Upgrade Your Garage by Yourself in a Weekend

Garages are often the ignored and unorganized parts of your house. The unnecessary things that are of no use are found out here. This place is found in full of dirt and in messy conditions. Things placed here were at some time favorite of yours.

Garages need to be provided a new and better look to change the mindset of people hidden behind this name. You can upgrade your garage by yourself at your weekends. This will save you from that high rated bill of repair. You need to take out a few hours from your busy schedule, and that’s all. We understand that it is a tough task to do. But if you do it regularly, it will hardly take an hour.

The work that you do by yourself cannot be rated down through money. If you are planning to do so and don’t have an idea of how to do it? Here is an article that will help you in upgrading your garage. This article contains various points that you need to follow weekly to have proper maintenance. Following these points regularly will help you to give a new look to the garage.

Below are some tips that you need to follow weekly to upgrade your garage:


It is the foremost step to be followed while upgrading your garage. The garage can be turned into a workshop, extra bedroom, and man cave. Being turned into rooms, you will need a sink, a toilet, and a washroom. All these require a water facility, which further requires a water line. So, before doing any other up gradation in your garage, put up new water lines as per your requirement.

After plumbing, you can go for flooring. If you have water lines inserted before, then that’s good for you.  It reduces one of your endeavors. Check the water lines weekly to prevent any of the leakages.


Floor coating is the next job to be done to maintain your garage. Most of the garages have concrete floors, which is very rough. When you upgrade your garage, make sure that the floor coating is pretty good. Even if you are planning for the tile floor, pick an easy-to-clean material. Drop out all the waste material, which is of no use, and remove all the oil stains weekly with muriatic acid. This acid easily washes out all the greasy stains.

The garage can turn into a storeroom, living space, or a home office. You can also prefer carpeting, which provides warmth and resilience. Follow these instructions step by step to maintain the right floor.

Adequate Lighting

Your old garage might have dim lights, but that does not create a pleasant atmosphere. For better living and working, check all the lights regularly. Lighting is essential to create a positive aura in the room. It should not be very bright also. Prefer natural daylight to enter the garage. Try to install some windows on the wall so that the room remains fresh with natural air and light.

Adding a skylight or a light tube can also be a better option. Short circuits can lead to a big disaster. So, be sure that there are no fuse lights kept in the garage. Throw them as soon as they break out. Also, install a fire extinguisher to ensure safety.

Heating And Cooling

Temperature setting is indispensable for living in a room. If your garage is attached to your home, you can extend the heating and cooling ductwork from it. And if it’s not, then go for a small air conditioner to have a pleasant summer. In winters, you can have heaters that will keep the room warm or an electric fireplace is another possibility. Close the windows and doors regularly to make sure it’s warm to have a cozy ambiance.

Everyone prefers an airy room in summers that allows fresh air to pass through. You can have it by choosing a new garage door if it needs replacement. Be sure that the entry includes windows or is made of glass. Windows and glass can be covered with designable curtains, which will provide a new look to your old garage.

Door Squeaking

Mainly the old garages have squeaking doors that irritate the ears as they are used nearly 100 times a day. Suddenly, the inner voice rises out, “Stop your garage door from squeaking!” Oil the screws of the door weekly to avoid it. You can even replace the door which is not noisy and has some windows on it. The door changes the getup of the room.

The smart opening door will attract guests in the house. Even if you are turning the garage into a home office, a smart opener door can be a welcoming gesture to your clients.

Storage Strategy

Avoid your garage to be a messy storeroom. It can act as a good and spacious one for your home if your home is short on space. Keep aside all the waste material and recycle it. This task should be done every week so that you can utilize all your space. Built-in cabins and shelves can also provide you enough space for your material.

A smart strategy can be used for storing things. You can label the shelves and make compartments to keep the items in the order. Choose the shelves that can handle heavy weight easily

Keep The Place Tidy

The garage needs to be cleaned daily. Keep its outside tidy so that it does not discourage buyers before entering into it. Take special care of mosquitoes in the corners. Corners of the room and roof should be cleaned frequently. The walls of the room also have to be clean. If they are not, brush them with good quality paint.


Start upgrading your garage from this weekend and maintain it properly. I hope that you like all the content given in this article, and it proves beneficial for your garage. Under any confusion, you can opt for other DIY methods that will help you out maintaining and upgrading your garage.