, you also need to take note of accidents or mishaps that might happen. A good warranty deal will cover you against these misses and replace the product if within the warranty period. Always lookout for the product that comes with warranty.


Another factor you would want to consider is the durability of the tool. You wouldn’t want to choose an option that has immense wear and tear and needs to be scrapped in some time. Also, you should make sure you sharpen your lawn mower blades every now and then. A mower is used only when grass grows back to a certain height so it should last you a long time at an ideal cost. Always look for more durable options when deciding the model for your best lawn mower for a small yard.

Easy To Maintain

Another critical point to consider is the maintenance of the lawn mower. You should choose a model which has less maintenance and can be stored easily. Compact electric models usually ease out the handling and support and can work for a long time without much tending. You will only need to check on these occasions.

Frequently Asked Questions For The Best Lawn Mower For Small Yard

While most of the points are covered above, we have often come around with some or other common queries that people who are buying the lawn mower for the first time have. We need your buying experience to be seamless and for you to find the best lawn mower for a small yard. Below are some of the questions that we have tried to answer for your better understanding:

How do I choose a lawn mower?

There are a lot of factors that need to be considered. The same has been highlighted above. You also need to be mindful of what type of mower do you need. You can choose your lawn mower based on the ease of your working and the subjective requirements that you might have.

What horsepower do I need for a lawn mower?

The horsepower will depend on your physical condition. The push mowers generally need nice physical strength and are available in horsepower ranging between 2.9 to 4.0 and you can decide on what fits you best based on your subjective needs.

What is the best mulching mower?

A mulching mower will cut the grass clippings into small pieces and feed them back into the lawn. They turn the grass cut into mulch and feed it back to the lawn and you will not need to attend to the grass or dispose of it. It also improves the quality of your lawn.

How often should I mow my grass?

This usually depends on the cutting height. The height at which the grass is to be cut will determine your next cut schedule. If you use a right mower, your grass will grow evenly, and you will need to mow it is regular intervals of height.

How many CC is suitable for a lawn mower?

For tough grass cutting situations that involve wet and tall plants, you will need a walk mower engine. The range requirement for such mowers should be in between 140-190cc approximately. Larger engine size is always favorable for leaf-munching or weed cutting etc.


These are few of the things and points which can help you to rind your best lawn mower for a small yard. Maintaining a lawn is a task, no matter the size of the lawn, and you need to choose the tools that ease your work while keeping it.