Renew Your Lawn with These DIY Lawn Mower Maintenance Tips

A lawn is a place where you can find lush green grass and enjoy some moments with your closest ones. It provides you fresh air, prevents erosion, and trap dust and dirt. Green lawns with beautiful flowers present a magnificent look to your house. To access all these benefits, it is necessary to look after your garden regularly.

Nature lovers or the repairman of the lawn mower get busy during the early spring season. At this time, people get their mowers out and start them after a long time. These mowers are kept carelessly in the winter storage. Their business increases with a sharp curve during mid-summers also. In mid-summer, the lawn mowers quit as they are not well maintained in the meantime.

Your lawn needs to be mowed weekly, and this work can be done by you quickly. There is no need to hire a man from outside. It may seem a tough task to do, but you will get used to it within a month. To mow the grass, first of all, you need to start the mower. Starting a mower seems like a headache. The lawn mower is often the neglected appliance among the equipment of lawn care. It either doesn’t start or often breaks out. But proper care and maintenance of the mower will keep it working for long term use.

 To maintain the lawn mower, some steps need to be followed. We have made a list of those points. You can go through the article to check the various tips and give a new look to your lawn. Below is the criterion to be followed concerning the seasons.

Here are some of the points that you need to make a count of with the passage of each season:   

Winter Storage

We know that mowers are in good working condition at the end of summers, but they refuse to start-up in the coming spring season. Why is it so? The leading cause of this problem is the storing of the mower. We usually keep it carelessly in the storeroom, and no one looks after it for 4 to 5 months. With this, the fuel lines in the mower dry up, and it breaks out.

The solution to this problem is – when you store the mower, make sure that there is gasoline gas in it. The presence of gas in the mower prevents the drying of carburetor and fuel lines. Wash it properly with a water hose and allow it to dry completely to prevent corrosion. If you maintain it in this season only, the mower will crank quickly in the upcoming season. There would be no extra maintenance charges that you have to file for it. 

Spring Maintenance

Lawnmowers are generally cranked for the first time during the spring season. First, cranking is followed up by the continuous beating of the mower. You need to take care of it to keep it in good and working condition. Some tips are given below for the maintenance of your lawn mower. Let us go through it.

Study The Manual Given By The Owner

A manual is provided with every mower that you buy from the market. Read that manual thoroughly. It contains all the information regarding how to operate the mower and how to maintain it. If you follow the instructions given in that manual, your lawn mower is sure to survive for 10 to 15 years, which is more than enough. So, whenever you buy a new lawn mower, make sure to read its manual and study the instructions given.

Gasoline Drainage With The Passage Of The Season

Lawnmower breaks out when the gas present in the mower gets old. It is always advised to drain the remaining gas as the mowing season finishes. Use the fresh gasoline gas with the upcoming of the spring season. Be sure that there is no leakage of this gas from the mower and clean it regularly.

Examine The Oil Level

Check the oil level in the lawn mower. Sometimes the oil gets black, which needs to be changed instantly. You can drain the old and contaminated oil and prefer the new one. Be careful while changing the oil. If you don’t have the idea of how the process goes on, check the manual for the various steps. We have also provided a small procedure of changing the oil of lawn mower.

First of all, remove the plug of the mower underneath and allow the oil to drain. When the oil drains out completely, then fill the new one. Some lawn mowers do not have plugs. You need to be extra careful while using them. Tilt the mower to drain the oil from the fill hole and then refill it.

Check Out The Air Filter

One of the reasons behind less working of the mower can be clogged or dirty air filter. It makes the gasoline gas burn less efficiently. Many of the mowers have easily accessed air filters. They are either made up of paper or are foam air filters. To ensure the proper working of your mower, change the air filter once in a year. It is not that expensive that you can’t afford to buy.

Clean The Undercarriage

While using the mower, grass often gets caked in the undercarriage. This reduces the mower’s capacity as it clogs its discharge chute. You can opt for a wire brush to clean grass clippings. Make sure that there is no dirt present in the undercarriage. The leftover debris can be swayed out with the help of a hose. Be careful while doing it, and remove the spark plug to prevent any misery.

Diverse The Spark Plug

A spark plug is a central part that keeps lawn mower working. It is advised to change the spark plug once in a year. Spark plugs are not at all expensive and are easily replaceable. You have to unhook the wire and attach the new spark plug. Ensure that the plug is not overtightened lest it will not work out.

Analyze The Blade Sharpener

The blades of the mower require regular maintenance. Sometimes hard objects like rocks, large branches, and pebbles are hidden between the grasses. These objects put stress on the blade, which makes it blunt. This will further lead to the tearing of grass. It doesn’t provide a clean cut to the grass.

It is recommended to get the blade sharpened from the lawn mower repair shop. The repairman will not charge you vigorously for it. Experienced ones sharpen the blade on their own with a metal tile. Blade sharpener is the main object of the lawn mower.

Tune-Up The Mower

The lawn mower should be tuned up from a professional repairman. This will ensure that your mower is in top working condition. You should get it repaired at the starting of the spring season, which is the best time when long grasses grow.

The repairman will drain the old gasoline gas, change the air filter and spark plug. He will also repair the other necessary parts.

Test The Air Pressure

Make sure that the tires of the mower are filled up with absolute pressure, as mentioned in the manual provided by the manufacturer. You can check the air pressure with the help of an auto tire gauge. Also, replace the belts of the mower each year.

Check The Fuel Lines

Sometimes there can be a crack in the fuel lines when we crank the lawn mower for the first time, and it doesn’t start. If there are visible cracks, replace the fuel lines with the new one. After replacing them, you can try starting the mower again.

Inspect The Battery

If the fuel lines of the mower are fine and still the mower doesn’t crank, examine the battery. It may be possibly dead, or there may be an issue in its charging cells.

Summer Maintenance

In summers, when the lawn mower is in use, you need to maintain it. Using a garden hose, spray the mower and remove all the debris from it. Also, wash properly from the undercarriage. Sometimes, there is a build-up of lawn debris in the undercarriage and further leads to corrosion.

Maintain the mower by changing the air filter during mid-summers if it is scorched. It will prevent the air filter from choking out or clogging the engine. Check the air pressure in the tiers if the mower seems to move unevenly. Sharpen the blades to ensure a clean cut of the grass.


I hope that the above article helps you throughout the year with all the information provided in it. You can save your money on the repair by little more care of the lawn mower. Help others also by updating it on your social links. This will spread awareness among the people, and there will be no more breaking out of lawn mowers. So, maintain your lawn mower with these tips. We assure you that following these points will always keep your lawn mower working. You can make the best use of it up to 10 to 15 years and then you can buy the new one with new technology.