Top 10 Best Tankless Water Heater: 2023 Reviews & Buying Guide

Hot water is essential for us, mainly during winters or in cold regions. Previously there were ample water heating tanks, which used to occupy more amount of space. The discovery of the best tankless water heaters has incredibly made our life simpler and convenient to use. Anywhere in the kitchen or bathroom, you can fit these heaters to get flawless warm water whenever you want or need. This water system is getting more popular due to its brilliant performance and supply of instant heated water.

There are various benefits of tankless water heaters over the traditional heaters is energy saving. The formers use less energy so you won’t have to worry about the utility bills much. The tankless heaters occupy less space for operation. These advantages often lead us to confusion while we think of purchasing the best tankless water heaters for our house.

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Top 10 Best Tankless Water Heater

Plumbing experts & Master Natural Gasfitters have often helped us in understanding the requirement of a water tank according to the size of our rooms and functionalities. With their recommendation, we have selected the top 10 Best Tank Less Water Heaters, which will help you to choose based on your need.

1 – Bosch Thermo Technology Mini Electric Water Tank Heater 

It is an exclusively designed water heater which is very efficient for daily use. The mine sized tank range is up to 4 gallon which smoothly fits under the sink. So every time you switch it on, you can get correct warm water according to your need. The range of thermal efficiency recorded is up to 98% approximately.

Another reason to go for this product is the long span durability. Glass-lined materials were used for constructing these heaters, which is super easy to maintain for a lifetime.

For an independent installation, the builders have provided a long chord (size:  36-37 inches) so that you can do a free installation at your house on your own. By merely plugging method, attach the cable with the water outlet to get free inline hot water stream. Whenever you want, you will get warm water in less period. For a day you can get rapid service from this heater tank. Mounting the device is an uncomplicated process on your walls, shelf, etc. So once tapping the cold water line is switched with a hot button, the heated water starts flowing.

Key Features

  • Compact
  • 4-gallon water capacity
  • Mini tank
  • Easy fitting
  • Fast water flow
  • Independent installation possible
  • Long cable size 36-37 inches accompanied


  • It is a small compact designed and light in weight
  • Strong built
  • Brilliant duration of this product
  • Fantastic quality of the thermostat


  • Leakage of water especially from pressure valve is one of the issues noticed by some users
  • Few consumers have also seen annoying sounds while operating it.

2 – Rheem Chamber Water Heating Tankless Residential Heater

Now you can enjoy the benefits of a superb convenient hot water tankless heater designed by Rheems. The thermostatic control is digitalized and is adjustable. There is the presence of a led lighting which lets you know about the temperature degree correction. Built of this heating device is made up of durable Copper and rugged brass particles. Hence energy efficiency is at peak while supplying steady hot water to you. Self-Modulating power regulation is also incorporated in this tankless heater.

You can mound this heater on the walls or kitchen shelf anywhere in a very less period. The manufacturers have provided a 3-foot electric cord and an adapter for fast recharging. Usage of electric consumption is around 99.8%. For an increase of energy by 1°f, there are trouble-free external regulatory buttons.  The size of the saver shower upper part is around 1.4 GPM approximately. For controlling the on and off the system, there is a superb display. If you are searching these heaters for residential or industrial, surely go for this one. It can fit in single and double occupancy units safely. If the home energy consumption is modified from 240 volts to 59amps, then you will get better performance from this product.  It is one of the trusted brands which have constructed this reliable device suiting the needs of garages, double occupancy homes or offices.

Key Features

  • Thermostatic control
  • Copper and brass built
  • Electric garage heater
  • Digital control
  • Steady hot water
  • Fast mounting on walls
  • On and off buttons with display
  • Safe for  offices or double unit houses


  • Digital temperature control setting performs brilliantly
  • An affordable product
  • Compact design
  • Smooth installation without any hazards


  • Few users have noticed leakage of water
  • Durability was also one of the concerns

3 – Atmor ThermoPro Digital Control Electric Water Tankless Heater

Along with the smart and advanced technology flow, this device heater is manufactured. You can now get an uncomplicated continuous stream of hot water at your demand and need. There is a self-modulating system which can control the water flow accurately.  This system also regulates energy amount. So it helps you to save your electric bills.

Digital units are incorporated in the device so that temperature adjustments, according to the consumer preference, can be controlled. The design of this electric water heater is compact with vent free feature. IP54 certification has been granted to this brand for safety and reliability.

Stainless steel built have ensured durability and corrosion resistance for a more extended period. This also allows the efficiency of the heater. For any moderate weather, you can use it for your homes and garages.

Key Features

  • Advanced technology
  • Electric Tankless Water Heaters
  • Self-modulating system
  • Electricity bill less consumption
  • Digital units for temperature settings
  • Compact
  • No vent
  • Stainless steel
  • Durability
  • Corrosion-free


  • Rapid installation
  • Heating water is real quick


  • As compared to other similar items, it is expensive for your budget.

4 – Rinnai Natural Gas Induced Dual Pipes Hot Water Tankless Heater

The best part about this electrical unit is the usage of propane or natural gas in its composition.  A blend of nitrogen oxide is also used. There are presences of dual or twin pipes which are built of PVC plastics for venting purpose.

A sleek and compact design is very much favorable for all the customers. Although this item is large but has a slender design, you can fit it anywhere you want according to your won desire and requirement. Gunmetal has been used in the lower part construction of this tankless heater. All the regulation buttons like the power button, gas regulation, temperature settings, etc. are all found in the lower panel of the unit.  The smart digital display is there to keep a check on your temperature controls.

An individual can lock the temperature setting if he/she wants it to save this heater from unwanted access. So in case children or older adults reside with you, you can safely manage the control. Indoor installation is a hassle-free process, and it also saves a lot of space in your room. The heat temperature range varies from 94 to140 degrees Fahrenheit.

Key Features   

  • Venting available
  • PVC plastic induced
  • Gas propane or natural
  • Large in size
  • Heavy built
  • Digital temperature setting
  • Safe
  • Less electric consumption


  • As its tankless is less or no amount of unwanted harmful residue will reach you
  • Unlimited amount of warm water supply ensured
  • Eco-friendly in nature
  • It saves your electricity and utility bills
  • No or less sound while operating the product


  • Few consumers have faced water was the issue though they have opined it is suitable as a gas saver
  • Longevity was another concern
  • A bit expensive tankless heater for water supply

5 – Stiebel Eltron Tankless Whole House Water Advanced Electric Tankless Heater  

The manufacturers have developed a robust solid copper built tankless water heating system with this device. The compact design and brilliant performance are the primary function to go for this product. Advanced flow control of the temperature is a unique feature of this brand. This means when the demand of the hot water increases, the superior flow regulates reduction of the water flow. A smart self-modulation system is incorporated into the design. It helps in controlling the energy amount, which is utilized during hot water flow. Again it will help the user to pay less money on their electricity bills.

So if you are investing in this product, it can fit up to 2 bathrooms safely with continuous hot water flow without any complications. Brilliant temperature consistency is controlled during the varying weather conditions safely and conveniently.  It has a smart, sleek design which can save a lot of your room space and can fit anywhere you desire. You won’t need any extra venting for drainage.

The brand is a reliable source to opt for this product as it has 90 years of experience in producing these tankless water heater units. You won’t face any issues with the annoying sound while operating the device. Unlike the traditional water tanks, you even will not meet the problem with running out of hot water.

Key Features

  • Saves energy
  • Temperature regulated safely
  • Copper built
  • Digital temperature control
  • Regular hot water flowing
  • Rapid installation


  • The digital display is straightforward to read
  • Space-saving is another benefit
  • Energy consumption is less.
  • A comfortable product which can consistently supply hot water during your hot shower
  • A durable built ensures a long-time durability


  • Few users have faced issues with the sizing instruction of this product
  • Some customers have suggested this heater would work better for a single room unit

6 – Stiebel Eltron Tempra 29 Plus Water Tankless Heater

It has been constructed so that any individual using it can get a continuous supply of hot water on their demands anytime. The sleek and compact design ensures no extra venting is needed for this item. There is the presence of preset temperature control buttons.  These buttons can be used to increase the warmth of the water flow.

A smart digital display is induced to monitor the temperature settings rapidly. So to get a constant supply of hot water during your shower, you don’t have to wait for long hours. Natural derivable hot water at per your desire and convenience can be reached to you in less period. By using this device, there won’t be any stand by loss. Hence energy consumption will be less. In that case, it will help you to save your energy bills too.

While operating the heater, the manufacturers have checked thoroughly there is no annoying sound. For warm-weather areas, three bathrooms are enough to get the continuous hot water flow from these tankless units, whereas in winters 2 or 3 bathrooms are ideal. A sizing guide comes accompanied with the kit, with which you can check the size of your bathroom and fit this easily. 240-volt electric service is required for a hassle-free operation. This trusted brand grants both comfort and reliability.

Key Features

  • White in color
  • Saves energy power
  • Temperature control safe
  • Reliable
  • Digital control for heat flow display
  • Fast hot water
  • Easy installation


  • The brand has always cared about convenient warm water supply in a less period at an affordable range.
  • Noise-free service
  • No cold blast of water flow has been observed
  • Fantastic customer care support


  • Few consumers have faced durability issue with this electrical device.  The warranty only covers the parts of the product, not the entire tankless heater.

7 – Eco Smart Tankless Electric Modulating Self Patent Water Heater

It is a unique product which can help you to save your electricity consumption and bills effectively. You can get warm water anytime you like it without any complications. There is a self-modulating system imbibed in it to control the temperature settings effectively. Very hard yet compact design for easy portability is also kept in mind while designing the heater.

It is eco-friendly. The smart heating water technology induced in this composition makes it change the degrees of water heating safely and rapidly according to the varying temperature conditions. So using this tool in colder regions or climate is very much suitable for the users. You can rest assured that your tankless system will not go out of hot water anytime at all. With this product, the manufacturers are also providing a lifetime warranty to give better service to the users.

Key Features

  • Less electric usage
  • The patent self module system
  • Eco-friendly
  • Compact size
  • Anytime hot water available
  • Lifetime warranty guaranteed


  • You will surely enjoy your less electricity utility bills by using this item
  • Very easy to install
  • Superb quality
  • Efficient hot water generation


  • There is an issue with corrosion of the product; experienced by some users
  • Durability is also one of the disadvantages.
  • The consumers also noticed fire and sparks at a few conditions.

8 – Eco Smart Patented Electrical Self Module Technology Water Tankless Heater

You can save energy consumption by 50% if you start to sing this device. The large pipe size fittings range from ¾ inches. You can control the temperature rise settings manually by switching the control buttons. These adjusting digital temperature settings can also regulate the water flow. Composition of the device is comprised of copper and stainless metal. It ensures complete durability and reliability of the electric heater. Even easy replacements are also possible.

The manufacturers have recommended, when you decide to invest in this item make sure that the size of this heater unit is correct and compatible with your requirement. A breaker quantity is induced in it which has a 40amp dual pole. It is suitable for 200 amp electrical units. It is also one of the eco-friendly heater systems that you can get for your house or offices.  These heaters are customized according to the weather changes; even it can reach a level of 37 degrees.

Key Features

  • Energy factor saving by 50%
  • Large pipe size
  • Stainless and copper fittings
  • Durable
  • Automated digital settings
  • 200AMP electrical unit suitable
  • 3 40 MP Dual pole breakers
  • Customized with the weather change


  • Safe electrical cables with proper dimension
  • Uncomplicated installation
  • For the water pipes, you won’t have to pay extra for the external hoses.
  • Superior quality product


  • Durability is one of the disadvantages as complained by a few users
  • As the size of this unit is large, you may need a professional install process
  • Some consumers also experienced accelerated corrosion.

9 – Eccotemp Liquid Gas Propane Water Tankless White Heaters

It is an incredible and efficient tankless heater that you can get for your home or office. The heat generation is accurate, with deep flames through the heat exchanger. So it depends on your preference how long you want the hot stream for yourself. A horizontal vent is created in it to do a fast installation once you get the kit. It is suitable for all the small units and cabins.

 For any 21 to 102-pound (lb.) propane gas, these tanks are ideal. However, with these tanks, hoses are not included in the kit. This is a manually operated heater. So by regulating knobs, heat management can be controlled by the users quickly. These knobs also control the flow of water pressure and gas flow. The manufacturers have recommended not putting any cold water at the output level.

In case you are looking for an energy consumption type tankless heater, then this product can give you satisfaction. The design is safe for installation. There is the presence of display temperature controls in this device. You can plug in the cord with (120v) electrical output to get it started. A compact sized hot shower can be achieved at with less noise.

Key Features

  • White in color
  • Compact design
  • Horizontal vent
  • Ideal for small houses
  • Different knobs for water and gas settings
  • Easy installation
  • Fast operation
  • Minimum or zero noise


  • Travel-friendly and portable design
  • Correct temperature controls
  • Sufficient hot water pressure is derived from this product
  • Affordable and pocket-friendly


  • Few users have reported leakage from the brass drain located at the lower side of the tank
  • A manual guide for controlling the water and gas flow would have come with the kit.

10 – Rheem Natural Gas Direct Indoor Water Vent Tankless Heater

To maintain the reliability and quality of the service, the manufacturers have designed these tankless heaters. There are easy heating and cooling methods inside it. The energy efficiency is up to 98 %. For the composition; the builders have composed the electrical unit with stainless steel for extended durability. The smart regulation button for controlling the energy increase or decrease is also incorporated in the system. It is safe to install and use.

Getting hot water anytime becomes a hassle-free process. Even you can save till 11,000 gallons water/year. The minimum flow range is .25 GPM, and for activation flowing range, it is .39 GPM. This will ensure the individual to get hot water even in situations where the demand is low. An advanced Econet technology is also induced in this heater for natural linking. The manufacturers have accompanied the pipe in this kit. This pipe size ranges between 37.9-Feet of 3-Inch or 4.9-Feet of 2-Inches. All these pipes are built with PVC plastics.

Key Features

  • Reliable
  • Durable
  • Convenient heaters
  • Stainless steel built
  • Flow range .25GPM approximately
  • Econet technology-induced
  • PVR plastic pipes


  • Brilliant operation and service
  • It uses less electricity consumption. So you will save money on your electric bills
  • Cleaning and maintaining for the long run is also a smooth process
  • Consistency in water temperature control
  • Large in size


  • Few users have complained about annoying noise from the tankless heater during its operation process
  • Longevity is one of the concerns

Best tankless water heater buying guide

A lot of people love hot showers, most of them. It is said that there is nothing a hot bath cannot cure. Your mood can get instantly better, it brightens your mood before work, and it is also profoundly comforting. While these are the comfort benefits, hot shower in some places is needed for survival. If you stay at a home where there is winter for the most part of the year, hot water is your best friend. What’s even closer to you than boiling water is your water heater. Having the best tankless water heater is a necessity to survive.

At places that are way too cold, hot water is needed not just for the shower but for daily chores as well. You cannot go ahead with washing dishes, cleaning the house, or washing clothes using cold water when the temperature outside is dripping low. You will need hot water for all of this. Heating water every time for every activity can be tiresome and also waste of the gas. There are places which demand constant and frequent hot water and a right water heater will solve most of your troubles and might not even cost you a bomb.

There are many ways to obtain hot water. You can boil the water yourself, use tank water heaters or tankless water heaters. What you need is something you can decide best. You will need help and information so that you can make a conscious choice. Making choices for the best tankless water heater on a guess basis is not recommended. You need to know about the radiators and then decide. Read on to gain perspective and knowledge about the water heaters. The article covers various aspects in detail to provide a clear picture to you.

Types Of Water Heaters

Once you decide that you want a water heater and look out for it, you will understand how vast the market is and how complicated making the choice for the water heater is. A layman doesn’t buy water heaters daily, so it is only fair that most of us don’t know about the water heaters in detail. The water heaters last for long, and it is not something you need to buy frequently. Let us take a look at the different types of water heaters available and their details in brief to understand the various options that you have:

Conventional Storage-Tank Water Heater

A conventional storage-tank water heater is the most traditional and standard water heater available in the market. It is this model that is used by most families around. The water heater comes with a tank which limits the water that can be heated at once. It heats the water and also keeps it warm throughout. This water heater must be kept on all the time to keep the water in the tank heated. It has two valves to maintain the heat within the container so that it is not under or overheated

Tankless Water Heater

The tankless water heaters are something that has come around with new technology and can give you an almost endless supply of hot water for your home. As the name suggests, there is no tank attached to this water heater, and it works on the principle of heating the water in a flash as and when you need it. It is due to this feature that it is also referred to as ‘on-demand water heater’ by a lot of people. There is no risk of running out of hot water in case of tankless water heaters.

Heat Pump Water Heater

The heat pump water heaters also come with a tank. What is different for heat pump water heaters is that they don’t directly use electricity to generate heat, so there is less running cost involved. The temperature in this water heater is created using the heat in the air or on the ground, and the electricity is only used to move the heat from the air to the water or from the field to the water as the case may be. This is a good option for people who like energy savings options.

Solar-Powered Water Heater

As the name suggests, the water heater operates from the heat extracted from the sun. This heater can work if you have solar panels or are considering installing them. These are also a good option only when you stay at a place where the climate is warm and sunny, which can be used to run the heater. The heater contains a heat conductive material as it’s the heating element which is heated using a closed-loop system which then heats the water. The solar water heater is the most energy-efficient and environmentally friendly of all water heaters.

Condensing Water Heater

The condensing water heater uses the unused gas fumes at your home to heat the water. The option is an ideal fit if the primary energy factor at your home is natural gas, and you have convenient gas lines around. The water heater contains a tank like the conventional water heater, it has a coil at the bottom, and the heated exhaust from the natural gas is funneled through to the coil which eventually heats the water. As evident from the method, very little energy is used to heat the water apart from the gas fumes which are already used.

Type Of Tankless Water Heater

While we checked through the various types of water heater above, there are inner parts for the tankless water heaters as well. The tankless water heaters have evolved with time, and there have been a lot of innovations that have been initiated in each of their features to make them better. They have improvised to suit the needs of the region with each new invention. Let us take a look at the type of tankless water heaters to understand them in more detail:


The non-condensing tankless water heaters are the very first generation of the tankless water heaters and have been around for quite long now. These have been established and highly used in the Japanese and European regions with significant satisfaction amount of people. These tankless units use the heat exchanger to heat the water as per your demand and reach the desired efficiency factor. The plus point for these units is that they have been widely used, tested, and recommended, so they make for a very reliable choice.


These were the next innovation and belonged to the second generation of the tankless water heaters. The addition to this heater is that after the initial heat exchanger, they use a second heat exchanger which reuses the heat from the exhaust to do the further heating. It means increased efficiency of 90% almost. The units can be vented using readily available PVC. However, you will require to incur a higher unit cost. These are not good for short draws of water like for washing your hands.


These are termed as hybrids condensing water heaters because they find a midway to overcome the drawbacks of the above two mentioned water heaters. These were invented in America and contain a small tank which is used to store heated water just enough for the short draws which cannot be done through the usual tankless water heaters. It means these will provide efficiency of condensing water heater and have a small tank to overcome the problem of short draws.

These are the three basic types of tankless water heaters with their specifications mentioned. You need to understand which would prove to be the most useful and convenient to you and your family and then decide the best tankless water heater.

Tankless Water Heaters Vs. Storage Water Heaters

This has been an age-old question ever since the tankless water heaters have been introduced to humans. Everybody needs analysis of what needs to be chosen and why. When we decide to spend the money, we want our money to be put to the best use and in the best available option. Below is the factor-based distinction for the two types of water heaters which can help you choose a better one based on what is important to you individually:


Cost is a significant determining factor for everyone in all the decisions that you take. Buying a water heater is not frequent so you would want to spend it thoughtfully and also consider the cost after it has been purchased.

Storage water heaters: The purchase and maintenance cost is less as compared to tankless water heaters. However, they use up more energy than the tankless water heaters and hence can cost high running costs.

Tankless water heaters: The buying cost and even maintenance can be higher than the storage water heaters. However, they save the price on the energy used up so that it can be a good save on the whooping opportunity cost.


When you purchase something, you look for the experience and durability of the product so that you don’t need to buy it any time soon again. The water heaters generally have a good life span. However, it differs between these two types of water heaters.

Storage water heaters run for a good life span of 10-15 years and do not usually have replaceable parts, which mean they need to be scrapped once they stop working nicely.

Tankless water heaters run for a more significant life span of 20-30 years, which is almost 10-15 years more than the storage water heaters. So the next model will not be purchased for a longer time, and that also saves them money in the long term.


Size plays an essential role in a lot of people. While some people might not have the space for some water heaters, others might have space but would choose to go with a compact design. It is a subjective choice of the buyer through and through.

Storage water heaters take up more space. They come with a storage tank, and that also needs to be placed along with the water heater, so if one has a smaller space, this might not be a viable option at all.

Tankless water heaters are newer and very compactly designed. They don’t have a large space requirement and can be chosen by people who have space constraints.


The cost of running the equipment is also as long as the life of the material, and that cost must also be considered while comparing to get a bigger picture. There is a difference between the energy and time consumed by both the options as below.

Storage water heaters take a longer time to heat the water and need to be kept on throughout the day to keep the water stored in the tank heated. They use up more energy and result in higher energy bills.

Tankless water heaters don’t use much energy. All the tankless water heaters reviewed have shown to use around 25% lesser power as they take less time and don’t need to be kept switched on. Therefore they are more efficient in energy savings.

The above comparison clearly shows why the best tankless water heater is a much better and more practical choice for most people and the benefits attached to choosing it.

Benefits Of Tankless Water Heater

The pointers mentioned above clearly indicate why and how choosing the tankless water heater is a better option as compared to the other types. However, there are also many specific benefits attached to the best tankless water heater which should also be brought to your notice so that you can understand why should you make this choice and how is this choice better for your easy and comfortable life:


A tankless water heater lasts for a long time because it has high efficiency and sustainability. You can rest assured about the longevity of the tankless water heater because they have a good life span that can free you of worries for almost 20 to 30 years after you have purchased a good one after a lot of consideration.

No Cold Showers

The biggest and yet the essential benefit from a tankless water heater is that you won’t need to take cold showers anymore. Not just you, the tankless water heater provides for the showers of your entire family and household as it allows for hot water on demand as and when needed by anyone around your house without a tank limit on water.

Multiple Activities

Water at the house is not needed only for showers. At cold places and in winters you cannot use cold water for any of the events. The best tankless water heater can provide hot water for washing the dishes, cleaning the house or for another house chore without interrupting the shower time or other water uses by others in the house.

On-Demand Water Supply

Another visible and tangible benefit is that the water is supplied on demand by the tankless water heater and in a flash as and when needed. In case of the storage water tank, you can use hot water only until the tank allows it, post which you again need to wait for the container to be full and hot which takes a good half hour or before you can use the boiling water. Tankless water heater eliminates this inconvenience.

Water Conservation

The water is also saved in case of tankless water heaters. The storage water heaters heat the water and fill the entire tank whether tank as the whole is needed or not, which is an evident wastage when all you need is a small draw of water. In the case or tankless water heater, you only heat the water as and when you use it, and there is no wastage whatsoever of the water resources.


The tankless water heater heats the water in a flash, and you are good to use it as soon as you turn it on. In case of a storage water heater, first the tank fills the water for around 10 minutes, and then the water is heated for about 20 more minutes. So the water is only available to use 30 minutes after you start the process, which is not an ideal scenario for someone who is in a hurry.


Overall, having a tankless water heater is more cost-effective than a storage water heater. The heater lasts longer, it also uses less energy, and both these cases save you a whooping cost as compared to the storage water heater. You also don’t need to keep this running all the time to maintain the water hot, which is one of the best savings of energy bills for your house.


Gone are the days where we were provided with large devices and equipment which took up most of the space in our house, and some couldn’t even buy those due to space constraints. The best tankless water heater is small, compact and of good design. The new electric models are thin enough to fit any of these places without much ado. They won’t take up colossal place and nor would they appear to ruin the aesthetic of your house.

Purer Water

Nothing is important than health. Good health benefit trumps all other interests. The tankless water heater also provides purer and better water quality for your use. In the case of storage water heaters, the water is stored in the tank. Older the tank, higher the chances of water getting rustier and impure. This is not the case with the tankless water heaters at all. They provide fresh hot water which is purer in all senses.


Earlier people did not use the water heater at all because it did not allow for safety. The heater was to be kept on at all times, which not only consumed more power but also proved for risk of safety hazards of overheating or explosion. With new tankless units, the water heater is switched on only when needed and not otherwise. It is shut after the use, and that makes this option a lot safer and takes away the risks posed by the traditional water heaters.


The new tankless water heaters are more energy-saving and hence cause a lesser impact on the environment as compared to their traditional counterparts. They don’t need to be on throughout the process; the water is used as and when required without having to store and ruin the water quality or waste it. All these options make the tankless water heaters a way better choice. Electricity is saved and that in turn helps to preserve the perishable resources.

More Heat Settings

The new and improved tankless water heaters which have way more options for our convenience than the older ones which allowed the water to be only in one temperature. The weather is not always the same, and similarly, our demands of hot water vary too. While some like their water scathing hot, some are good with lukewarm water. The tankless water heater provides for all these demands by giving more heat setting options on the best tankless water heater.

Replaceable Parts

The beautiful thing about the tankless water heater is that they don’t need to be scrapped if something is not working. These are made with replaceable parts which can be bought new, and the same heater can be used again, increasing the life of the heater. The traditional heaters are known to be scarped once anything in them went wrong or stopped working. The new models have been made with replaceable parts, and you won’t have to incur the cost of the entire heater if something goes wrong.

Home Resale Value

More and more people are choosing to tankless units over the traditional heaters. They are realizing the benefits and opting for the shift from conventional heaters to tankless heaters. At this time, if you choose the tankless option for your home, then it would mean that you are increasing the value of your house manifold. When you sell the house, you are likely to fetch a better choice is with the best tankless heater installed at your home.

These are the primary benefits that the tankless unit can give you. The advantages make it clear on how much difference can it bring to your home and how little it will add to your budget in the long run. You can easily choose the heater over any other hot water option.

Factors To Consider Before Buying The Best Tankless Water Heater

While we saw how much a right heater could benefit you, you can reap these benefits only when you choose the best tankless water heater. If you make a wrong choice, it might not yield as many benefits for you. You need to take note of below factors and consider them subjectively to identify what will fit you best. Below are some of the essential elements which you need to consider before you make your final choice:

Volume Of Usage

The first thing you need to consider is how much do you plan to use the heater. Do you stay alone or do you have a big or small family that is also going to use the best tankless water heater? The options available to you will change based on the amount of usage. So consider and define your use before you choose the heater.


Any device purchase must always be made along with the option of warranty. No matter how famed the product is for it’s best to use and reliability, always consider what are the warranty options offered while purchasing the heater. You don’t know what might cause the unforeseen damage to the radiator and it will be replaced entirely if it is completely covered under warranty.


The cost is an essential factor for most of us. We always want to choose the option that costs us the least. However, the water heater is not the one time cost. It has repair, maintenance, and running costs attached to it as well. You will need to consider all these costs while determining the value of the best tankless water heater. Plus cost should not be the sole factor, always keep your needs in tandem with the price. Let us look at the different costs involved:

Purchase Cost

The purchase cost is the cost that the actual tankless heater will be bought at from the shop or online. There are various discount and sale options at multiple cards, which must be researched after you have chosen the best model as per your needs and requirements. The purchase cost is a one time cost which will last for 20-30 years.

Installation Cost

You cannot ignore the cost needed to install the tankless water heater onto your place. The best tankless water heater is a complicated device, and more often than not, you would need the assistance of a professional to install it at your house. This will cost you a bit, but it will ensure that the safety of the heater is established correctly. It is best to have a professional install this which is mostly provided by the company from which you have purchased the heater.

Maintenance Cost

A right water heater can be maintained by regular checking of the same by a professional. You will need to get the heater checked by the professional around twice or thrice a year to ensure that it is running without any issues and to save on any unexpected costs which can be avoided by regular checkups. The service companies can send over professionals for checking the heater at nominal prices.

Running Costs

The amount of energy and fuel used up by the water heater will determine this cost. You will have to choose an option which costs you lesser running costs as this cost needs to be incurred all along with the life of the tankless water heaters. The best tankless water heaters usually do not have a high running price, so you don’t have to worry about it.


It is imperative to take note of the size of the water heater. Firstly you will have to take note of the capacity available at your home which should narrow down to options available for you. Then you have to pick the format which is compact and fits the other needs as well. Choosing a heater without coordinating the size you have at home can be a disaster as you won’t be able to use the heater at all.

Energy Saving

If you are an environmentally conscious person and even if you like to save the energy bills, then look out for the most energy-savvy option that is available. With new technology, there are a lot of options which will not cost the use of energy too much, and you can operate in an environmentally sustainable manner.

Fuel Type

Here you are required to consider the energy option which you would like to use to run the tankless water heater. This can be decided based on the cost that you can incur, fuel type that is readily available and your inclination towards the performance and the efficiency. Below are some of the available energy options:


You can choose the gas water heater options, and they will use natural gas to heat the water. This option is more viable if natural gas is the general fuel used as the source of energy at your home. The heater can use the same gas line and operate throughout very efficiently. However, it is a costlier and extensive option otherwise due to the maintenance and installation costs involved.


Electricity is the most commonly used option. Electric tankless water heaters are very popular as they are compact, easy to operate, and maintain as well. The cost attached is not too high either which works as a benefit. The only drawback to these is that you might not have hot water in case of power cuts.

Infrared heaters

The heating element used in infrared heaters is different as compared to others. While other options use metallic coils which are subject to erosion and can affect efficiency, the infrared heaters use quartz elements and infrared lights to heat the water. The considerable space available provides for a larger heating space too.

Easy Maintenance

When buying a product, we always tend to keep our convenience at the foremost. You would want to make sure that the best tankless water heater that you use is easy to maintain and does not involve more than necessary efforts to make it run or keep it running in the long run. Easy maintenance is also a safer option as you would not miss any peculiar and essential step.


The choice of the water heater depends upon the environment of the place where you stay. If you stay at a cold home which has a climate of winter for most of the year, then you know you are going to use the heater a lot and also need a more reliable option that doesn’t give away because the heater is required for your survival. While the sunnier areas can work with a lesser power heater as the climate is sunny otherwise.


You are not going to purchase a water heater frequently. The maximum times you will buy this in your lifetime is twice so you would want to ensure that you choose a good brand option. While just having a good brand doesn’t guarantee everything, it assures you. Read the reviews to know what the end consumers say and then make a choice. A good brand like Stiebel Eltron Tempra is a smart and safe choice that will ensure less cost and excellent performance too.

As you read, choosing a water heater needs a lot of consideration. There are aspects that you would not have thought of but are now aware of the same. Depending upon various things, your choice of the water heater will change. For cold places that need the electric garage heaters, water heaters are even more critical. No two people might necessarily choose the same water heater because the conditions are different for each individual or each family. You need to identify your own needs and then decide which tankless water heater fits it the best.

While some might want the one that requires less hassle to use, some would wish to the one that only fits inside the house. Humans have the most distinguish nature, and no two families stay in the same condition. There are too many options in the market, and you will find the best tankless water heater that fits your needs without compromises if you evaluated based on the factors above. Keep in mind that buying this device is bound to make your life easy and convenient, however choosing an incorrect one can do the opposite, so reading full information is very important.

FAQs on Best Tankless Water Heater

Is it worth getting a tankless water heater?

In that case, you can save a lot of your money. According to the exclusive reports of Energy Star, it is shown they had collected approximately $100. However, consumer reports have opined the savings can be around $75-80 per annum.

What is the average cost to install a tankless water heater? 

A brand new tankless water heater price range will vary in between $1,400 and $2,500 once installed. Again for an entire house tank, it will vary between $500 and $800 approximately.

How big of a tankless water heater do I need?

To install a tankless heater for water, there are few things you have to follow. Firstly, you have to check the temperature rise of the incoming water. It should be between from 41 degrees to 105.5. Kindly check if you can heat at least 5.1 gallons of water with that temperature. So, you’ll require a tankless water heater which can generate at least a 61-degree temperature rise at 5.3 gallons of water every minute.

Which is better gas or electric tankless water heater?

Usually, it has been recorded that most of the electric tankless water heaters are 98+% systematic and practical. You will see much natural gas is predominantly a cheaper fuel in regards to electrical units as counted per BTU of outturn power supply. So, an electric unit is much more efficient, affordable and comes with complete durability for the long run.

Will a tankless water heater work if the power goes out?

If the water heaters run on the gas models, then it does not need any electricity for its operation. On-demand heaters come with a separate control panel in them which is directed by electricity. This acts as a supreme power for heat generation. So in a condition of a power outage, the tankless gas water heaters also won’t work independently without any electric support.

How long do tankless water heaters last?

The life expectancy of most of the tankless water heaters ranges up to 15-20 years. The replaceable parts are elementary to fix; again, this can increase their life by a few added years. However, storage water heaters have a life duration of 9–15 years.

What are the downsides of a tankless water heater?

One of the main disadvantages of tankless water heaters is the initial pricing. Although the tankless water heaters come with long-time durability and have fewer costs related to its function, which usually counterbalance the higher costing price, the pay out of pocket cost is significant.


There are various water heaters available in the market and online. To get the best tankless water heater for your house or garages, kindly go through the entire tankless water heaters review. You can easily compare the price tags and the features of these similar items to get the most suitable one for yourself.

I hope this article helps you to find the exact heater that you need and makes your life warmer, more comfortable, and filled with amenities.