Top 10 Best Fertilizer Spreader: 2023 Review and Buying Guide

In the modern world where technology has taken over all fields, its contribution to agriculture has not left hidden. During early times where people had to spread fertilizers on farms with their own hands, it would become tiring and took a lot of time. With the invention of electric fertilizer spreaders, the task of spreading fertilizers on the farm or gardens has become an easy task. The fertilizer spreaders are not only time saving but also help in making the growth of the crop healthy. Choosing the best fertilizer spreader can be serving beneficial for the lands.

Top 10 Best Fertilizer Spreader of 2023

According to professional gardeners and greenkeepers, the fertilizer spreaders require less precision and have broad yard coverage. After extensive research and recommendations from these professionals, we listed the top 10 best fertilizer spreaders in 2023 with specifications and presented here;

1 – Solo Inc. Capacity Portable Fertilizer Spreader

A device that ensures portability even in the context of fertilizing can be provided with Solo Inc. Fertilizer spreader. The construction and design of this spreader are specially made to spread essential chemicals across vast terrains or lawns.

The features of this product include being chest-mounted, portable, and maintaining precision while spreading the chemicals. The perfect use of this product is said to be the decoration of small lawns or flower beds spaces.

Additional to its portability, this product is straightforward to control and operate the wheels of the spreader. The grip and stability of the Solo Inc. fertilizer spreader are unmatched as it can withstand on rocky and uneven terrains. 

Along with grip, it also does not leave any gaps or left spaces while doing its job. A feature that is commendable in this product is its included screw-on cap that doesn’t allow any leaks or spill. Solo Inc. fertilizer spreads to make sure to keep your garden healthy and fulfill all its necessities.

Key Features

  • Portable
  • Single hand usage
  • Equal fertilizer spread
  • Grip is stable
  • No leakage
  • Strong built


  • The fertilizer spreader is portable and very easy to control.
  • The precision of this product is splendid and can be used on all grounds.
  • With the addition of a screw cap, the protection and durability are ensured by this product.
  • The device feels light in weight and is easy to carry


  • The fertilizer wheels are a bit uncomfortable.
  • When used in large lawns, the ability of this product is said to minimize.

2 – Lesco Manual Replace Wheel High Fertilizer Spreader

The Lesco Wheel Spreader has been structured to be used for industry-standards. The qualities of this product are that it has been used for lawn care, maintenance of the garden, and landscaping experts.

These fertilizers provide a high capacity of 80lbs, and it can handle granular seeds and fertilizer. The fertilizer spread is highly recommended to be applied evenly to flowerbeds and lawns. The uses of this product are endless, including its application to distribute grit and salt.

Especially during the winter season, its benefits in keeping your garden safe and a beautiful view to look at. The tires are made oversized so that they can reach all those zones that other machines may not have the capability to do, which include sidewalks, walkways, and narrow pathways.

They are not prone to rust and can maximize the stability of the fertilizer spreader. Moreover, it makes your space upkeep making them look very effortless and secure. The handle can be adjusted and sits in three different postures to suit every person using, making this product indeed versatile and handy.

Key Features

  • High quality
  • Seasonal friendly
  • Easy to use
  • Handle well adjustable
  • Versatile
  • Portable


  • The product has smooth wheels, which make it easier to run.
  • The stability of this device is commendable due to its structure.
  • Operating this device is very easy.


  • Everyone might not afford the price of this spreader.

3 – Fasmov Fertilizer Spreader

An easy to access fertilizer spreader like Fasmov Fertilizer spreader buy one when you can take two for the same price. The handheld canister has a large capacity and has space to take in a lot of fertilizer. The device can also distribute salt or grit that spreads across your lawn or garden.

 A feature of this device is its measurement that is marked in grade levels along the sides of the spreader so that a precise measurement of the fertilizer is used. Hence, allowing you to use your gardening equipment at best, whereas ensuring that the flower beds are adequately treated. Every container has a hole that can be adjusted to give you the option to measure the output.

The simple construction of this device also ensures that the fertilizer spreader is easy to access and fill. All you have to do is just pour in the amount of fertilizer you need, salt, sand, or any other form of fertilizer and do your chore. The versatility of this spreader is excellent, and it can be used in the yard, garden, or farm.

Key Features

  • Large top capacity holder
  • Equal spread
  • Adjustable output
  • Easy to use
  • Versatile
  • Durable


  • The benefits began with being compact and easy to use along with being light in weight
  • The price can be afforded by most of the people


  • The spreader is not applicable for large areas
  • There is no warranty added with the product

4 – Earthway Fertilizer Spreader

The Earthway fertilizer spreader comes along with straps that can be attached to your body and can be carried around the area or garden. This design is made to portray an unmatched and précised distribution of grass seeds as well as fertilizers, ice melts, and other important grass necessities.

The product can be used on a variety of terrains, even uneven regions; also, you can walk along yourself. The features include a rain cover, which is high in durability that can protect you. Along with its highly advanced technology, it can truly work in all climatic conditions.

Additional feature within this spreader is to make the work run smoothly and quickly. The operation of this device is smooth with its shutoff and easy to understand settings. The Powder Coated Chassis present in the device is a bonus. This eco-friendly fertilizer is one of the best products.

Key Features

  • Beautiful design
  • Straps for shoulder included
  • Durable
  • Season friendly
  • Smooth
  • Eco-friendly


  • This device is convenient, even for smaller homes.
  • The storage for this spreader is secure, as it is compact.
  • Designs of the handles present are adjustable, which makes it easy for the individuals to get a firm grip.


  • There is no warranty acclaimed.

5 – Earthway Fertilizer Spreader

The Earthway fertilizer spreader is known to one of the highest capacity fertilizer spreaders. The main use of this device is professional, including areas like golf courses, and other agriculture terrains. Moreover, this device could also large projects or landscapes as well.

If you need a fertilizer spreader for commercial use, including a golf course, then this brilliant fertilizer spreader is the best option. The device itself includes a three-hole dropping and shut off system along with the benefit of holding the capacity of 50-lbs. The versatile Fertilizer spreader is a reliable source for demanding areas where a large area needs to be fertilized.

Key Features

  • Top large container
  • Spreads fertilizer equally
  • Versatile
  • Adjusting openings
  • Ideal for all sized lawns


  • The product has a drop shut-off system that ensures an even spread.
  • A good option of fertilizer to be used in moist or damp climate.
  • The comfort of this spreader is remarkable.
  • Includes a three-hole dropping feature that makes the work of spreading faster


  • The warranty is not acclaimed in this fertilizer spreader.
  • It may be a little expensive as compared to other fertilizer spreaders.

6 – Spot Spreader Multiple Opening Fertilizer Spread

The builders have constructed this lightweight and robust spreader with a large screw top. It helps the user to spread the fertilizer equally around the lawns. You can smoothly use it for gardening the sideways of the yard. Don’t worry about the extra spreading or overflow. There is a container attached to it to control the excess spillage. This fertilizer equipment also has durable handles and bags for storage purposes. Individuals can use this equipment in the lands within a very less period. It is possible because of the rapid movement of the rear wheels.

Key Features

  • Top large container
  • Light in weight
  • Storage
  • Sturdy handles
  • Easy for walkways


  • There is a presence of numerous adjustable openings in the fertilizer spreader, which can be used during the time of need.
  • It is a perfect solution for your lawn care activity
  • Salt dispensing is faster with this device


  • Few users have opined that the design needs improvement
  • Top tracks result in less tightening at times.

7 – Scotts Builder Turf Drop Classic Spreader

You can now expect the maximum amount of grass coverage and accurate spreading with this new equipment. The presence of the huge top container helps to spread fertilizer all over the large lawn area. It can cover up to 10,000 sq. Ft nicely. The precision design has a range of 22 inches. There is a heavy-duty frame that holds the stability of this item. Traveling over the fields and lawns while spreading the grass seeds and fertilizers becomes smooth with this. Gardening with this spreader is an exciting and stable job for all users.

Key Features   

  • Holder capacity top present
  • Heavy framing duty
  • Maximum coverage
  • Precision 22 inches
  • Suitable for large yards or lawns


  • It can be used for fertilizer and snow salt activities effectively
  • Great quality handles


  • There were few scenarios were assembling the attachments were difficult
  • Drive wheel quality is not impressive
  • The price can be a bit on the higher side and may not sound pocket-friendly.

8 – Scotts Apply Hand Grass Battery Guard Spreader

The best battery generated fertilizing spreader, which can make your work super easy. It can be used for the equal spreading of fertilizers. Ice melting is also possible with this item. It is ideal for small and medium yards around 2500 sq. Ft area approximately. The latest Edge Guard Technology is induced in it. There are 23 varied accuracy setting levels.

You can use this spreader and travel around the lawn safely without any leakage. The construction of this equipment is durable, and handles have firm grip too.       

Key Features

  • Battery operated
  • The equal spread of fertilizer
  • Edge guard technology present
  • 23 settings for accuracy
  • Small and medium lands


  • A large amount of the fertilizer can be handled with this product
  • The lock of this spreader is handy and strong


  • Recharging the battery many times is a probable disadvantage

9 – Agri Tow Fab Broadcast Fertilizer Spreader

The builders have composed this product with a large capacity holder on the top. It has a holding capacity of 130 pounds minimum. There is the presence of adjustable précised settings. This can help a user to spread the fertilizer and seeds through the walk away. The gearbox has an enclosed design so that the equal spread of fertilizer can be done smoothly.

For fast and secure transport, there are rear wheels inbuilt in this product. This product also includes a hopper cover and grate, which you can use as an option.   

Key Features

  • Portable
  • Durable
  • Rear wheels
  • Capacity holder top
  • 130 pounds holding system
  • Enclosed upper container
  • Optional hopper cover included


  • The pneumatic tires can help the users to travel anywhere with this equipment smoothly.
  • From the tractor seat, the automated on and off control can be set
  • The hitch pins are useful for attaching it with any tractors.


  • It is a bit expensive as compared to the similar other fertilizer spreaders.

10 – Go Plus Builder Push Walk Spreader    

Now gardening becomes super exciting with this new technology spreader. It is suitable for all types of lawns. The best feature is the walk-behind handle, which is sturdy in design. An accurate fertilizer spreading is possible with the precision control system.

High-class iron is used in the making of the tool. There is also a sizeable top container which has a considerable holding capacity. The hopper is very spacious and can hold seeds or fertilizers well. This device has a corrosion-resistant black covering around the design. With the help of the covering, it results in better durability.

You will never have to think about the unnecessary rusting if you use it. Enough seed and fertilizers can be put inside the huge top for fast agricultural activity. For customer benefits, the builders have included a user-friendly manual.    You can learn about assembling and different ways to use the product in the beautiful lawns.

Key Features

  • Stable
  • No Rust
  • Iron built
  • Ideal for agriculture
  • Handle design excellent
  • Huge Top
  • Manual included


  • This is a solid spreader with a high-quality design.
  • Instructions given in the manual are constructive
  • It is one of the durable products as compared to the other similar items


  • Few users have opined that the handlebar is not that effective and robust.

There are innumerable varieties of fertilizer spreaders that you can get both online and in the markets. For our readers to get the best fertilizer spreader, we always advise checking the reviews. Understanding the specifications and comparing the prices can fetch you the item you desired for.

Buying Guide On Best fertilizer spreader

Everyone should provide nourishment to the plants and grasses by fertilizing it. A lawn that is well maintained will be able to absorb rainwater more efficiently. If the garden has bare spots, weed invasion, or brown patches, then it indicates that the plants are starving, and you need to fertilize the area. Here is a little guide that will help you to make the right purchase.

Things to look for while purchasing fertilizer spreader

Professional gardeners and homeowners purchase lawn fertilizer spreaders to keep the lawn well maintained and manicured. Different models are available in the market, which makes it difficult for anyone to pick one of them. Here are some factors that you need to consider before you are choosing a fertilizer spreader with the latest technology.


The prime consideration that you need to make is to look for the fertilizer spreader’s capacity. If you don’t want to waste your time by refilling the fertilizer spreader again, and again then you need one that can have a large capacity. Most of the models will have a capacity of nearly 50 pounds, which are designed for large lawns. This type of fertilizer spreader will help you to save your time.


If you don’t want to spend your money again and again on new fertilizer spreader, then go for the ones that are durable and reliable. Fertilizer spreaders that can withstand worst bumps or have pneumatic tires will be the ideal model.

Even Distribution

It will be a waste of money if the fertilizer spreader fails to provide even distribution. Due to unevenness, the grass may remain undernourished or overnourished. With the perfect fertilizer spreader, you will get evenness.

User Experience

The buying decision of a person is finalized after they read about the user experience about the product. If you are someone who has mobility issues like joint problems, then do not go for a model that will demand a lot of physical effort or heavy-duty.


Do not go for the cheap fertilizer spreader because it may make you spend a lot of money in the future on repairs. Try to purchase a product that you won’t regret later. Always go for the ones that are made up of high-quality material and can meet all the garden needs.

Assembly requirements

The fertilizer spreader is available in different sizes depending on their purpose. With some, you can use it after taking out of the box, and some you will have to assemble. For fertilizer spreader that requires assembly, you need to use different tools. If you don’t want to perform any assembly, then you can go for the ones that are already assembled.


One needs to analyze the size of the area where they are going to use the fertilizer spreader. Fertilizer spreaders are available in different sizes and shapes that can cater to different conditions.

Types of fertilizer spreaders

Everyone looks for the optimal fertilizer spreader that can save energy and time. With the help of a fertilizer spreader, you will be able to distribute or spread seeds or fertilizer evenly. It will prevent you from over-nourishing, or under-nourishing a particular area. There are different types of spreaders like drop spreaders or tow behind broadcast spreader. Some of them are discussed below:

Walk-Behind Spreader

People who are looking for basic choices should go for the walk-behind spreader. As this is a primary spreader so it will cost less money. One will have to operate the spreader manually. For medium-sized areas, this spreader will work great. You need to note down whether you are comfortable to walk around while using the machine.

Tow-Behind Spreader

Tow behind spreaders comes with wheels and high capacity. One can attach it to the ATV. If you’re looking for a fertilizer spreader for a large property, then this is the perfect spreader. After switching on the spreader, it will activate the mechanism of spreading the fertilizers.

Handheld Spreader

Handheld spreaders are compact and lightweight and are perfect for small lawns. Handheld Spreader does not have a high capacity, and one cannot cover the large area by using these spreaders.

Drop Spreader

A drop spreader is very accurate when it comes to spreading the fertilizer. One will have to perform more passes to cover the entire area. A drop spreader is excellent if the field contains a lot of shrubs and trees. Moreover, the wind won’t be able to affect the fertilizer present in the spreader.

Broadcast Spreader

A broadcast spreader will help you to spread the fertilizers in large areas. The fertilizer present in the spreader will fall into the revolving disc, which will allow it to spread evenly across the lawn. Broadcast Spreader will enable you to throw the fertilizers in different directions in an even spread pattern.

Some models will come guards to prevent it. One will have to drive or walk at a steady pace to cover the entire area. Make sure you are using it on a day when there is less wind; otherwise, it will affect the spreading process.

How to operate the fertilizer spreader

One must know how to operate the fertilizer spreader to get the optimum result. The things that you need to follow to get the best results are discussed below:

  • With every device, one will get the instruction manual. Go through the manual to understand how it works. Apart from the instruction of how to operate the spreader, it will also educate you about the basic knowledge of how much fertilizer you need.
  • The device calibration is crucial because it will provide the details of how the spread is going to get distributed.
  • While using the fertilizer spreader, make sure you are walking steadily. If you are working fast, then you will miss a spot, or if you saunter, then a particular location will have more concentrated fertilizer.
  • Before using the fertilizer spreader, make sure that the ground does not contain any plastic pieces or other products that can hinder the process.
  • After using the machine, make sure you are thoroughly cleaning it. If there remains any fertilizer inside the device, then it will cause malfunction or rusting.

Does everyone need a fertilizer spreader?

If you are into gardening, then by investing in the fertilizer spreader, you will be able to see a huge difference. A fertilizer spreader is designed for different spaces. The primary task of this model is to distribute the fertilizer evenly across the garden to provide food and essential nutrients to the plants.

Fertilizer spreaders can be used to spread compost, ice melts, or seeds, and hence they are versatile. It will help you to achieve a bright, healthy, and safe garden. People who take gardening seriously should invest in a fertilizer spreader.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

How do I use a fertilizer spreader?

Maximum fertilizer measures can be used manually. The device has a spray dispenser that will allow you to distribute the fertilizers in the ground in forms of liquid.
Spreaders with high capacity will be able to throw the granules at long distances like the sprinkler. One can also use the tractors or trucks and hook up the mobile spreaders and then drag them across the field.

Why is a spreader so useful?

Spreaders allow you to distribute the seeds fertilizers, compost, or ice water evenly on the ground. You need to put the calculated amount of the spreader, and the machine will evenly distribute it without any hassle. Spreaders can be a useful device of determined gardeners who believe in taking lawn care.

How do you calibrate your fertilizer spreader?

Calibration instructions will come with the instruction manual of the fertilizer spreader. Generally, the guidelines will be similar like:
Calculate the fertilizer amount based on a hundred square feet area.
Put the fertilizer in the spreader
Mark the place where you want to spread the fertilizer.
Settings directions

Should I fertilizer my lawn before it starts raining?

Several homeowners provide fertilizers to the lawn before the onset of rain as they aim to apply the fertilizer or lawn product properly into the field. As grass requires nitrogen for their healthy growth, so they will get several essential elements from the rainfall. There is a downside as too much rainfall can also cause the fertilizers to wash away.

Is it OK to put fertilizer on wet grass?

It is always advised to refrain from using fertilizers on the saturated ground. If the ground is wet, then the fertilizer will leech or runoff without getting deep into the roots. Always go for the damp soil as it helps the fertilizer to penetrate deeper into the roots.

Do I need a spreader?

If you do not want to apply the fertilizer and grass seeds manually or monitor the application rate, then you can go for the fertilizer spreader. The fertilizer spreader will do the task quickly and easily. It allows even distribution of fertilizers across the field. If you are serious about gardening, then you need a fertilizer spreader.


Lawn fertilization is essential to maintain a healthy lawn. Water and vital nutrients are necessary for grasses and plants to grow. To provide your garden with the perfect nourishment, you need fertilizer spreader that will help you to do it most easily and quickly.