Top 10 Best Lawn Edger: 2020 Reviews & Buying Guide

There are various things you need to maintain a good lawn. If you have chosen to keep a lawn and love gardening, then you are in for continuous efforts and use of various instruments and products as well. One such garden tool that is required to maintain a clean and pristine lawn is the lawn edger. As the name suggests, you need the best lawn edger to edge your lawn and create precise edges and boundaries as you may feel. Buying a lawn edger is the right decision but not at all an easy one to make.

Top 10 Best Lawn Edger

A lawn edger is one of the most essential and required tools for your home or any owner’s lawn care. No lawn can look excellent and perfect without using this product.  Lawn Edgers are available in a broad selection of configurations depending on different sources of power, motion, clipping procedure, and accessories. Again if your lawn trimmers are not even in nature, then your garden job might not look beautiful. So, there are many factors related to a lawn device to get the best garden look.

Garden professionals and ground keepers have often assisted us in understanding the necessities of our lawn. With their help, we have selected the top 10 Best Lawn Edgers, which will help you to choose the best for lawn maintenance.

Here we will discuss the Best Lawn Edgers for you with specifications so that it can develop your clear idea about the following products before your investment.

1 – BLACK+DECKER String Lithium Swipper Plus Black Trimmer

It is a combo kit designed for delicate trimming and edging purpose. The use of this product helps you to sweep the ground neatly without any dust particles. It is light in weight and very calm. So in case you are worried about the uneven grass growth, use it to get a distinct sized garden with edged borders. You can also remove the debris easily. There is an extra battery included in this kit. So in case you have a big lawn or yard, it becomes an uncomplicated task for you to go around and trim down. However, 20 V Lithium-ion batteries are used for power charging.

The automated feed spool is there which is used to trim the edges of the lawn without causing any unwanted bumping. It can quickly transform the trimmer to edger with wheels. So you can move around the yard and operate it. Both length and height are adjusting is another excellent feature of this product. It has low noise while you carry out the operation.

Key Features   

  • Combo kit
  • Trimmer and edging tool
  • Lightweight
  • No sound produce
  • Removal of debris
  • Length and height adjustable
  • Wheeled Edger
  • ASF present
  • Even grass and lawn maintenance
  • Lithium battery 12 volt


  • Long-lasting battery life is a significant advantage
  • Very easy and safe to use for grass cutting and trimming
  • It is quite big, so while operating this device, you won’t have to bend much


  • Few users have opined the lawn trimmer can be beneficial for light yard activities than the heavy-duty. This is mainly due to the light built.
  • The blower seemed to work on the lighter grass surface with a less wind speed

2 – BLACK+DECKER 3 In 1 Electric Edger Trimmer

Now edging and trimming become super fast and convenient with the use of this lawn machine. It is exclusively designed for small gardens. To maintain the versatility look of your garden, this is an apt product for you. It has a compact design which can be transformed from trimmer to edger or even from the mower to the trimmer. You can cut the grasses uniformly and maintain the beauty of your garden. Another significant feature is the presence of 6.5-Amp motor gives ample amount of performance.

There is bump-free mechanism wheel operating this device due to the presence of Automatic Feed Spool AFS®. The wheels of the machine can be adjusted both length and height wise. Average cutting grass heights are measured as 1.6 – 2.3 inches. The gear drive can help in saving bogging down. You can transform the trimmer to wheeled cart by merely rotating. The cordless version of this lawn mower is a unique feature which provides ample durability.

Key Features

  • Fast and time-saving
  • Convenient to use
  • Ideal for mowing a small garden
  • Uniform grass cutting
  • Heights adjustable
  • Wheels attached
  • Durable
  • Safe
  • Cordless


  • Amazing string design to give you a comfortable gardening experience
  • Ease of vacuum pressure and the brilliant operation of the mower
  • Ideal for small yards. Using this with the best sprinklers for your lawn, you can get an aesthetic garden look.
  • Easy to clean and maintain for the long run


  • Absence of power extension cord can be a disadvantage for a few users.
  • Some consumers have noticed the accessories of the mower are clumpy.
  • There can be issues with the adjustment of the speed at times. The control trigger can be improved

3 – The Ames Companies, Inc Temper True Dual Rotary Wheel Edger

It is an extensively crafted lawn edger very useful for your lawns and yards. The beautiful sharp ends of the blades can help you to cut the grass properly with neatness. So your garden can get filled with an attractive growth of healthy plants and grasses.

Compared to the large motors, this motorized lawn cutter can be your best choice to go for smaller lawns. There are binary wheels for smooth traction. Blades are designed with three positions so that trimming can be done beautifully. Stainless steel of the blade composition ensures durability for a long duration. An ergonomically styled handle with a cushion grip is manufactured so that the user feels comfortable while gardening their lawns. The size of the handle is approximately 54 inches. Dual wheels can help you to travel along with your garden and trim the oversized plants and grasses.

Key Features

  • Stylish design
  • Sharp blade ends
  • Lightweight
  • Trimmer
  • Durable
  • Handle size 54inches
  • Soft grip
  • Covers small yards


  • Self-cleaning can be effortless by using this tool
  • Adequate and superior metal quality is used in this device which ensures no breaking or bending unnecessarily
  • The handle is long and comfortable to use


  • Few customers have noticed coloring on the sidewalks due to the wheel marks
  • In some cases, the handle proved to be not much sturdy. So they have opined it may be good for grass cutting but not much help for the weeds.

4 – Greenworks Cordless 40V 13 Inch Trimmer String Edger

The manufacturers have developed a gas-free designed edger, which is also cordless. This helps in gas removal easily. The lightweight structure ensures portability completely. So it may look insubstantial, but from the uncomplicated upside, the operation can be derived. There is a starting press button instead of a recoiling cord system. It can help your arms to get a comfortable position, and you can start it on the first trial without much hazard. The pivoting head built can also help you to trim and edge with a brilliant trimming feature.

Presence of wheels also helps you to travel with this portable edger all over the lawn freely. The telescopic model of this device is another important feature. Remarkable battery compatibility helps to charge the trimmer for an extended period. Both the battery and a charger is included in the kit. Super eco-friendly grass cutting can be achieved by this garden tool smoothly.

Key Features   

  • No cordless
  • Gas free
  • Easy trimming
  • Press button to start
  • Wheels to enable portability
  • Battery and charger accompanied


  • It is an eco-friendly trimmer for your lawn
  • Safe and adjustable handle maintains in comfort level
  • Affordable product


  • In few cases the blades have been loose and hence cutting was a bit hard.
  • At times the shield block can make the grass cutting difficult.

5 – American Gardener Electric Amp Edger For Lawns  

When it comes to edge driveways or walkways, this electric lawn trimmer always proves to be the best one. You can adjust the handle with the help of a soft cushion pad which gives you a considerate amount of grip. An adjustable shaft and a cord system are there for edging. So grass trimming can be effortless and comfortable. For storage purpose, the pivot shaft design helps to do cleaning easily.

A robust 12 AMP motor is there for smooth operation. To get an extensive smart and neat cutting of the grasses in your lawn, the blades have double sides. It is very flexible, and cutting depth can be adjusted nicely. Interchangeable battery device is included in the kit to support a reliable charging system of the garden device.

Key Features

  • Electric edger device
  • Motor 12 AMP
  • Compact design
  • Remove guard system for cleaning
  • Blades with double size
  • Soft cushion grip
  • Easy to use


  • One of the brilliant grass cutting depths techniques can be used with this tool
  • It has a very stylish design
  • Extreme portability is guaranteed from this product


  • In a few cases, the users have noticed that after moving one finger, the blade stops working.
  • The heavy unit can also be one of the issues.

6 – WORX Electric Edger Lawn 7.5 Inch Trencher (Black and Orange)   

To get a manicured professional look for your grass cutting, this tool is useful. It has a 12 AMP edger motor which helps in proper grass trimming. As a result, you can get a neat lush garden and the flower bed.  The adjustments of the blade can be made in 3 ways which can be used for proper cutting liner.  Blade diameter size can range up to 7- 8 inch for deep trimming.

For smart control and user comfort, there is a grip on the ergonomic handle. So you can rest your arm safely while gardening is done. Both height and the posture of the shaft can be adjusted well to provide a neat cutting. The manufacturers have designed this tool in a compact size with a superb technology for faster operation.

Key Features

  • Professional style cutting
  • Easy
  • Fast operation
  • Motor 12 AMP
  • Blade size diameter 7-8 inch deep
  • Smart cushion handle grip
  • Battery charge
  • Compact design
  • Black and orange color


  • The sideways edging is brilliant by this device
  • Very easy to use and powerfully build of the qualities
  • Assembling the trimmer saves your time and energy


  • Few users have opined that at times the bolt needs to get tighten from time to time while grass cutting
  • Some consumers have noticed it works less effectively on the damp or wet soil. However, if you have trenches formed, then it is quite manageable to use it.

7 – WORX Cordless Power share Mini Mower

 One of the unique features in this garden trimmer is the 3 in 1 function. So now grass trimming, edging and mowing becomes very easy with the binary wheel function. You can transform the trimmer to the edger in just a few seconds and without using any tools. A max lithium battery with the power of 20V* cordless is enough for operating your garden activity for a long time.

Without causing any bump for 100%, you can now cut down the grass level of your lawn at a diameter of 12 inches. Height and length adjustments can be quickly made according to your comfort and preference. This lightweight, the classy designed tool has a binary function for flower spacing barrier. It will help you to save your vegetation brilliantly.

Key Features

  • 3 in 1 function
  • Binary wheel
  • Trimmer to edger convert
  • Lithium battery 20 volt
  • Cordless
  • Lightweight and easy
  • Stylish design
  • Safe
  • Flower barrier spacing


  • Overgrown grass and weeds can be safely cut with the easy operation of this garden mechanism
  • It has received one of the beautiful lawn weed killers reviews amongst the users


  • In a few cases, the battery life has resulted weak
  • Edging along the sidewalks was a bit hard in some cases. Though some users have opined, this device can do an amazing job in weed-eating grass.

8 – Poulan 7 Inch Lawn Pro Attachment Edger

It has a heavy-duty motor system for smart and effective operation. The seven-inch sized blades have a considerable capacity for trimming the grass evenly and neatly. Adjustable settings can change the depth of the cutting style up to 2 inches. A magnesium gearbox with heavy-duty is also present. Now cutting the flower beds and edging the drive is super easy with this garden device.

You can also attach Poulan Pro and Husqvarna split-shaft trimmers with it for better operation. The strings attached to the trimmers are very much adjusting. A barrier knob is attached, which helps the user from causing any damage or accident. For customer benefit, the manufacturers have provided a full two-year warranty.

Key Features   

  • Heavy-duty magnesium gearbox
  • Handle barrier included
  • It is suitable with other branded trimmers or detaching shafts
  • Warranty 2 years granted


  • The lightweight garden tool which ensures portability safely
  • It is straightforward to convert the trimmer extension


  • As compared to other similar garden devices, this is a bit expensive.

9- Toro Shaft Straight G 18 In Edger

Trimming can be done with an uncomplicated rapid process with this trimmer. It has strings attached. There is no vibration which you will experience while cutting the grasses in the yards. You can also use the shaft attachments for better operational methods which can convert this device into other garden tools at ease. In case you want those attachments, you can purchase them online as they are sold separately.

The entire crankshaft is made up of commercial high-end engine and carburetor, which ensures a significant performance and durability. To get the extended reach, the manufacturers have built this garden tool in a straight shaft manner. The bump string head ranges 0.095 in — dual inline size. A durable handle is there ensuring the comfort level of the user. You can cut the grasses with has a growth level of 18inches approximately.

Key Features

  • Rapid
  • No vibration
  • Shaft attachments compatible
  • Easy to use
  • High-grade engine
  • Bump head string 0.095 in.
  • Durable


  • One of the powerful garden trimmers in the market
  • Strong built
  • Smooth cutting and edging is done


  • Few users have opined about the poor quality and design about this product

10 – Greenworks Cord Amp 12 Edger

The exceptionally designed trimmer with a robust motor built of 12amp. It has a great powerful capability for smooth operation. The size of the blade is 7.5-inch double design for the brilliant capability of edging and also ensures durability. There are various small springs attached with the wheels for preferred movements and blade depth capabilities.

The auxiliary handle helps the user to rest their arms while trimming, so comfort is completely guaranteed while using it. To prevent any accidents, there is a chord lock integrated feature in this device. One of the main functions of this garden tool is to provide trimming of the lawn without causing any air pollution. As compared to any gas-powered edgers, it is indeed an excellent product to invest in.

Key Feature   

  • Strong motor
  • Smooth operation
  • Blade 7.5 inch
  • Handle compatible
  • Comfortable to use
  • No pollution caused


  • Superior quality edger
  • Blades last longer
  • Cutting can be done quickly without much effort
  • Powerful and clean edger


  • In a few cases, users have a terrible experience with the front wheel
  • The plastic guard around the blade was another disadvantage

A smartly designed garden is always our favorite. Cutting and maintaining the grasses can be hard at times even if you use best lawn fertilizers. However, lawn edgers can simplify this method. There are many types of edgers available in the market. So before you plan for investment on these, kindly go through all the reviews and comparisons.

Best lawn edger buying guide

While the primary job of the lawn edger is to edge your lawn, it is easier said than done. You need to consider a lot more than just about edging your lawn. When you are invested in making your yard the best, then you wouldn’t mind putting in the efforts and money in the lawn maintenance. Besides, thankfully there are so many ways in which technology has made lawn care easy for us; be it through the use of best sprinklers for your lawn which make watering the lawn easy or best lawn fertilizer which has made nourishing the lawn so easy.

Benefits of the best lawn edger

Just like there are benefits attached to the products we have used for lawn and with innovations making human life easy, we also have tools that make lawn care easy. Now we can get our lawn to look exactly how we want, and it won’t even be a hassle thanks to the best lawn edger. This tool has a lot of benefits attached to it. You can read on as we describe the benefits attached to buying the lawn edger:

Easy To Use

Firstly, the lawn edger resolves the biggest problem we usually face while gardening. Most of the tools and systems involved in gardening are complex and severe to figure out. That’s not the case with the lawn edger. It is simple and easy to use. There is no rocket science behind using the lawn edger, and all the types of edger are easy to use, and anyone can get the hang of it after a couple of uses. We, humans, look for our comfort in all this and lawn edger provides that.


The lawn edger works efficiently. Most people use the lawn edger to make their lawn look more neat, tidy, and clean, and the lawn edger works to give efficient results in those regards. The overgrown grass can make your otherwise beautiful lawn look shabby, using the lawn edger will cut out the overgrown grass with precision and give your lawn a professionally groomed look as well.

Regulates Grass Growth

By using the lawn edger on your lawn, you can also restrict the growth of grass. Not all hemp is the same, and not all grass can be handled in the same way. Some grasses grow rapidly and haphazardly; the lawn edger can counter that and help to direct the grass growth only in required areas. You can easily keep the grass out from pavements or gap areas using the best lawn edger.

Manage Flowerbed

Most people have well maintained and carefully nourished flowerbeds in their lawns, and they are not easy to maintain. The lawn edger has additional features like the rotating blades which help you in cutting depths or developing a trench around the flowerbeds. It separates them from the grass around and also prevents them in case of overwatering or accumulation of water during rains. The extra water on flowerbeds can be accumulated, and there will be no over-saturation, thereby improving the health of flowers.


Another thing that usually people find tiring and stressful while using garden tools is the need for maintaining the devices. The maintenance of a machine is eliminated for a lawn edger. It does not need any high-maintenance. The way lawn edger is built does not cause much wear and tear easily, and they do not need any special efforts. The maintenance is low also because they are not used too much and too frequently. The nature of the work involves using them occasionally, and hence, they need tending very less.


We love it when a perfect thing can be obtained at a sustainable cost. Lawn edger does not cost a bomb. There are various variations available, and you can find what you want at an affordable and reasonable price. So not only is the lawn edger helpful but it is also light on the pocket. You get a good deal with regards to the work that lawn edger does and the price you pay to buy the same.


A lawn edger is not just meant to cut the new grass. There is a reason people keep saying that lawn edger is not a trimmer. It has various options and customizations available, which makes it very versatile and flexible to be used as per the requirement. You can have different blades, different heights, and also different types of cuts depending on what you want to do with it. Your entire lawn is not of same size and shape, and the lawn edger is equipped to deal with all parts of the lawn.

Lawn Care

If you love taking care of plants and maintain your lawn, you know how vital lawn care and lawn maintenance is. There are so many things one needs to do for proper lawn care; it ranges from choosing a lawn mower for mowing a small yard to edging your lawn with the help of the best lawn edger. Otherwise, if you have a large yard, we also have a nice guide on finding the best riding lawn mower. Lawn care is a continuous job, and it involves a lot of efforts. Tools like lawn edger make your work easy and add value to your lawn.

Aesthetically Pleasing

The primary motto of using a lawn edger is to make your lawn look prettier, neat, and easy to maintain. It adds immense beauty value to your lawn and makes it aesthetically pleasing. Maintaining a lawn with no semblance of grass growth does not give you a good looking lawn and also paves the way for different difficulties like weeds. You will find the lawn edger as a preventive measure when you read the lawn weed killer reviews as maintaining a lawn well resolves the issue of weeds to a considerable extent.

Reduces Other Costs

As mentioned above, the lawn edger is very affordable, and they last for a long time. You don’t need to buy a lawn edger for a long time which saves you money. Apart from that, it helps to do a lot of professional work and protects you from hiring a professional to landscape and trim your lawn which would cost you way more, if you consider how many times this would need to be done and the additional cost for each time. The lawn edger does it at a one-time price.

These are some of the benefits of the lawn edger, which can layout the essential advantages it comes with and how it can make your life a lot more easier. You need to decide if you need this for your lawn and the whether these benefits will make your lawn maintenance easy.

Types Of Lawn Edger

No two lawns are similar; no two people have the same requirement from the lawn edger. This basic need has led to the innovation of various types of edger which are suitable for all your needs and all kinds of lawns. To make a choice, you need to be aware of what are your options in this regard. Below are the various types of lawn edger described in brief for your understanding and ease of your decision:


The first broad type from the two main categories for the types of lawn edger is the manual edgers. As the name suggests, these will have to be operated manually, and you will need to put in more efforts in using these. However, there are still reasons that people choose these over the other edger. The simplicity, durability, and cost of the manual edger make them a better option, and they are still a trendy choice for a lot of people.

Spade Based

These are the most standard and straightforward type of lawn edger. They are made of an iron which is semi-circular and moon-shaped attached to a huge stick. The iron top can also be flat to allow some space to place your foot on it to apply more pressure on it. To use this lawn edger, you need to use the handle and move the blade along the lawn and the lawn boundaries to cut through any protruding grass or material.

Hand Shears

Hand shears are a form of cutters which are to be used by both hands to cut the extra grass away. However, now they come in varied configurations and have different styles. These are available for a single hand to be used at ground level or elongated handles which helps you to operate these while standing and with both hands. Here, if you have the right alignment, you can cut the grass using the lateral cutting of the shearing blades.

Roller Based

The roller based lawn edger is mainly driven by pushing the roller wheels along the hard edge of the lawn. They need to be pushed around, and they move based on the wheels. There are two types of roller based lawn edger available, one operates using the solid steel disc which cuts the grass as you move it around the edge and the other has two star-shaped discs which rotate against each other, and a shear cutting of grass is facilitated when you move it along the side of the lawn.

Motorized Lawn Edgers

As the name suggests, these lawn edgers are the second type which is not operated manually; they are conducted based on the motor. The motor can be run using various sources of energy. There are electric edgers, battery-operated edgers, and even gas edgers. These are the different ways they can be run; there are also different variants available for these which are described in brief below:

String Trimmers

While the other lawn edger has a blade or cutting edge at the end of it, this one is different in the way that this is a single mono line which has a cutting tip at the end of the large vertical handle. Most heads are tipped horizontally and can be pivoted to be used vertically. However, now we also have the lawn edger that comes with the tip with a vertical default and are pretty handy to use and maintain. These are lightweight and easy to workaround.

Single Wheel

There is motor-driven lawn edger which works on wheels. The motor powered by battery, gas-powered edgers or electric edger drives the wheel which usually has the blades and steel which cuts the grass along the edge. These are a little costlier than the usual lawn edger. They come with around 12mp battery which lasts for a long time and also have the option of extension cord which can be used to lawn the different areas conveniently. They can be used for a longer distance.


These are the motorized lawn edger which works on multiple wheels and hence are used for extensively tremendous and heavy-duty work. They are heavier to operate and can be run on electricity or could be gas-powered edger. These wheeled edgers are on the expensive side and come with high batteries that last for a longer time. They have a lot of additional features too and can be used in multiple ways to do various jobs across the lawn.

Factors To Consider Before Buying The Best Lawn Edger

After understanding so much about the lawn edger, you can easily understand that there are too many edgers on the market and you will be spoilt for choices once you start considering these. You need a sorted list which helps you check for a lot of things and narrow down your search for the best lawn edger, and it will be a very decisive move to out thoughts before choosing it:


First and foremost comes the price. We all run on a budget and need to get the best deal with the device, including the various needs that we have. Don’t let cost be your only decisive factor. You have to consider the performance of the product based on the reviews and also based on what it has to offer. If the battery has a max lithium batter, then it should be priced in line with that.


There are so many brands providing the best lawn edger, and you will be better off choosing an excellent and reliable brand like black deckers which are being used by all. They are popular for a reason. Even when you do want a new brand that is not commonly known, be cautious to check on what all they have to others with regards to services.

Type Of Edger

As mentioned in detail above, there are various types of edgers available, and you need to choose the one that fits your needs. Read the details and understand how each edger works to figure out which one would have an easier time while getting the job done.

Working Model

The working model here refers to how are the various edger sourced or how are they working out. You need to choose what would be a feasible option for you between gas, electricity, and batteries. How much would you use it and how much does each option last. There will also be a different cost attached to each of the options which sources this.


Next, you need to understand the intent. Do you intend to use the lawn edger for removing the extra grass off or do you need to use it for more than one purpose? There are various options available which are multipurpose and can help lawn in more ways than one. There can be a lawn mower along with lawn edger, or you can choose a versatile option like Worx wg896 which provides a lot of additional features as well.

Edger Blade

You need to take note of the type of blade that your best lawn edger should have. The type of blade depends on how deep the cuts would be and what would be the type of area around which it can be used. It is imperative to choose this wisely depending upon the texture and nature of the lawn that you intend to maintain.

Yard Size

You need to take note of how big is your lawn. If you have a vast lawn and it is very precisely divided, then you need to choose the lawn edger accordingly. You cannot select a manual edger for a vast area if you don’t have the man-power to run through with it. Similarly, a big lawn edger for a small yard will prove to be a waste in a lot of ways.

Number Of Wheels

How you want to use and who is going to use it will ideally determine the number of wheels you want for your lawn edger. You cannot choose a tool which you will not apply. The ones with added wheels are usually cumbersome, so you need to check if you will be able to handle those and maintain there wear and tear.

Easy To Maintain

You would want to make a choice that is simple for you to use. If you can work with something substantial, you have high ended options. You can similarly also make a lightweight and comfortable choice by choosing a lawn edger that is easy to maintain and does not need as many efforts.

Frequently asked questions about the best lawn edger

You have all the information you need to know for the choosing your best lawn edger, however, we know how fickle human mind is, and there are all the chances why you would want to know more and have more questions around this. Below are some of the common questions that we have tried our best to answer.

What does an edger do?

The lawn edger has a job of making your lawn clean, neat, and aesthetic. You can use the lawn edger to clean out the overgrown grass and other protruding materials which have made the way to your pavement and on other unwanted areas. You can also maintain clean flowerbeds using the lawn edgers.

What is the difference between edging and trimming?

The most distinguishing factor between the edger and trimmer is that the edger is used to create the new boundary. If you want to separate your lawn sections, you will need the best lawn edger to do so while a trimmer will assist you in maintaining that boundary.

What is a half-moon edger used for?

There are different types of edger required in different areas. Similarly, the half-moon edger is known to be useful if you are looking to maintain the edge of your garden. It works excellent in that area and gives the best results with regards to performance.

What is power edging?

Power edging is nothing but the removal of unwanted sod or overgrown grass from a particular area using a metal blade. You need to mark out and decide your edges and then make the relevant edging. The location should be pre-decided carefully.


Maintaining a lawn is no cakewalk, and you need to be completely thorough with regards to checking your needs. All the information you need on lawn edger has been provided to you, what works for your lawn is something that is best decided by you. Absorb the information and evaluate what will work for your lawn to choose the best lawn edger. If you want your garden to look immaculate, this tool is a must-have.