Top 10 Best Garden Hose Reel: 2023 Reviews & Buying Guide

While working on the gardens or lawns, we often face difficulties in handling the hose tangle or other tools related to gardening. It makes the whole look of the garden messy. Hose reels are very much beneficial to get a neat and tidy look of the lawn. They smoothly help the hoses to work without getting unnecessary tangled or harsh kinking. So the water blockage is also prevented. There are various types of best garden hose reels which are rust free and can also withstand changing weather conditions.

Top 10 Best Garden Hose Reel

Working & investing with various park keepers, grounds persons and different professional gardeners we came up with the Top 10 Best Garden Hose Reel that is correct and apt hose for your daily use. Here in this article, we are presenting the Top Ten Best Garden Hose Reel to give you a clear picture. It will help you to understand the products well before purchasing the best one.

1 – Goodyear Water Reel Polymer Hybrid Hose

It has been designed with a lightweight Polypropylene case, which has tremendous durability. This can protect the hose inlets from further leakage safely. Polymer, Rubber, and PVC have been blended so well that have ensured the long-lasting effect of the hose. There is also a Pvc ergonomic grip present. It is an ideal product for both water and air usage.

If you are planning to open an auto shop, then this is an apt item for you. The brilliant functionality of auto guide rewinding is perfect for retraction smoothly. You can also change the length of this air hose by adjusting the locks.

There is a smart latching system which can give you a preferred length of the hose and also prevents damages for the further leak or even if there is a sealed system on the inlet. The swivel brackets have exclusive design and dimension which can be safely mounted with the ceilings or walls at an angle of 180 degrees. It is excellent for storage.

These inch hoses are all certified by OSHA, RoHS, and ISO. All kinds of quality tests have been done on the device.  The brand also ensures that you can use this lawn hose brilliantly at day or night anytime according to your won preference. There are safe bolts present in the swivel enhancing the versatility feature of it.

Key Features   

  • Lightweight
  • Long-Lasting
  • Portable nature
  • Polypropylene casing
  • No leakage guarantee
  • Auto guide rewinding
  • Non-locking feature
  • Safe latch
  • Smooth mounting
  • Certified inch hose


  • The automotive settings have a smooth operation
  • High-class quality hose
  • Great lawn fertilizers which can be used for your garden look and plant life
  • Flexible in nature is another advantage


  • Few users have experienced leakage from all sides of the hose
  • Durability is another issue faced by some customers

2 – Suncast Garden Rechargeable Operation Hose Reel   

The manufacturers have crafted this hose with an advanced motor technique which can give complete in- reeling experience. You can push the pedal placed at the footboard, and this reel hose will start rewinding rapidly. So you never have to worry about bending or winding issues with this item. For smart kink-free service, there is a track guide which you can follow.

The hose takes 12-volt battery backup for its operation which can be durable till 20-21 uses. However, you can energize this manually if the battery is not ultimately charged. In the kit, rechargeable batteries have been included so you can charge one battery while using the other one. The storage facility of this product is also brilliant. There is the presence of storage bin so that you can set the garden accessories in it. This can hold up to 100 sq ft of a regular hose.

Key Features

  • Regular hose fitting 100 sq ft
  • Exclusive design
  • Battery backup 12 volt
  • The extra rechargeable battery accompanied
  • Storage facility
  • Complete assembled
  • Motor system unique
  • No winding or bending problems


  • The output hose can be connected well and never results in breakage or winding of the nozzle
  • A storage case is another benefit
  • Motor power strength is amazing
  • Battery rechargeable facility is undoubtedly a unique point about this product.


  • Few consumers have observed that the motor of this hose is not as capable of holding a grip of 100 sqft reel.
  • Portability was another disadvantage

3 – The Ames Companies, Inc Hose Ames Wagon

This brand manufactures an extensive amount of reliable garden products. This can be installed quickly with available household tools. It can hold a capacity of 400-450 ft of 5/8 inch hose. So now gardening your plants or maybe irrigating the lands are so comfortable. For ensuring long-lasting durability of this product, steel has been used for the composition. There are four wheels which make you travel quickly from one place to another. The portable hoops can cover large areas without making the work monotonous. Tube tires are fitted well with the hose.

Pre-installation of this hose can also save your time of assembling the product. The size of reels are medium and are used either automatic or manually, which also results in damage reduction. The base of the device is a heavy-duty composition, which can be smoothly mounted with the ceilings or walls without causing any air leakage.

Key Features

  • Reliable
  • Capacity holding 400-450 sq ft
  • Easy installation
  • Long-lasting materials
  • Pre-assembled
  • Base is heavy-duty
  • No air leakage
  • Smart wheels
  • Portable in nature


  • A brilliant gardening product
  • You can use this hose for massive weighed product tool storage as well
  • Rolling system helps you to provide significant portability


  • Few users have complained the wheels of the hose do not move quickly.
  • The quality of the products used for its construction isn’t that durable.

4 – MrLifeHack Garden Expandable Solid Brass Hose

Traditional water hose has a problem with quick leakage or maybe bursting quickly. Hence the manufacturers have constructed a brass and rubber protective strong shield. It makes the hose rust free and results in 100% no leakage is guaranteed.

A triple layering of core latex is used, which ensures long-lasting of the garden device. Due to the flexible design, there are no interruptions or hazards faced while constant water flow is going on.  High-quality fiber also helps in maintaining the long-lasting characteristic of this product.

It has a lightweight and very compact design, so it takes less space in your hose. Portability from one place to another with this hose is quite smooth. You can use any regular hose connector at your house and connect with it.

Then it becomes easier to water the plants or car wash safely with a continuous flow of water. The solid brass and the nozzle with eight pattern design is also another best feature about this collapsible hose. The manufacturers also promise a lifetime warranty to the users in case they face any issues with this reel.

Key Features

  • Brass rubber blended
  • High-quality
  • Long-lasting
  • Flexible design
  • Light in weight
  • 8 pattern nozzle
  • Lifetime


  • The brilliant brass fitting technique
  • Expandable in nature
  • Maintenance can be smooth
  • You can use this water for irrigation purpose as well
  • Very easy to use and install


  • In a few cases, the hardware issue persisted. Customers have faced the nozzle coming out from the device while using it.
  • Some consumers also observed leakage.

5 – Coxreels Crank Steel USA Based Reel Hose

The manufacturers have created this hose with a solid brass swivel. These are very simple and easy to maintain. The sealed techniques on the swivel panes can be set up easily without removing it from the wall mounts. Reel mounting with the bench truck or anywhere is possible with it.

There is electronic nickel plating steel around the swiveling inlet for protecting the damage and ensuring durability. In that case, you won’t have to remove the reel anywhere from the mount.

The robotic discs with thin edges are also suitable for long-lasting and also protect the hose while operating the work smoothly. With this safe wall mount garden hose, you can water your plants and do agricultural activities in an uncomplicated way. Whereas the outer area of the swivel has an open drum design which makes sure no crimping hose wrap at the flat smooth surface.

 The device has a brilliant mounting pattern A-shaped which has a steel base, and a 2 point axle coordination is there for stable operation. So the easy installation and detaching process can take place. Lubricated bearings can give you uncomplicated procedure. Through rough terrain, your device won’t be affected as there is a locking pin which can secure the hose reel nicely.

In case you are thinking of making any investment for your lawn care, pressure washing or fire safeguard or even car wash, try this fantastic garden device. Also, you will get a 2year warranty from the builders if you face any issues regarding it.

Key Features

  • Solid brass
  • Simple
  • Easy maintenance
  • Mounting pattern is good
  • Lubricated swivels
  • Locking pin present
  • No wrapping of hose reels
  • Rapid installation


  • Strong quality built
  • Stylish design
  • In comparison with the plastics, of course, the heavy-duty steel can be much more durable
  • Worth for value garden device
  • Any kind of water oil or air application with these reels is possible without any hazards
  • Wall or ceiling mounting with this hose can be done anywhere


  • Leakage issue persists as opined by a user
  • For regular gardening hose, you may face some hard time
  • Few consumers have suggested that swivels can be improved with stainless steel with better-sealed features

6 – Suncast Garden Wicker Portable Free Hands Hose Reel

It is a fantastically designed hose reel with auto rewinding property. So now you can easily rewind and unwind the hose at your own house. By quick flipping process, the lever can start working. The water pressure starts rewinding. Presence of a smart track hose guide makes sure that the operation is going on without any hazards. It has a capacity of holding 125-feet of 5/8-inch regular vinyl hose reels.

The decorative pattern on the hose enhances the style and class of your status. For uniformly holding the hose, Smart Trak is present. The manufacturers have ensured to use all the high-end materials while composing this device. Hence durability is maintained. Even during all the varying temperature conditions, you don’t have to worry about it getting damaged. The water which flows out from the drain hose can be quickly accumulated and can be used for further gardening or planting purpose. You can use this mount hose for landscaping or agricultural purpose too. The size of this product takes less outdoor space as well.

Key Features

  • No hand use rewind
  • Automated reel
  • The capacity of holding 125 ft
  • Safe


  • It can be used for outdoor purpose generously
  • One of the brilliant mount garden hose reel in the market
  • With a simple pull, the water can be discharged, and this reel automatically retrieves the hose clearly
  • You can use this product for watering more extensive gardens or parks. It is no doubt one of the best lawn sprinklers.


  • Users have faced internal wrapping in this product
  • Gear failing has been noticed in very few cases

7 – RL Flo-Master Hose Retractable Reel (Brown)   

There are slow spring coils which are retractable and a stopper found in this air hose.  An automated guide is present to help the hose getting overlapped while the retraction process takes place. For the mounting bracket alignment, there is hardware which comes accompanied with the kit.

 A 180-degree smooth swivel is allowed by these brackets. You can also remove these mounting brackets. Storing these can help your hose prevention from different weather conditions safely. There is a robust, ergonomic handle on the side. Another thing included in this product is an eight pattern nozzle which can allow the water to sprinkle or shower, flat, etc.  Now you can travel all around your garden or lawn and water the plants. It is so easy and fun-filled activity as well.

Key Features

  • Spring coils
  • Brown in color
  • Retractable
  • Bracket align smooth
  • Removable brackets
  • Hose storage space
  • Eight pattern nozzle design
  • Rotation of swivel at a 180-degree angle
  • Covers large area of lawns and gardens


  • Rewinding slowly can help you from rollback issues
  • One of the significant features is the wall mounting holder
  • Quick and easy installation possible


  • Users have opined about the cheap built of this product due to the plastic content.
  • Crack and hose operation cease was also noticed by few customers. Hence durability is also a concern.

8 – Liberty Garden Products Aluminum Wall Hose Reel Mount   

The built is made up of pure non-rusting high-class material. Brass and aluminum have been blended to get a durable coating which is suitable for all kinds of weather. You can operate this device solely by a pull on the hose and rewinding the storage. It can get assembled quickly. There is a small shelf adjoined with the hose which can help you to keep necessary garden accessories and nozzles in it. The garden hose capacity is around 125-feet of 5/8-inch.  However, there are no mounting tools included in this kit.

If you want an already attached hose for your garden or house, this is an apt product to go for. This comes in an assembled manner; all you have to do is attach the sturdy carrying handles on the mounted walls and get the benefits of the reel. Extensive durability is another factor to invest in this item. The aluminum fitted brass can stay for longer span smoothly.

Key Features

  • None rusting
  • Aluminum
  • Brass content   
  • Nozzle
  • Fully assembled already
  • Handles attached
  • Smooth
  • Easy installation


  • It does not doubt a heavy-duty expandable reel hose which you can fit on any walls
  • No leakage is another benefit of this product
  • Affordable and budget-friendly
  • Stylish design


  • Some consumers have opined a reel brake should be present for better performance
  • Rock anchor quality is not that effective, at times it did not work
  • Few users have noticed the handles are weak

9 – The Ames Companies Inc Decorative Hose Metal Foot Capacity

It is a sleek, designed stylish leader hose. The decorative metal plates have been used for its construction, which makes it look pretty and gives ample strength. This brand ensures complete durability on all its manufactured products. It is effortless to use. With your house storage, this decorated piece will look beautiful and will give you a high-class statement lifestyle.

This hose has a holding capacity up to 150 feet of 5/8-inch regular hose. Collapsible handles with a durable rubber grip located on the crank is another elegant feature of this product.

If you compare to steel or other plastics, they tend to brittle down faster. The manufacturers have used aluminum in its composition, which is very favorable with all varying climates. Especially in winters, this hose won’t corrode even if the temperature falls. So every year you won’t have to replace or patch up the reels to prevent water damage.

Due to the wrong alignment often, it is seen that the water system starts leaking from cross threads. To avoid such conditions, metal threads can be torn and sliced from brass fitting and attached with the regular water system, which again results in leakage. However, in this hose, it ensures no cross-threading by any means. You will also get a 2-year manufacturer warranty with this product in case you have any issues using it.

Key Features   

  • Sleek design
  • Strong
  • Easy to use
  • Aluminum built
  • 2-year warranty includes


  • Sturdily constructed of this item is the main attraction about it
  • Neat coil alignment if maintained well can last for a long duration of time
  • It is a Lead hose, and the large couplings are leak-free.
  • The heavy-duty plastics are much favorable than the regular ones on the other traditional hoses


  • Few users have experienced kink on the hose, especially during the hose pass over the outer area.
  • The quality of the product is not that great. Hose and reel connecting parts are not that brilliantly designed as observed by some consumers.

10 – Rolio Expandable Hose Garden Spray Reel

It is one of the robust hassle-free hose holders which ensures safe carriage and non-tangling. There is an extra carry handle which is included in the kit. The portability of this hose holder is impressive. Dura flex is especially dual-layered to build up this expandable hose. There are brass connectors which are rust-resistant. Designing the dual layers have guaranteed the users no water leakage at all.

The high class, 9 type nozzles, are there attached with the hose for spraying purpose. Valves present in these nozzles helps in smooth water flow, which can be regulated well.

You can set the water pressure according to your preference. The ergonomic design handle has the benefit of never slipping off, and you can comfortably hold it even if it is not dry.

The hose can be expanded to a range of 50 ft while using it. From a distance, if you are operating this; the adjustment can be made till 17 ft. It is indeed flexible and lightweight without resulting in any kinking.

Key Features

  • Robust
  • Problem-free
  • Safe
  • 9 Type nozzle high end
  • Valves found
  • Water pressure can be set
  • Comfortable for you
  • Adjusting reel
  • Flexible in nature
  • Lightweight


  • Easy to use
  • It can be stored nicely and neatly
  • Lightweight and small in size can give you the portability benefit


  • The costing of this hose is a bit expensive than in regards to the other similar items
  • Few users have opined that the hanger is messy and can’t be used properly after some time
  • Reel quality is not that great.

There are different types of garden hose reels available in the market. Before making any investments on these hoses, we always suggest our readers go through the various product reviews and comparisons. It will help you to get the best garden hose reel for your house suiting your own requirements.

Best garden hose reel buying guide

There are several products related to garden like high lawn fertilizers, small garden lawn mower, lawn weed killer, hose, etc. Once you have got the best garden hose that satisfies the gardening needs, the next thing you need is to find the best hose reel that will suit the garden hose.

There are a variety of hose reels available in the market. Each has some unique feature that might be helpful to you or maybe not. If you are using the hose reel for the first time, there are chances that you might get confused among the variety of choices available.

Many factors need to be considered, such as the weight, length of water hose, and the purpose you are going to use for. Just keep all your worries away as we are here to help you in getting clarity about the best garden hose reel that will fulfill your requirements.

Why One Needs A Garden Hose Reel?

If you possess a hose, then a hose reel is a must to have which offers a manageable way of storing the hose so that it stays safe from the UV rays, playful pets having sharp teeth and many such things that could potentially damage the garden. Garden hose reel is must have due to the below-mentioned reasons:

For Preventing The Kinks In The Garden

Whenever a hose reel is used, one ensures that when the task of water hose is finished; it is stored correctly every time.

For Preventing The Leaks From The Hose

One can check if the garden hose is leaking when a garden hose is stored, which helps in saving water.


As the garden hoses are green in color, they blend with the grass quickly making it very difficult to identify them. The water hose holder helps here as it prevents this from happening. Hence, having a garden hose reel helps in ensuring that the hazard of having a garden hoses spread out over the yard is gone.


We all want to be organized. Making use of the hose reel will help in cutting back on the clutter. The coil will help in keeping the things tidy and organized, which otherwise, might have a loose hose lying around.

Factors To Consider Before Buying The Best Garden Hose Reel

With high demand and good acclaim attained, there are numerous Garden hose reel brands in the market, and this will lead to chaos for you if you do not check it systematically. You need to define certain factors which will help you to choose the best garden hose reel that will work effectively in your garden. Using the proper type of hose reel for the garden can help in providing water thoroughly. Hence, choosing the best hose reel for the yard makes a noticeable difference in your comfort in the garden. Below are some of these factors explained in short for your ease:

Hose Reel Type

Several types of hose reels available differ in their model design and size. However, only one of all the available will be helpful to our garden. Let us through the different types of available hose reel to determine the perfect one for the garden.

Stationary Hose Reel

This is one of the most popular types of the hose reel. Its design is quite simple. This hose reel possesses materials made up of various types such as plastics and stainless steel. The design of the stationary hose reel holds a crank that the user can manually rewind the hose onto the reel.

Hideaway Hose Reel

The hideaway hose reel can be one of the two: wall-mounted or freestanding. Few of this includes a box line design that hides the garden or the water hose. Many times the reels over here make use of the detachable hand cranks to rewind a hose, remove them and then store them away.

Wall Mounted: This is a common choice for many gardeners. They can be fitted out of the way, i.e., can be installed on the wall. It is an excellent cost-effective option and looks very neat and tidy. You will require a drill for a mounted hose reel installation.

Portable or Multi Hose Reel

As the name indicates, these portable hose reels possess wheels on the bottom of the reel that is extremely helpful in easy transport. The portable hose reel is designed to work like an upright hand dolly or a hand truck

Hose Reel Carts

The hose reel carts are similar to portable hose reel as they can get transported by the wheels. The hose reel carts differ from the portable hose reels in the manner that they possess a tabletop like the design on it. They have the quick storage compartments that are shelves that help in keeping the water nozzles organized.

They can carry large and heavy garden hoses very quickly across the garden covering long distances. However, they are a bit expensive due to the wheels that are needed on the garden hose reel cart.

Heavy Duty Hose Reel

When significant, heavy hoses are used in farms and also by the tradesman who regularly makes use of using heavy-duty water hoses, a commercial hose reel is recommended in these situations. Though they are a bit expensive but the benefit is luring as the reel will last for a very long time when these industrial water hoses are used along with heavy-duty hoses.

Spring Loaded Hose Reel

This spring-loaded hose reel comes in various sizes and types which has possessed for a prompt water hose retraction.

Retractable or Automatic Hose Reel

These automatic hose reels are the perfect ones for the beginners. They have expertise in keeping garden hoses from being exposed to weather and provide an elegant and clean look. This helps in marinating the hose in good condition. However, care must be taken that the parts of the hose reel may fail, which may affect its operation leading to the automatic hose reel not working correctly.

Decorative Hose Reel

A very pleasing design is visible with a decorative hose reel. This decorative version will not detract from flowers, garden or yard as it is meant to be beautiful. Both walls mounted, and portable hose reel models are available under this design.

Air Hose Reel

The Air Hose Reels possess multiple designs as they can be stationary, portable, or can be mounted on the wall. These air hose reels are generally found in all the professional workplaces as well as can be used in a home garage for the occasional air compressor usage. Almost every air hose reel has a prompt connect feature for the hoses and power air tools.

Inclusion Of Hose Or Not?

Several hose reels come with a hose already equipped. These hose included reel are more costly than the ones without hose. Now here, your experience and skill will help decide which one will be best for you. Like if one has the right amount of experience in the process of installing the hose reels, then they can go ahead with the reels that do not possess hose.

But if you are a beginner, it is recommended to move ahead with the hose reel where the hose comes pre-assembled. This will be very beneficial as it might save the right amount of your time and will allow you to get started in maintaining the garden. You may purchase any of the two as per your choice, but the care should be taken that the maintenance of the hose reel is done well to ensure that it lasts long, throughout all the seasons.

The Length And Width Of The Hose

As the hose come in various lengths and width, it is recommended to get one that satisfies your garden area. The length of these hose reel ranges from 100 to 400ft or in inch. A measure of about 75 to 125 feet of a hose reel will be needed for basic projects which require one to be close to the spigot. In contrast to this, the gardens and areas that are giant or expansive will need a hose that is about 150 feet-400 feet for making sure that water effectively reaches each corner. Many of them possess 180 degrees rotating the reel.

Apart from the length, the width of the hose reel is also essential to be considered. Its diameter measures the hose reel’s width. For example, the width of the standard hose is about 5/8th long. For such a width, one can opt for a 3/4th hose. However, these hose reels are better suited for more intensive gardening tasks such as applying mulch, re-soiling the plants and in landscaping.


Several hose and reels come with couplings. This coupling is a piece on the end of the hose that allows attaching it to nozzle, spigot or lawn sprinkler. Many make use of plastic instead of metal. When a plastic version an elegant, it is more prone to breaking, cracking, or leaking.     Its durability is much less as compared to other materials.


If getting a portable hose reel is your choice, you may buy yourself a hose reel cart. The presence of four wheels in the hose reel carts makes it very feasible for you to transport the hose around the garden. This easy transportation helps in providing the plants with a substantial amount of water along with ease in cleaning and maintaining all the affected areas of the garden.

One thing should be taken care of while purchasing a hose reel cart, and that is to check on the quality of the handles that cart possesses. There are times when the carrying handles of the cart get rusted, or one is not comfortable when it fits in their hand, If you are a facing a similar condition like this, it is time to leave it and get yourself a new hose reel cart.


Are you comfortable with a portable hose reel, or are you looking forward to a wall-mounted garden hose that fulfills the garden requirements? If in case, you don’t possess long hoses and are in need to water more extensive areas, then you should go for the portable hose reel.

Ease Of Assembly

Are you an expert in hose reel fitting? You handiness in fitting the hose reels will help you in determining the reels that best suits you. When a wall mounted hose reel is used, it requires a drill which will help in fixing it to the walls, and many times, it does not come with the necessary hardware. Mounting brackets help in securing hose reels to walls. If you can’t mount the hose reel, you should have a garden hose storage box.

Option Of Retract

All the automatic hose reels have this feature. When you are tired of winding, this retractable option comes to your rescue. It allows the user to reel in the hose without the need to spend the time in manually winding the hose. Also, if you do not have any experience in hose reel winding, you may get this retractable hose. Using it is an effortless procedure that helps in keeping the hose organized.


The garden of your home depends on the water to thrive throughout all the seasons. When the plants are neglected and not offered the proper amount of water, the garden starts to get dull and dry. Hence, for supplying this water in an appropriate amount, it is necessary to buy a high-quality hose reel that stays for long. It is essential to understand that all the hose reels do not have the same quality level. This can be a blunder if the user impulsively buys a reel without having sufficient knowledge about its quality. As a result, they are forced to use a hose reel that does not meet their expectations. Hence, a good quality hose reel that possesses good design, having UV protection and resistant to crack for the sun, easily adjustable are some of the things one should consider while buying.


Now, this is something; we look in all almost all the things we purchase. Durability is one of the key features while buying a hose reel. As the hose reels are made up using various types of materials like plastic, stainless steel, aluminum, etc., each of their durability differs. However, the hose reels made of stainless steel and aluminum tend to last longer than the other materials. But, they also have shortcomings like when the hose reel made from stainless steel or aluminum are not taken care or well attended, they get exposed to rust. Hence, it is must to store the hose reel away after each use and properly maintain it to ensure that it remains in good condition.

Hose Stopper

The rubber hose bumpers that are present in the hose reel acts as a brake during the reeling process. For example, when the hose is retracting, one may use the hose stopper once the desired length is found. This hose stopper will permanently store this length, making it easier for anyone to use around the garden.

An investment should be made in the hose stopper as it becomes easier to retract the hose. This may raise the hose reel’s price. However, this, the price will be bearable when one gets a responsive system.

Safety Of Child

Children are very playful, and they have the habit of touching everything that comes their way. For the safety of children, the hose reels need to be stored in a very safe place to prevent the child from tampering with the hose reel. If you also have any such concerns, hideaway reels are the best ones. The best feature in the name itself; these hideaway reels conceal the hose when you have finished the task with it. One thing should be taken care of that the hose reel is stored at some great location so that it is out of the child’s reach.

Ease Of Use

If a hose reel is not appropriately used in a manner that maximum benefit is availed, the garden tools are useless. The hose reels vary based on their functionality manner. There are three such hose reels available, namely manual, automatic, and electrical.

The maximum benefit of a manual reel is availed when it is used for agriculture, lawn care, and pest care. The electrically powered reels are extremely easy to operate around the garden providing the necessary speed and efficiency. However, the most preferred reels are the automatic ones. They are powered by a 12-volt power source that allows the reel to wind up and retract at the press of a button.

These are some of the points you need to take note of and consider before you buy your garden hose reel. Choosing a wrong product abruptly can lead to severe issues, and that is not a risk you should be willing to take at all. A conscious choice is a smart choice.

Frequently Asked Questions For The Best Hose Reel

All products are tricky for the first time, and therefore, we are more often than not suspicious and have a lot of questions. It is natural and right. Questions allow us to find the things we did not know so far. On the similar lines we have some of the questions below which we have answered to clear some of your doubts around the best hose reel:

What is the easiest to use hose reel?

Any person’s skill and experience are expressed by a thing called easiness. If you are a beginner, you may move ahead with retractable hose reel as it has the functionality of automatically retracting the hose. But with passing time, you will gain excellent experience, and hence, you might be aware which hose reel will best satisfy your demand. Also, the level of comfort that you have with the gardening tools should be taken into consideration.

What is the best garden hose reel brands?

There are multitudinous hose reels available in the market, and all have unique and distinctive features. Based on the type of hose reel, below mentioned are some of the good brands that you can think of buying:
Wall Mount Garden Hose Reel
The hose reels from Liberty, Yard Butler, and Gardena, are some of the good brands that offer reliable products. The hose reels are quite sturdy, have a swivel feature, pre-assembled hose, and easy installation process.
Free Standing
The hose reels from Liberty and Suncast offer very amazing products that have expertise in handling long and heavy hoses, and its setup is straightforward.
In this type, the hose reels from brands like Winner and Runner up which are water-powered, possess strong resin structure, reels hose with minimal effort, and most important possess automatic hose tracking.

What are air hoses made of?

The air hoses are generally made up of rubber, PVC, polyurethane, polyethylene which is reinforced with cord or textile braid, plastic or steel wire helix. Now, these materials of air hose are divided into below mentioned three categories:
PVC Hose
This PVC hose is resistant to abrasion and durable. It works great when working in warm weather and is one of the most economical options. The use of PVC hose is straightforward to maneuver around the corners and obstacles without getting hung up.
Hybrid Hose
One of the most durable and flexible, this air hose is a hybrid blend of PVC, rubber, and polyurethane. If you are in a situation where you are tired and frustrated with the kinking air hoses and is generally difficult to unravel, then this is a good option for you. The best thing about these is that it even works in frigid temperatures.
Polyurethane Hose
Considered as an all-round option, this hose is popularly referred to as Poly hose. This hose is very flexible in almost all the conceivable working temperatures. When compared to hybrid and PVC hose, it weighs very less. This less weight feature is much appreciated after it is being dragged around a job site all day.

Should you use Teflon tape on-air fittings?

Teflon tape, known as thread seal tape is actually a polytetrafluoroethylene used on tape and is popularly used for plumbing the sealing pipe threads. The Teflon tapes can be used on the air fittings. However, no sealant is required or advised on the quick-connect part itself.
In the market, there are several types of quick-connect air fittings which appear similar, but they don’t need to be compatible. Among all those that are offered, the most common categories are Automotive and Industrial, which in turn, have many subtypes.


These are the small details you will benefit from to choose your best garden hose reel. It is not at all necessary and accurate that all the homeowners will find success with the same hose reel. What will work for one might not for others? Just check on the essential things that you want your hose reel to possess to operate correctly such as quality of the materials, whether the hose reel is fully assembled or not and if you wish to the hose reel to be carried around the cart or it should be mounted. Hence, study the product carefully so that you get a fully functional hose and your money is not wasted.