Top 6 Best Garage Door Insulation Kit: 2023 Reviews & Buying Guide

It is often seen that garage space becomes too hot or too cold due to varying weather conditions. Mold formation all over the garage makes it look very messy and involves additional costs for mold removal. To avoid all these adverse conditions and without purchasing brand new garage doors, you can try insulators regulating temperatures for your garage. Converting the garage space for your work or storage purpose at a favorable temperature is very useful and handy. Even the U.S. Department of Energy has created a compliance brief about insulting garages. These best garage door insulation kits are very user-friendly and affordable.

Top 6 Best Garage Door Insulation Kit of 2023

We teamed up with top constructors and professional handymen to help us find the best garage door insulation kit available on the market. With their knowledge and expertise, we hope to help you choose the best insulation kit for your garage.

1 – Service Partner S LLC Tall 7 Feet Garage Insulation Door Kit

May it be any season, summer or winter you can keep your garage safe and clean with a weather-friendly matador garage insulation kit. You can convert garage space into any workshop or restroom or use for exercising purpose within a few hours. It also features a temperature insulation range R-value of 4.7 at 75 degrees Fahrenheit. The entire installation can be done without any tools, and the best part is that you need minimum investment for this. It is an energy-consuming garage in which you can use at least one year without any hazard. Major components used in this are polystyrene coated with laminated panels to get a unique look. Without being too expensive, you can convert your garage into a better living space using this kit significantly.

The surface is easy to wash and shines all day. it operates quietly and it is very comfortable to use. To get an attractive looking garage environment, you can opt for this kit. The insulation product can adjust with 8-foot or 9-foot garage doors efficiently.

Key Features

  • Adjusts with changing of the weather
  • Garage Noise restricted
  • White
  • Bright
  • Polystyrene used
  • Easy to wash and maintain
  • Comfortable


  • It is effortless to install and can be washed
  • Helps to keep the garage warm in winters and chilly in summer
  • The polystyrene laminate is easy to maintain for the long run
  • Reduction of noise


  • Few consumers have opined it can be messy when you try to cut the styrofoam from it. Moreover, the quality of this foam isn’t that efficient.
  • Heat reduction is observed less, and it could have been improved.
  • Some users have concluded that you might need gloves to work on this.

2 – Owens Corning Door Garage Kit For Insulation

It is an exclusive metal-induced garage door set up that can fit the exterior side brilliantly. In comparison to any insulated doors, it has a better thermal capability. The noise restriction level is fantastic, up to 20%, which is measured per human listening capability. It takes very little time to install (approximately an hour) and it can fit a door size of 8-9 feet easily.

The necessary tools for installation are also convenient- utility knife, tape for measurements and markers. You can smoothly maintain the product for a long time by cleaning with mild detergent on the vinyl surface. Even denting is possible as the materials used in the construction are flexible. The fiberglass used for the composition is all white vinyl R-8. It ensures the rapid securing method of the panels. If you are looking for a durable user-friendly insulation kit for the garage door, you can opt for this.

Key Features

  • Metal on metal parts
  • Fits perfectly to door channels
  • Better than regular garage insulation doors
  • Easy installation
  • Can be washed by mild detergent
  • Usage of handy tools
  • White vinyl surface


  • A marvelous product which can keep your garage space fresh during summers effectively
  • Superb and rapid install within an hour possible
  • The gorilla tape and wiring is brilliant for the setup
  • It can be washed and maintained


  • Few users have opined the insulation kit should have been a bit more rigid. Two pins are not sufficient enough, and you might need extra glue.
  • Dropping down on the garage door after the set up was also experienced by some consumers
  • Gorilla tape could have been included a bit more so that gripping the clips would have more accessible.
  • Panel painting is hard.

3 – Smart Garage Insulation Reflective Door Garage Kit

It has been designed with superior quality materials to reflect the radiant heat up to 97% smoothly. The conductive flow of the heat can form air pockets to get R6 insulation value. Closed-cell polyethylene foam can provide a reflective surface accurately. Even twisting can be done quickly. The tapes are heavy-duty double-sided in nature and can resist extreme hot or cold temperatures effortlessly. An additional vapor slider is included which can be used as a shield against moisture and humidity. It also saves your space from mold formation. Sound can be restricted. It has an elegant non-toxic look and is Non-carcinogenic. It is also very easy to install.

Key Features

  • Superior quality materials
  • Polyethylene foam
  • Heat conduction
  • Temperature control
  • Non-toxic
  • Non-carcinogenic
  • No mold formation
  • Humid and moist resistant


  • With minimum tool usage, you can easily install it in no time
  • Lightweight is another great feature
  • Easy to handle and maintain for a long time


  • Few consumers have opined the size of the door fitting could be confusing at times. It can adjust with double door garage. For 5th panel doors, you may require 5th roll.
  • Limited insulation is another disadvantage as noticed by some users

4 – US Energy Products NASA Tech Reflective White Foam Insulation Garage Door

It has been designed with advanced NASA white foam which has a brilliant reflective heat-conducting feature. The two-door garage can easily fit. A US-based product which consists of two-sided heavy-duty duck tape extremely helpful for heat-resisting. The R-value also increases till 8 or 9. A wondrous sound lowering or restriction technology is also incorporated well in this insulation kit which does not hamper human ears at all. It can be set up in your garage very quickly, and you will get free customer care assistance for installing the kit.

The manufacturers can also create customized products according to different size garage doors. This particular kit consists of 4 panels; however, if you want to order for five horizontal rows, then it can be shipped to you at an added cost. Water vapor can be transmitted well, and this kit also has puncture resistance. The foam used in it has double layering for protecting barrier purposes. This insulation door kit can be used in any weather condition very nicely.

Key Features

  • NASA white foam induced
  • Easily fits
  • US-based
  • Two heavy duct tapes
  • R-value increase 8
  • Sound restricts
  • Water vapor transmits
  • Free customer care help
  • Customization possible


  • Very easy to understand the manual guide for installing the setup
  • The insulation door is elegant and easy to maintain with vinegar is also possible
  • Radiant of heat is effective
  • Materials used are sturdy
  • Lightweight and is long-lasting
  • Being eco-friendly is another advantage


  • The gorilla glue isn’t that effective
  • Tapes do not hold up for a long time. Few users have opined the tape quality is not up to par.
  • Costs of the product are higher compared to the other similar garage door

5 – US Energy Products Car Two Garage Insulation Door Kit

There are four 16 feet long rolls of dual-sided foam included in this kit. Other materials for installation purposes that are included are Insulation, Double Tape, Razor, and Squeegee. This entire package is safe to use and is ASTM Certified, which meets all the fire requirements generously. It can reflect heat energy to 96%-97% approximately. The design is exclusive and contains air pockets that can transmit as well as to conduct the heat flow effectively. These results increase the R-value brilliantly.

There is an added benefit of the vapor shield, so your space does not get affected by moisture or humidity at all. The temperature inside the interior side of the garage can be controlled up to 19-20% in summers and thus creates a comfy ambiance to work. Again during winters, the warmth of the garage isn’t lost easily. It is a US-based item. Another advantage of this is that it helps in no mold formation.

Key Features

  • US-based product
  • 16 feet long
  • Double-sided foam
  • ASTM certified
  • Meets fire qualities
  • Conducts temperature correctly
  • R-value increases
  • Comfortable
  • Easy to install and use
  • Mold forming restricts
  • No sound


  • Rapid temperature control and can be installed quickly
  • The duck tapes can be strong enough to withstand warm temperatures
  • Superior materials


  • Few consumers have opined the heat difference was negligible in winters.
  • The duck tapes at times were not as sticky as they should be.

6 – AES NASA Tech Platinum Reflective Car Double Garage Insulation Door Foam Kit

The barrier to this insulated door is reflective. There are two sides of it; one with a white platinum panel and another with a foil coating. It is especially suitable for 16ft car doors. The manufacturers can also provide you the customized insulation kit depending on various door sizes (extra added cost included). If you are looking for 4-5 sides of your room, then this kit is the one.

In this compact kit, you will get everything to set up the most uncomplicated and secure insulation mechanism for your garage. The US-based product has extreme temperature control benefits. After installing, you will notice the significant thermal condition changes with the weather change. Within an hour, you can set this kit up in your garage. The R-value also increases massively.

Key Features

  • Reflective characteristics
  • Platinum white side and foil side
  • 16 ft car door size
  • US-based model
  • Customization only on pre-ordering
  • Simple
  • Easy to install
  • Fast thermal performance
  • R-value up


  • Brilliant product for summer and winter temperature to convert your garage into the prefferred temperatures


  • A bit expensive kit compared to other kits
  • Following instructions to install are a bit complicated.

Best Garage Insulation Kit Buying Guide 

Deciding on a garage door conversion by an insulated designed model or maybe appending insulation to an already existing door is a fantastic idea. It may look like an extra cost when you think about adding a secondary structure on your garage, which protects your garage door. But if you think about it in the long run, it can benefit you in many ways. For example, during cold, the paints or storage cleaning things in the garage get poorly affected. Again during summers, your vehicles go through much wear and tear due to warm exposure and go through dirt and dust as well. Even with the weather, you need to keep in mind to maybe use different types of lubricants for optimal results.

Deciding to invest in an insulator kit is a brilliant idea, but at times it leads to significant confusion when it comes to the proper item that suits your requirement. During the installation process make sure that you use the best garage door lubricant for the proper functioning of the moving parts.

Let us get an accurate idea about the different aspects of a garage door insulator before you plan on investing in one.

Classification of Different Insulation

Fiber Glass

It is one of the most familiar and favorable materials used in the construction. Various minuscule glass fibers are merged together to make fiberglass, and it is usually available in roll packing or loose fillings. These look similar to cotton candy, but it may cause skin irritation. It traps the air in the pockets around every fiber and therefore maintains the heat and cold temperature. When the glass door insulation is composed of these materials, you can rely on sound redistricting immediately. Mainly to create panel kits, these pieces of fiber glasses are required.


Polystyrene is recycled foam which balances the eco-friendly environment. Any dimension you want can be derived by cutting these solid sheets into pieces according to the length and size of your garage door. Compared to fiberglass, these are much more rigid but it is harder to work with. However, when it comes to durability or water resistance, it proves to be quite better. A proper sound barrier can be formed by using these forms, and of course, temperature regulation performance is also very good. These are mainly found in between the steel layering of the garage doors. It can act as a backup with vinyl in case you have a single layering of steel in the door.


This is an insulation, which is composed of foil bubble wrap, which is flexible and can be derived by using this material. This foil amazingly reflects heat. Usually, you will get it in rolls. These are typically used to fill up the gaps in between the steel door coatings. Hence they can be expanded as well. Fewer dents can be seen due to its usage. The thickness is about an inch or half, and it makes it smooth to cut the desired dimensions according to the door size. Though it helps to keep your garage fresh in summers and warm in winters, the sound restriction or street noise quality is not that great as compared to other materials.


Whenever you are planning to invest in an insulator, the R-value term becomes very repetitive. The meaning of this is the resistance; which again denotes the ability of the materials which can prevent the flow of the temperature. So the increased R-value results in the best efficiency and performance of the insulation. If you have a separate garage with existing insulated walls, then you can go for R-value around 10 and maybe more. If it has no insulation already then opt for six or seven R-value to get a decent result. For the attached garages, go for an insulation R-value of 11-12.

U Factor

Another term that you will often hear while researching about garage door insulation is the U factor. It means the heat flow via a material, so the lower the number of U factor, the better the performance of the door.


Please ensure that the weight of the garage doors does not increase due to the insulation. If you add extra weight, then operating the garage doors can be difficult. Once the installation is done, you can call a professional who can check the door operation.

Insulation Compatible With Various Door Types


Any insulation can be adjusted well with the robust built of steel quality. In the frames, you can improve the adaptable fiberglass insulation or even the foiled bubble wrap easily without any problems. In case you are inserting fiberglass, make sure that it only touches the door and is not portrayed outwards. Polystyrene strips can be cut into pieces to get the desired dimension depending on the door side panel.


The sturdy polystyrene foam can adjust better with wooden structured garage doors. You can trim down the foam boards according to your preferred sizes in between the frames of the door. To get a better built, you can even try using two layers replacing one. This is better for lasting long and better performance.

Garage Doors With Windows

In case you have windows attached to your garage doors, it’s a brilliant idea to affix an extra layering of sealant on the edges of it. This can be done after insulation takes place. Depending on the size and location of the windows, you can go for a Polystyrene foam built for your door. If you have regular windows rectangular almost at an eye-level, foam boards are preferable. Also, for the metal on a metal part for the window, you can use wd-40 specialist white lithium grease spray with smart straws to keep its movement.

Flat Garage Doors

Both Polystyrene and Polyethylene are good ideas for flat doors. With the interior of the door, you can affix these by adding double sides duct tapes or maybe strong adhesive.

Open Garage Doors

When we think of best garage door openers, flexibility is one of the things that comes to mind first. So it is better to invest in fiberglass or Polyethylene. For creating a sound restriction, you can go for fiberglass. If the insulation isn’t properly installed, you may face issues while door opening and closing purposes.

Warmer climate Garage Door Insulation

Radiant shield insulation is a better option when you are trying to insulate against the heat waves. Two sheets of reflection are able to do this. Mylar is the typical material which is used for the inflated glossy balloons opposite to the bubble core. So you can use a piece of cardboard on the alternate side. Again keep this in mind it is not an effective method because fire issues can come up. Moreover, quick-drying is another disadvantage in this process.

Creating an air gap in the intermediate position of the door tracks and insulation gives you a better radiant barrier. You can tear a few strips of insulation to get this. Keep in mind to keep the length of these pieces long from the door till floor and should be thick by a few inches. Add them to the entrance ends (you can add two if required). During primary layering, keep air space of half an inch between the garage doors for better temperature regulation.

Cold Temperature Garage Door Insulation

During winters due to extreme coldness, vehicles and other things stored inside the garage often gets affected. Insulation is a quick process and it is worth investing in it mainly for users who reside in the colder regions. Try choosing insulation with an R-value of 6 or more for such colder areas or temperatures. For this, fiberglass is the most effective without any doubt.

Even adding any extra weather stripping on all the sides of the door can also be beneficial. For wooden garage doors, go for the nail on weather sealing. The best feature of the metal doors is that they have an existing track at the lower end. This way you can append caulking in the windows and cracks around the doors can be filled. With colder temperatures, you can use silicone lubricants for the moving metal parts of the garage door for proper functioning.

Weatherstripping is affordable and is very easy to install. There are many hardware stores from where you can get the door seal kits as well.

Other Tips While Insulating


The kits are not suitable for every door size. Although you can cut down small pieces suiting the correct size. There are pieces that are hard to fit. So when you are looking for garage insulation, make sure it is approximately the right height and width from the starting point. This can be a great help after installation.

If you find gaps between the doors, then insulation is not that effective. So before you begin to check the door size, look for gaps that might get in the way.


Before investing in the garage insulation kit, make your budget. Remember, always the superior and high-end quality materials will incur more costs. To get sufficient quality of insulation, the ceiling price will also be taken in to account.

Whenever you choose the garage door insulation, make sure to check how much energy consumption benefits you are receiving in an entire year. Go for doors with exceptional track quality, frames, and rolling techniques. Make sure to invest in products that have little or no amount of air leakage.

Benefits Of Insulation

There are various benefits that you can avail while insulating your regular garage doors by using the best DIY garage insulation kits.

Energy Consumption

To reduce the utility bills, it is a good idea to insulate your garage doors. The prime function of the insulated gate is to trap the heat during the winters and restricting the hot air from getting inside the garage during summers.

An improved energy system can help in the reduction of your energy use. On the other hand, more amounts of gaps are the results of excess air leakage. Insulating your garage door can save a lot of your energy consumption. Your cars, paints, sealants, etc. are less vulnerable due to temperature variation after insulating the doors.

Noise Reduction

In regards to the older version of garage doors, the insulated once create low or no noise. Mainly it is observed the outdated garage doors have track mechanisms. Due to this, it creates a loud, jerking sound. The garage door rollers sound can squeak very much. Bad lubricated hinges and torsion springs contribute to the sound more. If you are getting more annoying sounds from your door, then opt for insulated doors.

The insulated door creates less sound because of the tight built as compared to the traditional garage doors. They are much heavier than the older ones and are mainly put in between the door layering without any air pass. Hence, no vibrating noise is created.

For different moving parts of the insulated garage doors likes hinges, tracks, etc. you can use different types of professional garage door lubricant once in every six months. Professional constructors often advise using a good garage floor coating to make sure your garage doesn’t lose warmth.

Durable Doors

The strength of the parts of your garage door also increases with the help of the insulation process. Insulated doors are mainly composed of steel or aluminum frames. When these frames are filled with insulation, they get in between the single or double steel panellings. It forms a lightweight construction, which gives more energy efficiency.

Whereas, the older garage doors are mainly built with thin steel strips and no insulation. So car denting or damaging happens more often in uninsulated garage doors.

Store Space

You can convert the uncontrolled unused garage room into a better living area. This living area can be used for any work or relaxing purposes. You can even modify the structure and transform it into a store or for business purposes.

Due to the climate changes the mold formation increase or maybe the paints or cleaning accessories gets damaged. For example, in winters, the battery backup of your vehicles goes down. So to avoid these property damages insulation can be a useful investment in the long run.

FAQs On Best Garage Door Insulation Kit

Do Insulated garage door makes a difference?

Single layering doors have zero insulation. Hence the temperature inside those doors is at 28-30 degrees. When you insulate the garage doors the temperature increases to 40-42 degrees approximately, it helps in temperature regulation rapidly in all the changed weather conditions. Denting of vehicles can also be lowered after using insulation process.

Can you insulate an uninsulated garage door?

Yes, of course. You can insulate a regular 16 ft door with the help of detailed kits. You can purchase the garage insulation kits available online to get the complete instructions and step by step process.

What type of insulation is best for walls in the garage?

Well, wall insulation depends on the space beside the already existing dried walls or even on the ceiling and wall exposure. Usually, fiberglass, cellulose or foam-based insulations are best for garage walls.

What is the difference between uninsulated garage doors and insulated ones?

The insulated garage doors are made up of dual steel layering with insulation connecting the layers. Usually, they are a bit thicker than the uninsulated doors. More energy efficiency can be derived by using insulated doors. For extreme varying weather conditions, insulation is a much more active process than the other regular doors.

What should be the R-value for the external walls of the garage?

Usually, it is advised for exterior walls the R-value should be around 13 to 23. Again if you want it for the ceilings or other spaces, then the R-value should be increased with a range of 38-40.


The garage can increase the thermal pressure on your house, so the easy way to get rid of it is to trap the heat energy. Insulation can be a less time-consuming process, although a bit expensive, but it is worth it for everyone. Before you invest in any best garage door insulation kits, thoroughly go through the reviews to get the best one for your garage.