10 Best Electric Garage Heaters in 2023 (Unbiased Reviews & Guide)

If you stay at a place that is cold most of the year, you need to take care of a lot of things. You need to condition a lot of places to keep then functioning. While most people think of different measures for their home, they forget to do the same for their garage. A lot of people don’t see the need for it, when in fact getting the best electric garage heater is very important to keep the garage in the functioning condition. You need to make a sensible choice and real long term benefits from the same.

At times working inside the garage can either cause excess sweating or extreme cold. Many households choose garage as a small workspace for their daily activity apart from keeping their vehicles. Varying temperature and weather can affect the space severely. To control that extra warmth and freezing temperature, the garage heaters can solve the problem effectively. 

Along with the insulation kits for garage doors, the heat output for garages is equally essential. As compared to the infrared heaters, the forced air heaters are better and affordable. So while choosing a suitable heater for your house, it can create confusion.

Top 10 best electric garage heater of 2023

Garage experts and housekeeping professionals have often assisted us in understanding the temperature controls in our house and also in different rooms or workshops. This will surely help you to get the best one according to your requirements. Let’s get started;   

1 – Fahrenheat Duty Heavy Forced Fan Mounting Heater 1874-5000W (Best Pick 🥇)

Now keeping your garages, basements or workshops are so comfortable with this heating device. It is one of the heavy-duty industrial heaters that have been designed. There is a presence of an inbuilt thermostat (single pole) which can be adjusted at a temperature range of 45Âş to 135Âş Fahrenheit. Eminent change in the temperature settings can be derived with the help of this thermostat.

The mounting brackets are inbuilt with the ceilings and easy for rapid horizontal or vertical air flowing purpose. So from different angles, air regulation is possible by installing this heating device. Airflow circulation can be easily regulated either manually or from the settings any time you want to.

You can now direct the heat quantity at your preferred area by adjusting the louvers. In case you face any overheating issue, you can cut off the highest level automatically. Reactivating the temperature is also possible once overheating is cooled down. It is designed with a long-lasting material. The fan-forced garage is powerful enough to keep the neutral temperature of your space. This brand ensures that the device runs without making any vibration or unwanted sound. So the quick method to understand this operation is if you aren’t getting a sufficient amount of heat; it means your heater isn’t working.

It is often noticed that in winters or cold regions, the workshops and garages get more affected so that these space heaters can solve those kinds of problems quickly.  Another beautiful feature of this tool is the maintenance of temperature through the sensor. Once the thermostat understands the temperature has fallen, then the fan will start working on its own. You don’t have to check physically whether it is working or not.

Key Features

  • Heavy duty
  • Stylish design
  • Thermostat Position
  • Inbuilt fan
  • Overheating control
  • Adjusting louvers
  • Reactivating temperature possible
  • Easy to use


  • Value for money product
  • One of the powerful heaters with a strong built in the market
  • The installation of this heating tool is straightforward. Firstly, mounting the bracket with the ceiling is required, and after tightening the screws, you can slide the tool in the mounting bracket.
  • No noise or vibration can be felt
  • The compact design will allow any user to mount it quickly and neatly with the walls or ceilings.
  • Lightweight in nature, hence you can travel to places if you want with this device.


  • In few cases assembling the heater was found to be difficult
  • Fan issue was also experienced
  • There might be a case that for installation you will have to call a professional electrician
  • If you have a large garage, then you may have to order two heaters instead of one.

2 – Dr. Infrared Heater Workshop Garage Space Industrial Gray Heater

It can be extensively used in all the industrial garages and workshops easily. So now staying warm in all the varying seasons with this space heater is exclusively designed for you. The quality of materials used in constructing this heater makes it portable. A built-in thermostat is there present, which is easy to adjust from a lower degree to high. The temperature range can be of a variety of 45 to 95 degrees. There is a fan which can keep you warm for a longer span.

Safe and effective heating can be achieved from this device. Another striking feature of this electric tool is the inbuilt cold storage system; it helps your garage space to stay clean and neat. For safety measures, there is a finger proof technology with grills for discharging and an intense heating limit.

It is very safe to use with a quick operation and effectively. A complete power charge of 240-volt power is required for this heating device. So now keeping your construction site or basement warm and suitable place for working becomes very convenient with these electrical heaters.

Key Features

  • Used in garage or workshop etc.
  • Warmth control
  • Thermostat inbuilt
  • Temperature range 45-95 degrees
  • Safe
  • Rapid
  • Cold storage
  • Fan feature
  • 240 Volt power
  • Portable
  • Grey in color


  • A brilliant heating device especially for colder regions or temperature
  • Within less time, it can start heating your room
  • Thermostat function is fantastic
  • Maintaining a warm temperature in the rooms becomes very convenient with this item
  • A budget-friendly product


  • At times, it has resulted in vibrating sound from metals on the fan top. It is observed in very few cases.

3 – TPI Corporation Wave Heat Electric Portable Phase Three Salamander

Manufactured with odor-free technique. The electric heater is very calm and quiet in operation. Circulating air in the correct amount is possible with this electrical device. For smaller insulated space area you can try this product. A yellow enclosure is present, which is very safe both in front and in the posterior part.

Rare preventive screens are also present in the construction.  A high-end class of stainless steel has been used for this composition. This ensures complete durability of this heating tool for a long duration. You can regulate the temperature by simply clicking on the switches; a reset option is also there for your assistance.

 An inbuilt thermostat is there for controlling the airflow and heat.  Many times it has been seen due to excess heat in the room, sweat occurs. There arrives the function of the thermostat which can control the temperature safely so that such issues don’t happen. Another reason to go for this device is the robust motor system.  Rapid assembling of the fan and the sealed bearings can be done with this electric heater too.

Key Features   

  • Safety yellow heater
  • Screens on both sides
  • Long-life with tubular heating
  • Adjustable Thermostat
  • Heavy-duty wire
  • Magnetic contraction method
  • Auto-reset technique
  • High-limit thermal power
  • Fan assemble
  • 10″ wheels in size


  • Value for money kind of product
  • Temperature rises effectively
  • Stylish in design
  • It creates no noise or vibration


  • There are no cords attached. Hence you may need an electrician for fixing this while installation
  • Few users have reported a lot of electric consumption is a problem with this device

4 – Comfort Zone Mount Ceiling Heater Black Quartz Heater

The manufacturers have developed this electrical device for keeping the warmth in your workspace aligned.  It can be easily mounted with the ceiling or even the walls. You will not need to do any venting for installing this device on the walls. There is a high-effective quartz present which can generate quick and safe heating flow.

Durable metal hoses are another feature to opt for this particular garage heater. You can easily tilt and adjust the brackets at an angle of 90 degrees for better warm operation in your room. A long 80-inch cord is provided with the kit, which makes it beneficial for you while installing this device.

Simple plugin and out with the string can safely start the heater. This is very easy to use and install. Even you won’t need any professional electrician while installing it on your walls or ceilings. The indicator light is there, which can tell you when the heating tool is not working. The switches which are present can be controlled easily by the user to change the temperature settings according to your preference. So excess heat can be prevented well.

If you want a perfect heater for your workshop or garage, this is an apt product to go for. The metal hose provides full durability for an extended period. It can be your friend and savior from the cold temperature.

Key Features

  • Both for wall and ceiling mount
  • Safe quartz element used
  • Black in color
  • Lights adjustable
  • The string pulls technique for start
  • Easy switch controls
  • Durable
  • Safe


  • A complete airflow circulation at a descent temperature level can be maintained
  • It is effortless to install and use
  • Freezing workshops or garages can be solved with proper warmth generated by installing this tool


  • In a few cases, the circuits were found older and not much durable
  • It is one of the expensive products as compared to the other similar heating device for your workspace.

5 – Von Haus Mounted Wall Electric Panel Flat Heater

 For easy and quick wall mounting, attach this flat electric heater. It has a stylish and compact design, especially for your small space or rooms. The panel heater size ranges up to 450 Watt. You can paint you this heater with your favorite paint color to match the ambiance of your room. Ceramic texture in nature. It gives a subtle and classy look.

This design is suitable for all walls and ceilings. However, you need to fit in within a distance of 3/8 inches from the wall. It will give a clear and subtle finish to your room dĂ©cor.  The heat transfer can be non-obstructive if the distance is maintained correctly. Everyone can use it, and the installation is smooth plus safe. The modern edge with automatic protection from heat can keep the room temperature neutral. So you will never have to go through excess sweating or any burning sensation in your room.

Energy consumption of this electric tool is very less. Hence, you won’t have to worry much about electrical consumption and extra money for electric bills. Simple plugin and off technique can start this device brilliantly. The kit includes all the necessary fixtures and fittings which you can follow for installation.

Key Features

  • Quick operation
  • Wall-mounted   
  • Less energy consume
  • Easy to use
  • Ceramic
  • Paintable
  • Plugin and off technique
  • Fixtures and fittings accompanied
  • Suitable for all walls and ceilings
  • Power range 450 Watt
  • Temperature regulation is safe
  • Classy room look


  • Painting color to match your living area is the best feature.
  • You can operate this modern device with the help of merely clicking on your smartphones
  • Effective heating capability


  • It is a bit expensive as compared to the similar units
  • Few users have experienced less amount of heat generation if by any chance the room temperature lowers down.

6 – King White Series Heater For Walls 240 Volt

It is an electrical heater with an exceptional quality fan. Suitable for keeping the small garage rooms warm and heated. For the maximum amount of comfort, this is the commercial product that you can opt for. There is dual designed wattage with a C motor which can keep the airflow constant and neutral. To transfer the heat quickly in the room, there is also the nichrome open-cell element.

Now you and your family can sit in your workspace or anywhere with a decent amount of heat, and you don’t have to worry about excessive sweating also. With this product, you can save energy consumption as well, because it will work on your modern room usage, not in other rooms.

It is small and compact, so it takes very less amount of your space for installation.  This can be used anywhere in any rooms you like. The heating capacity ranges to 100 sq ft. The presence of aluminum blade of the fan can provide an extensive amount of long-lasting guarantee.

Key Features

  • Electrical heater
  • Economic
  • C motor induced
  • Nichrome open cell
  • Small in size
  • Compact design


  • Heats-up any and every room very quickly without much hazard
  • The robust built of the fan is also useful during its operation
  • It is a value for money product


  • Inner unit of the fan case was not of an excellent made as opined by few customers
  • These heaters run at a loud noise. So in case you are watching any movie or music, the annoying sound can bother you.

7 – King Shop Portable Yellow Thermostat Heater

Whenever you are working in the kitchen or the cabinets of your garage, it is vital to keep the place filled with proper warm temperatures mainly during winters. This portable heater is manufactured to meet your requirements successfully. It is small in size and lightweight. So extremely compact for anyone.  The built has been constructed with the high rated stainless steel material. Hence the heating feature can generate 5,100 BTUs.

There is an excellent thermostat feature present in this.  It keeps the high temperature in control. By saying that, it means the thermostat will maintain the neutral temperature in case excess heating occurs. You won’t feel any sweat.

The scratch-free and rustproof finish of this unit makes it unique.  The color is vibrant yellow, which can surely enhance the beauty of your room. For comfort and user benefit, there is an excellent comfort grip at the handle, which again increases the portability amazingly.

An inbuilt thermostat is located in this heater, which can balance the airflow and temperature effectively during cold weather. It saves energy consumption as well. You can switch off and on the heater without any manual application.

The compact design of the tool takes less space at your garage. There are safety grills which are entirely covered around the heater. In case by accident, if you bump in with the heater, you won’t have to worry much. There is a light indicates when the heater is turned off.

Key Features   

  • Adjustable
  • Small in size
  • Lubrication in motors
  • Compact
  • Safety grills present
  • Yellow color
  • Rust free
  • Comfortable
  • Indicating lights present
  • Auto shut off
  • Thermostat for temperature control
  • Portable


  • Brilliant quality and design
  • Heating a small place or workplace can be done amazingly with this product
  • Quiet pocket-friendly and affordable


  • Few customers have dealt with less warmth after using this heater
  • Durability was also one of the issues

8 – Dimplex Shop Garage Large Forced Space Industrial Heater (Gray/Black)

The manufacturers have designed this fan-forced garage heater with a 4000watt stainless steel composition. It is extensively created for your garages and workshops. The automated temperature control ranges from 45 to 78 degrees F. An excellent propeller fan performance can use the heat for a brilliant performance. There is an auto shutting off technology for safe turning off the device.

You can attach the mountain bracket with the ceiling or wall wherever you prefer. Heated swivels are there for regulating quick heat. This heating device has a balanced technology induced in it. For sure durability is granted with this item usage. It is often seen in winters, most of our garages get affected due to extreme cold temperature. The paints and cleaning or storage materials, including your vehicle, get damaged.

To prevent such situations, this heater is an apt product for you. The flexibility of the bracket makes your work more accessible and convenient. There is no presence of carbon monoxide, so your garage is prevented from combustion safely.

Key Features   

  • Grey or black
  • 4000 watt
  • Stainless steel
  • Temperature range of 45-78 degrees
  • Mountain bracket present
  • Durable
  • Balanced
  • Easy to work
  • Absence of carbon monoxide
  • Heated swivels


  • A considerable amount of heat can be derived for your garage and storage products
  • Thermostat function is great
  • Compact design which can fit any wall or ceiling easily


  • The plugin can be an issue which was noticed by some consumers
  • Built of this garage tool is not that good. Few users also observed thermostat malfunction.

9 – Dr. Heater Garage Greenhouse Infrared Workshop Heater

It has been manufactured for the plant saving purpose, especially during winter months. So plant growth can be nicely done. There are an overheating protection shield and an adjustable thermostat for neutral temperature maintenance. With the help of thermostat, you might not get the accurate number; in that case, you will have to use a different thermometer to get the appropriate temperature you desire.  For one set, it requires 1500Watt. Light in weight and is very portable. You won’t have to pay extra dollars for the maintenance and cleaning.

 Permanent lubrication is there in the composition for a smooth operation with a comprehensive ball bearing technique motor. This motor can be maintained at a lower cost. The presence of a temperature sensor cans creates a decent ambiance and temperature for your plant growth. This brand has designed this electric heater with an amazing water-resisting feature; therefore, it works best in the damp or wet areas in your greenhouse.

There is a timer facility which is rarely found in other traditional electric heaters. It allows you to turn off the device when the sun rises and comparatively low temperature. Again usage of the timer depends on the user’s preference.

For your greenhouse plantation, it can be the best heating tool you can opt for. It has been equipped well with a heavy-duty housing made up of stainless steel. This provides reliability and durability. So in case, you want your plants to get saved from the fog, and cold then order this product without any doubts.

Key Features

  • Plant friendly
  • Adjusting thermostat
  • Maintenance can be done well
  • 1500 watt
  • Lubricated
  • Temperature sensor
  • Durability
  • Portability
  • Heavy-duty housing
  • Stainless steel content
  • Garden protection


  • The low stat design of the thermostat is amazing
  • One of the best heaters for your plantation
  • Heat settings can be adjustable
  • Within less period, any area of about 300 -350 sq ft can be heated up adequately and rapidly


  • Durability was an issue observed by few customers. The unit stopped working after a few usages were the challenge faced by users.
  • Some consumers have faced issues with the wiring.  The wires attached to the thermostat have resulted in unnecessarily falling off from its place.

10 – NewAir Electric Hardwired Heater For Garage

It is one of the renowned garage heaters with electrical heating benefit. The total amount of heating capability is 17,000 BTUs. This can cover a range of 500 sq ft for the rapid and effective heating process. So larger areas can be included in quick time. This brand ultimately ensures user safety features. The preventive shutting on and off method is very much user-friendly and causes zero chances of accidents or damages.

Stainless steel composition makes the heater long-lasting. There is the presence of an inbuilt thermostat (single pole) which have auto shut off technology. This automated button can prevent excess heating naturally.

As compared to the traditional wired heaters, it is much more effective and compact. So maintenance of this heating tool is much more convenient. You can keep your garage, shops, etc. warm at your own desired temperature. The power required for charging is 120Volt. With the help of 30 AMP circuit, it can be installed rapidly. However, it is a brilliant idea to hire a professional to install this product. Another essential feature of the heater is the swivel bracket, which can allow the air regulation properly in your garage.

Energy consumption by using this product can be saved as it operates on electricity instead of oil. This is very much cost-effective for any user. In many traditional heaters, due to the wiring, many issues can be felt. The most common problem is wire falling off. In this garage electric heater, the construct is made up of hard-wiring, which is very much durable. So you won’t have to change the wires every time.

If you are searching for a reliable and ample amount of warmth in your workshop or garage, this is an excellent tool to invest in.

Key Features

  • Warms till 500 ft
  • Thermostat inbuilt
  • Easy and safe operation


  • A decent heater
  • If you can wire up with two-car garage, then you need a little bit of woodworking to get it to work in winter months nicely.
  • High-quality materials used in the composition


  • Noise issue can be one of the disadvantages
  • Shutting off button is not there.

Buying guide

When you do go ahead to choose the heater for your garage, you will realize how big the market is and the number of things you need to be aware of when selecting the product. You will find a lot of use for a heater, even generally. When dealing with cold, you might want to consider various options which include a heater for your patio and the backup for when the power is out which could be in the form of portable generators. These decisions are long term and must not be taken haphazardly. Read on to understand more about it.

Types of garage heaters

With so many technological developments, no issue has been left unaddressed. While the heaters started with heavy-duty devices that were difficult to handle and use, they have reached a point where they are easy to handle and very efficient too. While fixing the many problems, there have also been innovations that have been done which has now given us so many styles of garage heaters. Read on to find the specification for each so that you can find the nest electric garage heater:

Fan forced heaters

These type of heaters are fan-forced. The fan moves and pushes the air past the electrical element, and as the air passes through the element; it becomes warm before it goes out into the room. The fan-forced heaters are slow-paced and are best suitable for a small room. If you own a garage that is small and you don’t need for it to be ready as soon as the heater is switched on, you can go ahead and choose that for your garage.

Radiant or infrared

These type of heaters are also termed as quartz. For these heaters, the infrared radiation blant is used to provide the heat which is in higher intensity and is also compared to that of the sun. If you need a powerful heater for your garage or workshop, this might turn out to be the best choice. However, one thing to note here is that infrared is suitable for heating objects and people and not so much for the air as the spectrum at which it operates is different. So bear in mind these things when you choose.

Diesel, natural gas or kerosene

The heaters that use diesel, kerosene, and natural gas to generate controlled and robust heat inside the unit, which then heats the air that is pushed out by way of the fan. The natural gas heater is more common in industrial places as they are suitable for ample heating space and also generate heat for extensive periods. Most residential sites will opt for electric heaters as opposed to the infrared heaters, and that is so because of similar reasons.


Another one of the heaters which have the same working mechanism as the fan-forced heaters. In this case, the fan moves out the air pass the ceramic heating element as opposed to the electric component of the fan-forced heaters. This small change in an element makes the ceramic garage heaters suitable for huge garages. They can heat large garages and be sufficient for it to give a high temperature. Also, there will be more concentrated heat produced for ceramic heaters due to the presence of a heating element in its core.

Standing or mounted

For the decision of whether you want a wall-mounted electric garage heater or a freestanding electric garage heater, your personal preference and requirement come into play. The mounted heater will be installed either on a wall or ceiling, which will also be a personal choice and based on the space available. For the ceiling-mounted radiator, not much can be done once the installation has been completed.

Another type is the free-standing heater, which is portable and can be moved around as per convenience. There will be a cord which facilitates this, and it can be used actually to attend to some particular objects which need more heating and can be adjusted as per the flow of wind too.

Factors to consider before choosing the electric garage heater

While we just looked at the various types of garage heaters and that must have given you some idea on what are your options, but the different kind of heaters are not the sole considerations that need to be attended. You need to take note of a lot of other options and then decided on the best electric garage heater. There are little and big details which you should note down before you make this investment. Below are some of the factors that you must consider before choosing the heater:

Garage size

To decide on the type of heater, you need to know the size of the place that needs to be heated. If you have a small garage, the choice of the radiator will be different, and the same will be very different for the large garages, and you need to take note of the same accordingly. The heat settings should be compatible to facilitate the heating for the size of the garage as well. A lot of factors depend on the size of the garage.


The heaters earlier were not used much as they were considered unsafe. However, with technological advancements, there have been a lot of additions that have been made to improve the safety measures for the best electric garage heater, and you will not need to be skeptical if you have done necessary checks thoroughly. Below are some of the features you should check before choosing your heater:

Overheat mechanism

A heater is used to keep the place, or humans warm throughout the snow season and, naturally, there might be days when the heater has been on for prolonged hours, and the temperature is too high. Overheating is not uncommon, and there must be a combat for the same. The overheat mechanism will have a protection against overheating where the heater will shut itself off in case of overheating. This prevents the external damage to the garage and also internal damage to the radiator.

Tip-over mechanism

When you are thinking of installing a heater at a garage or workshop, you know there are chances that it might get tipped. If you have kids at home, this scenario is even more likely. So now, there is a solution for when the heater tips over or is knocked down by something. The tip-over switch will get activated, and this switch will cause the heater to turn itself off. Thereby all the working mechanism of it will shut down, and there will be no further damage.

Cool touch

When heating around, the body of the heater tends to get hot too. If you have a mounted heater, that is still fine, but warm heater body for a portable heater is hazardous and prone to accidents too. The same has also been resolved now with the help of a new feature, which is a cool touch. Now, even when the heater is working, the outer body will be cold instead of hot. If you happen to touch it or you have kids who play around, they will be safe from the risk of burns that could have happened without this safety measure.


There are so many types of heaters, and sometimes you might end up choosing one that does not cost much. While the price is an important consideration, it cannot be the only consideration. You should not pick your new heater by only looking at what it will cost. You need to identify your needs and then narrow down the choices based on those. After the options are available, you can choose the one that is most budget-friendly for you. Most heaters now are available for right and reasonable prices.


You need to be sure of what you are buying. The assurance comes from the brand. When you choose a good brand, you know that you will get what is being promised and you can also hold them accountable. When you want a brand, you must go and read the reviews to understand more about the same. The end consumer views are more often than not spot-on, and that will help you understand the expectation very clearly.


You would want to choose something that is very easy to maintain and does not require regular tending. Always go for options that make your life simpler and reduce the efforts you have to put in. A heater which does not wear and tear easily would be an ideal choice for you.


How much power does your heater consume? This question is fundamental from two different perspectives. One is, the power required to run it should be accessible in your garage. Secondly, the energy consumed will also tell you how much your heater will cost you. Be mindful to check on how much power requirement does the heater have so that you are not in for the shock later on.

Adjustable thermostat

If you stay at a place which is cold most of the year but also needs something where you can adjust the temperatures, then you need to look for the heater with an adjustable thermostat. A thermostat is a device that senses the temperature around you and then adjusts the heat accordingly. Having a built-in thermostat in your heater will be a significant advantage in the sense that you won’t need to keep a tab all the time.

Fixed or portable

As explained above, you have the option to choose a portable heater or something that has been mounted on a wall or ceiling. The choice has to be done by considering which of these would be the best fit for your garage. Both have their pros and cons which need to be understood, and then the decision needs to be taken. Choose your heater wisely as this is a long term decision for your convenience.

Additional features

As the times have moved ahead, there are numerous features which have come into play. The heaters are now filled with functions which make your life very easy. When choosing the heater, read the description, label, and features very carefully. These features will help you use it more efficiently.

Extended cord

When you have chosen a moveable heater, you will also need that the heater can be moved all-around your garage. An extended cord can facilitate it. You must check if the heater comes with an elongated cable which can be used to run it throughout the garage. Finding the extension on your own would be very difficult, so ensure the heater has accompanied this.


A portable heater is something that you will choose when you need to move the heater from one place to another. To do so, you should ensure that the heater comes with an efficient carry handle. Carrying a heater is no easy feat, and a good grip will make the movement easy and seamless for you. So check for that when choosing the heater.


Again the one for the portable heater. If you have chosen an electric heater which is very big, then you need to check if there is an option for the same to be accompanied by wheels. Using the wheels, it can move around in any way, and you won’t even have to worry about the weight of the heater. Wheels will make the movement smooth and can be done by absolutely anyone.


You might have places in the garage where you need more heat and also areas which don’t need the direct pressure on them. To make this flexible adjustment possible, you need to choose a heater with adjustable louvers. These will help you adjust the flow of heat along with the help of heat settings. Adjustable louvers will make the heater more useful and also practical.

Tips for garage heating

There are a lot of things in the garage, which makes it essential for you to ensure that the heating is done appropriately without over or under heating the garage. Read on to understand what can help your heater to function even better.


We all know that garages are not built to be warm places naturally, so even when you heat the garage, there are chances that the heat will escape and there will be no use. You need to insulate the entire garage. Insulation will ensure that the temperature of the garage stays inside and does not escape. Moreover, it is also done smartly not to combust the garage.

Choose the correct heater

Next tip would be that you need to find the best electric garage heater for your garage. To keep your garage adequately heated, the easiest way is to ensure that you have put in the required efforts and chosen the correct heater which suits the need of your garage efficiently. Read, be aware, and then make a choice.


Next thing you want to attend carefully to is to check that the heater that you chose has been installed correctly. A lot of people think that this is not important for a portable heater. It is vital for all types of heaters. You need to ensure that the chosen heater works without any glitch at your garage, and there are no shortcomings.

Windows and doors

While insulating the garage, the windows and doors should not be skipped. They should be attended to very carefully. There are unique garage door openers which come with additional features, and there are insulation kits for a garage door which are dedicated only towards efficient protection of the doors. These are the outlets for heat and insulation on these should be spot on.

Benefits electric heaters

There might be reasons due to which you might feel that your garage does not need a heater at all. For that decision, you need to know what all a heater is capable of doing and how does it benefit your life. Below are some of the points outlaying how a garage heater can make your life easy, read on to decide for yourself:

Avoid freezing

The most basic use of the garage heater is that it will help your garage from freezing. It will prevent your space against the harsh weather and also make the place more sustainable. Garages, in general, are not placed at warm locations, and so they freeze sooner than your home would. You need a heater to keep your garage operational and away from freezing.

Code of conduct

Most of the neighborhoods which have been around for long and seen the seasons of time past have set standards and codes for the people staying around. If your house and garage are connected and affect your neighborhood, then you might need to have a heater to oblige with the code that is followed. Mostly, these codes are in place for the safety of people and must be followed.

Future development

Keeping your warm garage increases the life of the garage. Your garage will be sustainable and work extra efficiently. Not just this, using the garage heater will cause less wear and tear of the garage and keep it in the best condition. In the future, should you want to sell out the place or refurbish it, it would be imperative that the site is in excellent condition which can be ensured by heating the area now.

Home temperatures

For most constructions, the garage shares the wall with your home and with no heater in the garage there are complete chances that the cold will pass on and affect the temperatures of your home too. Not only will this jeopardize your garage functioning but also affect the temperature at home and cause discomfort to your family.


If you work a lot in your garage and do a lot of odd jobs for your vehicle yourself, then you must have a heater in the garage. Heaters will keep your garage warm and also help to make the atmosphere comfortable for humans and pets to be in the garage for any work. The heater will make the garage a comfortable space.


One of the best reasons for the heaters is that in recent times the prices have fallen for them. Earlier, the heaters were very costly, and not everyone could afford them. They have now moved from being a luxury product to a necessity that everyone must-have. With more demand, the prices have also become reasonable and won’t dig the hole in your pocket.

Easy to use

Heaters are very user-friendly. There are heaters which are designed keeping the ease of the user in mind and hence they are effortless to use and anyone can get the hang of it after a couple of uses. You don’t need any specialized training or knowledge to operate the heaters, and any layman can use them as per his need.

Easy to maintain

You don’t have to worry about the cost of maintenance or the handling of electric heaters. They don’t need regular attention and work fine with an occasional check done by professionals if required. So not only can you enjoy the benefits but also be comfortable with regards to its performance.


There have been numerous safety features added onto the heaters now. These safety features like the touch cool feature or the overheat protection ensure that using the heater in the garage is safe and you have placed the property in safe hands.

Vehicles will work better

Your garage will have your cars. No vehicle is properly functioning when it is frozen. You need to keep the garage warm for the vehicle to be safe and operational. The vehicles will work better with heater around when they are resting off in the garage to prevent them from the cold.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is cheaper electric or gas heater for my garage?

The heater that is cheaper from electric and gas option is the electric heater. It is not only less expensive but also more friendly and easy to handle and install. It does not involve the fuss about a gas chimney or anything such which makes it a more popular option.

How do I keep my garage warm in the winter?

We suggest you acquire an electric heater for your garage as this is the most cost-efficient way. Simultaneously you can also ensure that your garage has proper insulation which will protect the heat from going out and keep your garage warm most of the time.

Are garage heaters safe?

Yes. This is a fundamental question and a significant concern for a lot of people. If we see the history, heaters have not been a safe option generally. However, there have been innovations which have made the heaters very reliable, and there are so many features added which activate the safe mode in times of need. So yes, the garage heaters are a safe option.

Where should I place my garage heater?

To install the heater in your garage, you may follow the following steps:
Find a cold space in the backside of the garage.
You have to measure the total distance between the garage floor and ceiling
Place the electrical heater at an angle in the side or corners of the room, so that airflow can be well circulated throughout the garage space.
For prevention, keep all the combustible objects at least 3-4 feet away from the heater.

How many BTU do I need to heat my garage?

For a 2-1/2 car garage, you will need 45,000 BTU, and for a three-car garage, 60,000 BTU will be sufficient. However, the manufacturers of low intensive heater suggest 3000 BTU is applicable for 2 and 1/2 car garages. A total count of 50,000 BTU of these low potent heaters can meet the requirement of three-car garage space.

How many Watts do I need to heat my garage?

According to the basic thumb rule, a 10 watt/each sq ft is sufficient for heating any regular garage. You can calculate the BTU each hour for gas-induced heaters, with simple multiplication formula by 3.41. Therefore, 1btu/hr is mainly equivalent to 3.41watt.


Most people don’t think much about their garage; it is the place you might not spend their time in luxury. While that is true, another fact is that heater is no more a luxury. It is a necessity, and you must have it. Considering the points above, it is about time you chose your best electric garage heater so that you can rest assured about your place.