Top 10 Best Mold Test Kit: 2023 Reviews & Buying Guide

Molds at home can be both dangerous as well as irritating. If you are someone who gets irritated by a strange smell, you will be able to recognize mold presence in your home pretty soon. Let us first understand what mold is. Molds are fungi and are usually seen living on an animal or plant matter. They are more often than not found outside. Molds are hardly an issue indoors unless the mold spores which are present all around us land on a damp or wet place and start growing. To check if there are mold spores around you, the best mold test kit will be your guide.

Top 10 Best Mold Test Kit in 2023

1 – Mold Inspection Network DIY Testing Mold 3 Kit

At times we worry a lot about mold issue or water damage; we may start thinking about ceasing mold growth. For this reason, a brilliant kit has been designed for inspecting the mold in your property. The specialty of this kit is an entire inspecting technique can be found here. With the help of the three tape lift, you can check the surface of your property, a manual guide and a mold supervising booklet. If you see any mold growth on the surface of your room or house, use the tape lifts to check them.

The user manual and booklet can help you with easy steps to look for mold location and processes to remove them. Once sample collection is done, you can mail it to the lab( no shipping included). These samples will be sent to advanced labs for mold testing. The reports will be mailed to you. For further assistance about mold understanding, you can contact the experts.

Key Features

  • A safe and simple method
  • A DIY kit
  • Brilliant kit 3
  • Including lab fees and detailed information on price
  • Expert assistance for results and consultation


  • Amazing turn-around timing
  • Very affordable as compared to any professional mold consultant or instructor.


  • Few users have opined that the kit was useful, but the consulting team wasn’t responding on time
  • This product could not identify a few fungi spots was also another concern

2 – ESP Mold Test DIY Analysis Lab And Result Kit

This is a unique kit consisted of two growth gels and two concave bacteria defensive dishes and a sampling swab. It can be used both for indoor and outdoor purposes. There will require a user manual for customer’s smooth usage. You can get all kinds of instructions there related to manual or static or even air ventilation examples. If you want to know about lab analysis, it is also included there. The price chart for lab analysis done separately is around $19.95.

 For confirming the presence of mold, you can pay $45 Genus Test. With the help of the Genus method, a mold location, and its character, size, etc. is also determined. If you want a detailed analysis report about the mold growth and information, you need to pay an extra cost per kit. Based on the analysis, you will get the results within or less than five days once you receive the sample of your returned trial products.

Key Features

  • A unique way of mold defense
  • Growth gel (2)
  • Concave dishes (2)
  • Sampling swab (1)
  • Indoor and outdoor usage
  • User guide included
  • Detailed price range mentioned


  • Effective and lost lasting
  • The straightforward process to detect mold growth


  • It is expensive as compared to other similar items   

3 – Mold Armor Do It By Yourself Testing Mold Kit

The manufacturers have designed the safest and easiest way to track mold spores by you. This kit can operate the testing method of mold presence within 48 hours. You and your family can be safeguarded well by any kinds of bacteria or molds if you start using it. It is observed that even the tiniest mold particle can create congestion or asthmatic tendencies in an individual’s life.

To avoid such conditions, you can start with quality tests. There are three methods incorporated in this kit, which will help you with this both indoor and outdoor. Surface testing, mold structure, and location analysis can be performed using the kit. You can even send a sample collection of these molds to get a detailed analysis from the lab.

For indoor quality check method, A concave petri dish is provided, which can detect mold presence within 48 hours-72 hours maximum. You can send this dish for further analysis as a sample. A sterile swab is there in the kit for visual detection of the mold growth. A detailed lab analysis benefit is available, which would cost an additional $40.00.

Key Features

  • Safe
  • Convenient
  • Accurate Test of mold within 48hours
  • Consists of tools for surface testing, mold structure, etc
  • Concave Petri plate included
  • Visual detection possible
  • Both can be used indoors and outdoors


  • The presence of tall cameras can detect mold location easily even on the higher ceilings
  • Very smooth and easy to use
  • Manual instructions along with the kit are handy


  • Few consumers have not received any benefit about detailed analysis from the lab
  • Mold detection was not done appropriately by this kit as observed by some users

4 – Mold Detective Test Kit

It is a US-based product. This test consisted of an air pump, 2 sample cassettes for internal and external purposes, two surface testers, and one envelope for mails and user manual for instructions. It is an extremely professional kit with reusable methods and air pumps for sample purposes. For any sample testing, you will need a maximum of 4 to 5 minutes. The user manual is convenient and easy to follow. It contains all the tips to follow.

With the help of these products, you can check mold location, structure, etc. For further assistance, you can contact the certified lab. There is an additional cost included to this, which ranges in between $30 & $50 per sample based on the turnaround time and your location.

Key Features

  • 2 sample cassettes
  • Used for both indoors and outdoors
  • Sample testing can be done without any hazards
  • Further assistance from lab provided


  • It can give better results than the professional kits
  • Very much cost-effective and user-friendly


  • Few users have opined there were issues regarding little machine used for testing
  • The cost of the trial was a bit challenging for some consumers

5 – IH Pros Mold Quick QMT 100 Test

It is an advanced device which can help you to find the black mold and also the contaminated areas due to mold within 1 minute. The manufacturers have used the biochemistry method in it so well that helps the individuals to do this kit testing easily without any hazards.

These sample testing can be done in building and other surfaces at your house — the easy way to derive the mold location and structure safely at your home without any risk. Presence of microscopic proteins in the molds can be detected well. The color change of these molds from green to grey and purple while testing may take place.

If the test concludes a tinge of purple color in the result, then the surface area will be sampled as contaminated with mold. It should be included for the mold removal process immediately.

Key Features   

  • Black mold detection
  • Involves very less time
  • Biochemistry method induced to analyze further
  • Easy sample testing
  • Color coding method to understand the type of molds


  • A brilliant way of sample testing
  • The user guide is beneficial
  • Color differentiation method also a unique feature of this kit


  • It is a bit costlier as compared to similar molding kits.

6 – Home Health Science Mold Check Test Kit

A brilliant unique kit which can help to remove mold and contaminated molded areas safely. You can easily detect the mold-prone areas; inspect the mold size and structures as well. For identifying and analyzing the mold, there is no lab fee required. This free house kit can help you with the location of the mold growth. For ten kits, you can pay an amount of $49.95, so each comes at a rate of $4.99/test. A good comparison is possible to make via this kit regarding mold colors. You can secure your health safely by using this marvelous kit.

The investigation guide included in the house kit can benefit you to learn the steps and work accordingly. Often there are many black molds which gather inside room corners so you can allow the film to set at every place. Once the air settles down for an hour or more, you can add the liquid on the settling plate. This test can fetch you the details about mold development.

Key Features

  • Easy to use
  • Mold detection
  • Kit includes guide
  • Color comparison
  • Affordable price range


  • Any dangerous molds can be detected well
  • Very much cost-effective kit
  • Additional assistance with this kit was beneficial


  • Few users have opined only surface testing was ok, and the rest of the application wasn’t that useful as hyped.

7 – A-1 Basements Home Instant

It is a simple mold kit which is very much user-friendly. You can use it anywhere, indoor or outdoor at your convenience. There is a presence of 2 sample kits for air sampling. The exact and accurate results can be achieved within 1 minute. It is an essential step to identify the toxic mold growth for you can be examined by using this home kit. It is very safe to use without any hazards. In the kit, you will also receive an instruction guide manual. This manual will give you detailed steps which you can follow for air sample testing at your house.

You can examine and detect the mold growth, structure, and precisely the types with the help of the basic tool kit.

Key Features

  • Two mold sticks for testing
  • Reliable
  • Safe to use
  • Test both indoor and outdoor
  • An instruction guide included


  • It comes in a pack of two, so it is very much cost-effective
  • Various types of mold growth can be examined
  • The product is very much user-friendly


  • Color coding identification of the mold can be difficult

8 – Pro Lab Do It By Yourself Kit

A reliable and unique mold detection technique for your house. It can identify the toxic mold specs very smartly and saves your health. You can easily use this kit at your home, school, colleges, and offices. After surface testing, you can send the observed dust or mold for further examination in the envelope attached in the kit to the lab.

 Once you sent the samples, a detailed analysis of the molds will be done in the lab using the microscope. Then the detailed examined reports will be sent to you. This kit can quickly identify the location and structure of molds. Any landlords or contractors etc. can use this beneficial home kit for their health purpose.

Key Features

  • Safe    
  • Mold detection and examination
  • Lab testing
  • Type and structure testing


  • Amazing results and accurate information for mold detection can be achieved
  • Very less time can be involved in the whole operation
  • User-friendly
  • Easy instructions are included in the kit so that it becomes helpful for the users


  • Few users have opined that getting in touch with the lab professionals was a hard task
  • Air sampling wasn’t that sufficient for some customers also experienced mold detection

9 – MolDetect Accredited 3 Sample Lab Analysis Kit

The manufacturers have developed a reliable tool kit for mold detection. It is very safe as compared to the other similar mold detectors. Any unruly black molds can be examined via this. You can do the testing both indoor and outdoor easily without any hazards.

There are customized tapes which can be used for surface testing. Once molds are examined for further assistance, they can be sent to the labs. The lab method uses a detailed microscopic analysis of the mold growth and information related to it. You can get the results within 2-4 days. The kit includes a manual guide, which you can use yourself for surface testing at your house without taking help of anyone.

At times you may be unable to find or locate any molds in that case you can collect the dust particles. Often mold contamination happens because of mold growth. When lab tests are done on these lab particles, you will get the details about the amount of the pores. You can also examine if there is the presence of any abnormal pores or molds in the house. This kit is extremely suitable for indoor checking. However, the furnace filter is also natural and can be continently done by this kit.

Key Features

  • Easy and Fine tape method
  • Mold detection and location
  • A sampling of mold can be done easily
  • The lab testing reports will be sent within 2-4 business days
  • Any type or structure of molds can be investigated well


  • Users very conveniently do toxic mold sample testing
  • An affordable product kit
  • Air handler for mold testing is amazingly designed and manufactured


  • Few users have opined that mold detection was not accurate and effective   

10 – Healthful Home Mold Test 5 Minute

It has been built to detect the molds in your room corners effectively. Any allergies and bacteria and their location can be tracked easily. Very safe to use without any hazards. The spot detection and the contamination due to the allergies and fungus can be done by using this kit. There are three simple steps which you can follow to get detailed information. Any individual can do surface testing before they plan to rent or hire any professional for this operation.

The US patent technology incorporated in the kit also includes expert consultation for a further detailed consultation about mold growth and types. It is often seen while doing an air testing you might miss on world mold spots or particles. This simple kit allows you to inspect those dangerous molds quickly as well.  It takes very less time around 5 minutes to do the smooth sampling tests. The things which are included in the kits are 1quick test tool, one swab, one pen, and an instruction user guide to follow the useful tips.

Key Features   

  • Examination of any mold can be done
  • Air sampling
  • Easy to use
  • Safe
  • Allergy and fungi in the corners can be detected
  • Swab, one quick test tool, etc. included
  • A user guide accompanied
  • Takes less time


  • You can get accurate testing results by using this kit
  • The instructions are very user-friendly and useful


  • Few users have opined two applicators could have done better
  • Some consumers have experienced no correct detection of the mold growth and had to pay extra for hiring professionals

Buying guide

Be it in the form of slimy black patches or fuzzy coats on the floor; molds can be present in any kind and are not easily spotted. While molds are generally harmless, they can cause you to harm if you already have asthma or any allergies. Apart from these, molds can also irritate your sensitive organs like nose, eyes, skin, lungs, or throat. It is better to be on the lookout for mold in your home and remove it by mold kit testing than be affected by it and cure it later.

Why Should You Test For Molds In Your Home?

You might think of molds as harmless fungi that don’t impact your life. However, the presence of toxic mold can cause more damage than you can think of. The molds need to removed from homes to feel clean and hygienic. How would you know that you should get tests for molds? You have to be on the lookout. No one knows your home better than you, and you can quickly identify the need for the test. Below are the reasons for getting a mold test:

Mold Inspection

Before getting a mold test, you can get a mold inspection at your home. Mold inspection involves a thorough inspection to identify the presence of mold, and if you are successful in finding the mold or if you are convinced that there is no mold, then you won’t need a mold test at all. However, if you are not satisfied with the inspection, you can move on to take the test and check for the mold growth.

Mold Signs

The most prominent sign to identify the presence of mold in your house is the mold smell. The presence of a moldy odor in your abode is a sure shot sign of mold problem, and you must get your home tested for molds. Next symbol is the allergic symptoms. Usually, when there mold spores in the air, you will have a sneezing or other allergic reaction to it, which also indicates mold growth.

Type Of Molds

Another reason why you should opt for getting tested for molds is to identify the kind of mold that is present in your house. The mold could be black mold or any toxic mold. You need to know the type of mold to take caution and treatment accordingly. The toxins in the mold can only be tested by a professional in a lab under a microscope by using the mold collected in the sample.

Source Of Molds

Mold tests are not made to check whether the problem of mold exists. It also helps to identify the source of mold. It means that it can indicate the area where mold is growing. Not all mold growth in visible places. There can be mold growth behind a wall or under furniture which can be identified if there are mold spores present.

Indoor Air Quality

We believe that when we are at home, we are safe from the harmful air toxins. While most times, that could be true, your air at home can be detrimental if the number of mold spores is too high. The air quality can be toxic and allergic even without the presence of mold in the house, due to outdoor mold growth or mold presence that existed in your house before. A mold test can help you identify if your home air quality is affected and whether you have allergies due to mold spores in the air.

Mold Removal

While we read all about how the mold test is essential to identify the source and type of molds, we also need the mold test after the departure of mold. The test is then required to check whether the mold removal was successful, which is concluded through a negative result of the test. Similarly, even the air quality can be tested after the mold removal to check that there is no presence of mold spores in the air.


A mold test will help us to remove the molds from our home, however, for people who are not allergic to molds might be skeptical about the importance of a test kit and whether the mold test is even needed. It is a subjective decision. However, you need to know the various benefits to be able to decide about the mold test kit:

Ensures Reduced Mold Levels

The most apparent advantage of the mold test is that it keeps us updated on the mold levels in our home and with appropriate actions, we can keep the mold levels low and maintain the good health of everyone in the family. It is particularly crucial for people with any particular allergies or another throat-related disease. Identifying and removing the molds is a good step towards progress. Even the EPA has published a study that tells you all about moisture and mold in your home.

Early Catching Of Any Problems

By doing the mold test proactively, you are opening up to the possibilities of identifying any upcoming disasters that are waiting to happen behind the wall. Most people wait for the situation to get grave and unavoidable to take the mold test and further corrective measures. However, taking a timely mold test can prevent such sudden cases and help us much better in a preventive manner.

Healthy Renovations

If you are getting any renovations done at your home, it is advisable to get the mold tests done. This will help you to build the project in a completely uncontaminated presence. It shouldn’t be ignored as once the place is clean, the life of the area becomes more prolonged, and the house is less susceptible to ruins. Improving the approach towards the place we called home.


Personal hygiene is paramount and even more important than taking care of one’s health is taking care of the environment and place you stay in. One only feels hygienic and functional once the mold test has been done and molds removed from the home. Removal of molds takes away the chances or cold, cough, and other allergies. The secret to good hygiene is getting rid of molds at the home before the problem increases.

Air Quality

The most important benefit that can be reaped out of mold tests is improved air quality. Testing for molds and during them surely helps to get rid of the mold spores in the air as well. These mold spores cause a lot of allergies and skin problems in people. Taking proper tests can help to keep the air quality good and the presence of mold spores in the air to the absolute minimum.

Real Estate Transactions

Getting mold tests done using mold testing kits, and their results are looked upon by the people who want to do any real estate transaction with you. Getting a mold test of a place you have put up on rent or for sale helps you get a quicker and important customer. Similarly choosing a real estate for oneself where the presence of molds is minimum and the mold tests show good air quality as well. It adds to the value of the property.

Different types of mold testing

In this section of the article, we will learn the various types of tests that one needs to do to find mold growth. You can do the tests yourself using the home mold test kits, or you can hire the professional who can come and do these tests for you. These tests can be done quickly using the kits, and then the results can be ascertained by sending the sample to the professional to get the expert view of the outcome of testing. Let us take a look at different tests:

Air Testing

As the name suggests, in this method of testing, we use air sampling. The air is tested to identify the number of mold spores in the air. This is used to gauge the presence of mold problem at home. The issue of mold spores can also exist without mold, and in either case, air sampling helps to clean the air that we breathe. The results of air testing come after incubating the sample in the settling plate for 48 hours and are very temporary as the number of mold spores can change drastically in a short time.

Surface Testing

The molds dwell on surfaces, and hence, that is what the base of this testing is. The samples of molds are collected from the surfaces along with the house to find mold at the various sections of the household. This method is more useful to gauge the type of mold when we already know that mold exists. The samples needed can be collected using the swabbing and by sampling in a petri dish which can collect good samples.

Bulk Testing

Bulk testing is more straightforward in the sense that you need to put in sorted efforts. You need to collect bulk samples at your home and get all these tested at the laboratory to identify the mold concentration at your home. The mold problem is determined after the bulk items are examined under the microscope to identify the toxins in the molds.

Tips To Keep Home Safe From Molds

While you have read so much on the test kits and how it is useful to you, what is also important is to take preventive measures so that he mold tests do not come positive in the first place. You can make simple preventive actions to avoid the presence of mold in your home. No number of DIY mold tests kits can give you the good feeling of having no mold problem at all:

Regular Tests

The best way to stay on top is to take proactive measures. If we do the tests regularly and take curative measures, surely the mold level will go down, and we will achieve a mold-free existence. Taking regular tests and using a mold remover to get rid of the molds works best to fix the problem at its source. With time, the results will be in favor and your home hygienic.

Air Purifier

Having an air purifier at home sounds the best option to avoid bad air quality. Mold is present everywhere, and it is harmless until it starts settling down and dwelling on damp places. Having an air purifier will reduce the mold spores at home and hence the chance for mold deposits at any of the surfaces. It helps to reduce the pressure on the mold tests to identify and then take measures.

Keep House Clean

The most essential tip would be to keep the house clean. If you don’t have a clean house, tests, or no tests, molds will be there in abundance. However, one sure way to push away the molds is to keep the house clean. Any spilled liquid should not stay so for an extended period. Any damp place should be cleaned immediately so that the mold spores cannot settle down and grow.

Check For Leaks

The common causes of molds in houses are described to be any significant plumbing leaks or spillage problems. A place which has leakage is damp, and that makes for a perfect home for mold to dwell in. Any leaks should be immediately resolved, fixed up, and cleaned. Clean leaks mean less damp places and hence less chance or molds.

Frequently Asked Questions

Doing a mold test or getting the mold test done? Does your house need a mold test? Which kit should be chosen? Although many of these questions have been already answered, it wouldn’t hurt to look at some of the questions more objectively. We know you will have a lot of questions and we are here to give you the answers. Let us check a few frequent questions:

Home mold test kits are reliable?

This answer cannot be black and white. It depends on each house and the level of check and tests you want. Home mold test kits are made to check for the presence of hold and then take necessary actions. However, these are not enough if you wish to identify the kind of mold that has grown. That will need to be tested in the lab by a professional.

What are the signs of mold in your house?

No one knows your home better than you, and when you take care of your home, you also learn to understand your home better than anyone. The fundamental indicators of the molds are the smell and the irritating presence of the mold. Your house will have a repelling mold smell, which is a sure sign of mold growth and any allergic reactions in your family, which could have increased also show the presence of mold.

Can you test for mold by yourself?

Yes, you can. The basic mold test can be done using the DIY mold test kit by yourself to identify the molds in the house. While you can’t test it thoroughly, if all you want to know is whether the mold exists and here does it, then they surely serve the purpose very well. These are basic kits and very easy to use.

Do home inspectors test for mold?

A home inspectors job involves checking the primary working condition of the house, and their job description does not include checking for molds at all. However, the home inspectors do check for leaks generally and are very close to the house so can identify the molds very quickly. So be on good terms with the inspector, and you might benefit in the best way.

Is there a black mold test available?

Yes. There are a lot of kits that are equipped to identify and specify the black mold in the house. Choose the kit keeping other requirements you might have in mind as well.


Cleanliness is critical, and while we do the necessary care, leakage or spillage is something that we cannot avoid. While we cannot prevent that, what we can control is to test the presence of mold regularly by using the best mold test kit and taking other preventive actions.