I Found Mold In My House, Now What?

Recently I noticed there were molds settled around the corners of my house. It causes me a lot of anxiety and difficulty when I was thinking of the removing process. Molds do not even come out quickly; instead, it creates foul smell in the surroundings. The molds mainly target areas where it is where it can grab nutrients primarily through food products like bread. I always try my best to remove them and try to get a solution. I researched different methods of eradication of molds, which could save me time.

Mold classification

Molds which are divided into three categories depending on their structure. Firstly, to begin with is the most common and frequently occurring mold called the black bread mold. The scientific name of the black bread mold is Rhizopus stolonifer. I have noticed this mold often in my bread as well as fruit and vegetables and eventually have to throw the food.

Secondly and also one of the known visitor to my basin or where ever there is water is Penicillium. For the fun fact, the antibiotic Penicillin was derived from this mold. Penicillium is found in different places like under the pipes and sometimes of water-based food products.

Lastly and one of the most disturbing molds, in my opinion, is Aspergillus, which has complex carcinogenic features, and if they are indoors, they are said to cause respiratory problems.

Reasons for Mold Occurrence

 The leading cause of mold is in moist conditions, necessarily where there is some kind of water content. Mold cannot be formed in circumstances which have no water contact or humid conditions. The formation of mold involves a combination of various elements.

Even the slightest water content or high humidity can make the right environment for molds to live. I always wondered why my food was attacked by mold, and the solution to my problem was that mold needs nutrients from food for their survival. Any food products that are kept in dim, warm, and moist conditions automatically after a point of time the mold starts to form. A specific temperature also follows the causes of mold forming.

 A temperature between 22 to 27 degrees Celsius or 72 to 81 degrees Fahrenheit is perfect for molds to form. A bonus point for their survival is when the atmosphere is dark and damp. A solution for them not to create is the fact that mold cannot survive in icy conditions or even in direct sunlight.

In a few instances that occurred in my life was when I was removing a substance from the wall, which I thought was mold but was not. Hence, this time I checked a way where I know that there is mold in my house.

A Recent Handy Solution

That can be done by using a mold test kit, which makes sure that I am cleaning a mold. A mold testing kits, not only can I ensure that there is mold in my house, but also it helps with improving the air quality.  This kit consists of all the necessary equipment that is required by an individual for mold removal by himself. Testing of mold can also make sure to get rid of any traces of mold in the air. If the spores of the mold are not removed from the air, it can cause allergies, as well as many skin problems.

Mold Removing

 After the mold located on the specific spot, with the tools included in the kit, removal is required. Then I found a solution to using a mold remover. A mold removing tool does not only remove the mold but also prevents it from coming back. A cover of protection given by these mold removers helps in keeping my house fresh and healthy.

Benefit provided by mold remover is that it provides the best results and is quick in results in just one spray. The one spray action is also long-lasting. The best mold remover should promise durability, must be safe to use, and should not cause any damage to the walls, tiles, flooring, etc. A mold remover also kills the fungus and bacteria present in the air. I used to use bleach before cleaning the molds, which would result in discoloring the wall. But with the benefits of mold remover, it does not stain the material but also eradicates the mold.

Tips And Tricks

After the removal of mold, here are the tips and techniques that can be followed, including wearing old clothes that are supposed to be thrown. As the mold carry infections and unpleasant smell with it. Always cover your hands and eyes, especially while removing mold by using gloves and goggles. While treating black mold protection is required, wearing respirators can be of great help.

Covering your skin can protect you from infections and skin allergies caused by the molds. Ventilation also must be there in an area where the mold is being removed; I have an old box fan that can be used. Once I am done removing the mold, I make sure to wrap the mold in a plastic wrap and double bag it before throwing, which prevents spreading in other areas. Another tip to mention is that if you use soap and a sponge, it can remove visible molds, and if the mold areas dry, a light spray of water will reduce the formation of mold. But make sure you use a proper mold remover. In addition, if you are unsure if you have mold in your home you can use one of the mold testing kits available to see if it’s there.

With the help of these tips, mold kits, and mold removers, removing molds had become an easy job. The process of removing molds became quick once I started using mold removers. By understanding the causes of mold formation, I always put food production in the fridge. The establishment of mold is very less in my house with the use of mold removers and kits. No wonder mold removing is a hard task, but with the help of the correct tool, it can be done smoother and in less time.