Top 10 Best Sprinkler Heads: 2023 Reviews & Buying Guide

A lawn that looks and stays healthy is a lot of hard work, especially if the summers are approaching. Mowing your lawn with the help of a lawn sweeper such as a riding lawn mower needs to be done after it is watered. If you have a large garden, only watering it by hand can take a lot of your time and effort. This is where lawn sprinklers come into the picture. They help you to water the lawn without any effort from your end and also ensure that the water is evenly distributed. For a lawn sprinkler to be effective, it is equally essential that the head of the sprinkler is good. With a sprinkler system, it is also advisable to use lawn fertilizers.

In this guide, we would be discussing the top 10 best sprinkler heads available in the market as of date, along with a detailed buying guide that will teach you how to choose the perfect one for your lawn.

Top 10 Best Sprinkler Heads In 2023

With a large number of options available today, one may find it difficult to differentiate between the good ones and the bad ones. Here, we have compiled a list of top 10 sprinkler heads along with its reviews.

1 – Voyager II Professional Sprinkler Spray Head by Orbit

Voyager II by Orbit is a sprinkler head that is a perfect choice for medium or large lawns. The radius of the water spray can vary between 25 and 52 feet. This sprinkler head can distribute water evenly and even comes with a removable filter that prevents the formation of debris. The sprinkler head also comes with a spring arch that can be adjusted to swing between 40 to 360 degrees. The compatibility of this sprinkler head is perfect, with a maximum of gear rotor sprinklers.

For equal water distribution in your lawn, the unit also has a pre-installed nozzle that runs at 3 gallons per minute. The adjustable key can further help in adjusting the coverage of the spray to up to 360 degrees. Moreover, the tool is easy to maintain as it is water-lubricated and water-powered.

Key Features

  • Plastic construction
  • 25 to 52-foot spray distance
  • Compatible design
  • Includes bonus nozzles
  • 360-degree adjustable coverage


  • Simple to install
  • Decent coverage
  • Quiet operation
  • Wide compatibility
  • Excellent built


  • Low spray level near the sprinkler

2 – 5000 Series Rotor Sprinkler Head by Rain-bird

Rainbirds features a four-pack of rotor sprinkler heads. It has a ¾ inch inlet and has pre-installed nozzles that make the task of setting them up easier. The arc can be rotated anywhere between 40 to 360 degrees, thus covering a massive area for watering. It can also rotate in a full circle, covering a radius of up to 50 feet.

With the help of this tool, you can also adjust the amount of area you want to water. This is easy to do the process as you only require a screwdriver for its adjustment. The unit also comes with a heavy-duty spring, which ensures a positive outcome.

Key Features

  • 3.0GPM pre-installed nozzle
  • 40 to 360-degree arc rotation
  • Reversible full circle rotation
  • Four rotor sprinkler heads


  • Good construction
  • Value for money
  • Good water pressure
  • Range adjustments
  • Easy to adjust and install


  • The packaging is not good

3 – FP2H Half Pop Up Sprinkler Head by Champion Irrigation

The sprinkler head by Champion Irrigation is a durable tool that, well suited for the irrigation system and is quite resistant to wear and tear. It has a 2-inch half-circle head and has a high-impact abs construction. The wiper seal is sano-prene, and the unit additionally comes with a heavy-duty spring that is made from stainless steel. Furthermore, the precipitation rate is entirely distributed, and the pipe thread inlet has a spacing of 11 to 15 inches. The high-quality sprinkler head also comes with a half-inch pipe thread inlet.

Key Features

  • 2″ Half Circle Underground Sprinkler Head
  • Stainless steel spring
  • Sano-Prene wiper seal
  • 11″ to 15″ spacing


  • Simple to setup
  • Good mid-range option
  • Good ratchet mechanism
  • High impact construction


  • Not suitable for low-pressure watering

4 – XL 5-Inch Pop-Up Adjustable Pattern Rotor Sprinkler System Head by Toro

Toro’s sprinkler head is one of the best options for lawns that are big. Having high compatibility with gear-driven motors, the unit functions in a silent mode, without any noise. The swingarm can be adjusted for watering at angles of 40 to 360 degrees. One can water in a part or full circle.

The sprinkler head has a water-lubricated mechanism along with a wiper seal that keeps the debris and dirt away. The head of the sprinkler has a height of 5 inches that can quickly clear out any obstruction by tall grass. The adjustable screw is made from stainless steel that can support a reduction of 25% radius. The lawn can be watered in different patterns with the help of MPR nozzles.

Key Features

  • 25 To 46 inches Spacing
  • 40 to 360-degree adjustable pattern
  • Three slow Rate nozzles
  • 5″ Popup Height
  • ¾ inch threaded inlet


  • Easy to install
  • Proper coverage
  • Durable product
  • Easy to adjust nozzles


  • Adjusting the pattern is difficult

5 – 1804VAN Professional Pop-Up Sprinkler by Rain Bird

Rain Bird’s Pop-Up Sprinkler is one of the best choices when it comes to sprinkler heads as they come in a box of five. This ensures that you have an immediate replacement in case one break or spoils. The spraying capability of these sprinkler heads is between 20 to 32 feet. The distance can be easily adjusted to the radius that you desire, so as there is no loss of water. The radius can be rotated to 360 degrees that makes it quite suitable for small as well as large farms. The unit is constructed with rain curtain technology, i.e., these units can spray the water evenly on the whole lawn.

Key Features

  • 4-inch pop-up height
  • Spray distance between 8 inches to 15 inches
  • Heavy-duty spring
  • Tapered pop-up neck
  • Pressure-activated wiper seal


  • Strong construction
  • Uniform coverage
  • Decent warranty
  • Adjustable spray


  • Spray distance is less
  • Installation is not easy

6 – 25PJDAC Brass Impact Sprinkler by Rain Bird

Rain Bird is one of the well-known brands for making high-quality sprinkler heads for the past 100 years. The products are known to be highly durable, so you can be assured that they would last for a long time. The sprinkler head has an adjustable radius, giving you complete control over how you want to water your lawn. The unit can be adjusted to spray at an angle of 20 to 360 degrees. The water spray distance is also vast and covers up to 41 feet. Additionally, the adjustable unit can spray in both full or half circle.

Key Features

  • Wide Spray Distance
  • Diffuser Screw
  • Adjustable deflector flap
  • Classic impact sound


  • Affordable
  • Long-lasting
  • Consistent spray
  • Adjustable radius


  • Unsuitable for low pressure

7 – 55461 Voyager 4-Inch Adjustable Pop-Up Sprinkler Spray Head by Orbit

The Voyager 4 by Orbit is an excellent option to go for a medium or large lawn. The spray head has a diameter that can be adjusted between 40 to 80 feet. The coverage can be easily corrected, thus making it useful for watering in large lawns. The unit also has a swing arch that includes an adjustment tool for providing a swing between 40 and 360 degrees.

Moreover, the tool has an easy-to-clean filter that ensures that the water being sprayed is not dirty. The filter can be easily removed and cleaned regularly. The design of the sprinkler head is enclosed to keep debris and dirt out.

Key Features

  • Pack of 2 gear drive sprinkler heads
  • Spray distance of 20 to 40 feet
  • Easy access removable filter
  • 4-inch pop-up height
  • ¾ inch inlet thread


  • Quiet operation
  • Compatibility with several brands
  • Clear instructions
  • Easy to install
  • Uniform coverage


  • Switching the nozzles is not easy

8 – Automatic Lawn Sprinkler System by Tomky

The sprinkler system by Tomky has a high-quality ABS construction, which makes it quite sturdy and durable. There are two different nozzles in the sprinkler system in which you can have different types of spraying patterns for various requirements. There is a quick connector for fixing rubber hose. With this tool, water can be sprayed in 360 degrees rotation and can water your lawn between 26 to 32.8 feet.

The unit can maintain a constant water pressure of 60 PSI, which ensures that water is uniformly distributed in the whole lawn. The three arms for sprinkling ensure even distribution and quick watering to save your time.


  • Durable plastic design
  • Long-lasting and durable
  • Automatic 360-degree rotation
  • Versatile sprinkler
  • Straightforward use


  • Comes in single size adapter

9 – Rotor Heads 5000 Rotor Sprinkler Head by Rain Bird

The rotor heads 5000 is a pack of four-rotor sprinkler heads that have a ¾ inch inlet and pre-installed nozzles for each head, making the process of installation more comfortable and quick. The unit is easily able to cater to vast lawns and farms and can have an arc rotation between 40 to 360 degrees. It can also rotate in a full circle, covering a distance between 25 and 50 feet.

One can easily adjust the covered area for watering by adjusting the top arc with the help of a screwdriver. Additionally, the tool features a heavy-duty spring that ensures a positive and consistent spray.

Key Features

  • Four sprinkler heads
  • Pre-installed nozzle
  • Arc rotation of 40 to 360 degree
  • Reversible full circle rotation


  • Good construction
  • Affordable
  • Spray range can be adjusted
  • Sufficient water pressure
  • Easy to install the rotor


  • Packaging is poor

10 – 167H Pulsating Sprinkler Head by Gilmour

The well-known Gilmour brand brings in sprinkler heads that are durable and are sure to last a couple of years. This easy to use sprinkler head has s diffuser screw at its top, which can help you adjust the spray distance without needing any tools. The maximum spray distance is 43 feet and can be covered to 360 degrees.

This unit also features an impulse arm that can help in reducing the chances of splashes. Thus, the unit waters only in the required areas and not everywhere. This sprinkler head even works in low-pressure situations, particularly useful in case you have limited water supply. This is one of the most affordable options available in the market as of date.

Key Features

  • 4-inch pop-up rotor
  • 40 to 360 degrees arc rotation
  • Heavy-duty spring
  • Pre-installed nozzle
  • Easy arc adjustment


  • Value for money
  • Adjustable radius
  • Suitable for low water pressure
  • Easy to use


  • Quality control issues

Best Sprinkler Heads Buying Guide

The lawn gives healthy and fresh life to your property; however, it is not easy to maintain a thriving and healthy lawn. One of the best ways to ensure its proper growth is by watering them adequately. This can be done by using water sprinklers that can save you time and effort. A critical component of this system is the sprinkler head, which ensures consistent watering in the whole lawn. Sprinkler heads can be of different types, and the one that you use would depend on the type of sprinkler that you have and the lawn for which you require it.

Types Of Sprinkler Heads

To ensure that the lawn is watered correctly and adequately, one needs to be aware of various sprinkler heads that are available. These can be seen below:

Spray Heads

These types of spray heads are also known as fixed spray heads. They spray the water in the shape of a fan and go along the line of the showerhead. These units are generally placed at an equal distance, determining the coverage area of each head. This tool is available with interchangeable nozzles, providing full or half-circle spray patterns, according to your requirement.


These are the sprinkler heads that spray water in the form of rotation. The rotation is done back and forth and is mostly used in pulsating and oscillating sprinklers. They further have a lot of types and options for the heavy-duty task. Rotors can be multi-stream wherein water can flow in multiple streams and are quite fascinating to watch.

Rotary Nozzles

The latest ones to arrive in the market are the rotary nozzles. These have certain similarities with rotors but are comparatively compact and small. They are also more efficient and produce less mist. Mist is something that is not needed and unrequired. They also help you in conserving and preserving water.

Factors to Consider While Buying the Best Lawn Sprinkler Head

There are many options to consider while buying a sprinkler head for the sprinkler in your lawn. Several things need to be kept in mind before purchasing one. Buying one without considering the below factors is not advisable:

Water Pressure

The sprinkler system that is chosen generally depends on the pressure level of the water available in your area. In low-pressure situations, a stationary sprinkler works better, whereas, in a high-water pressure area, a different sprinkler and sprinkler head is required altogether. The capability of the sprinkler head is vital to be considered for different water pressures.


The shape, as well as the area of the lawn, is an essential factor to be considered while choosing a sprinkler head. The unit should be able to cover the maximum area that you need to water. In addition to that, it is also better to consider the region and the type of lawn that you have. One needs to have a sprinkler head that can water the whole lawn consistently.

Long and Narrow: For narrow and long lawns, the sprinkler should be such that it can reach the entire area. For this purpose, oscillating sprinklers are a good option as they are better suited for rectangular lawns.

Small Lawn: For small lawns that do not spread to the edges, the sprinklers that work best are the stationary ones. They are installed using a pipe that is placed at a place from where the entire lawn can be covered, although small lawns can be comparatively easy to maintain. However, the pattern of watering needs to be taken care of so that there is no puddling.

Circular or Curved Area: For circular or lawns with irregular edges, there can be several options in sprinklers. One of the best ones for these types of lawns is the pulsating sprinkler that can cover an area of up to 10,000 square feet.


Once you buy a sprinkler head, it is vital to ensure that the head can be installed quickly and should go well with your sprinkler. The unit needs to be compatible with the sprinkler while ensuring that the process is easy and the instructions are clear and straightforward to follow.


Cost is a crucial factor while deciding which product to buy. It is always better to do a cost-benefit analysis for checking whether you are getting the benefits that are worth the price that you are paying.


The market has several brands and options to choose from when it comes to sprinkler heads. The quality of the brand can be easily checked through different online mediums. The well-known brands are known to make superior products along with providing excellent customer service.

Wiper Seal

The wiper seal is a protection for the sprinkler and sprinkler head that also has certain other advantages. It prevents water leakage, thus avoiding any wastage of water. It also helps to keep debris away from the sprinkler. For long term usage, it is best to go with sprinkler heads that have wiper seals.


The dimensions of the sprinkler head are essential to consider while choosing a sprinkler head. It needs to fit correctly into the sprinkler so that the lawn can be watered appropriately. The height should be such that it can water over the top of the grass as well. Thus, one should consider the dimensions for sure.


The material from which the sprinkler head is made determines how durable the sprinkler head would be and how sturdy it would be. The construction should be such that it lasts for a long time and is quite sturdy. You would not like a sprinkler head that wears out or breaks after some time, and you have to replace it. The different body types or materials used for making sprinkler heads are as follows:

Metal: Most of the traditional sprinkler heads are made from metal. This makes them a safe option as well as quite reliable and durable. The only downside is that they can be quite heavy on the pocket. The usage of this type of sprinklers has decreased as there are much better options available in the market today that are also quite affordable.

Plastic: When plastic sprinkler heads were introduced, they were not very sought-after as they had poor quality and could not sustain for long. However, today, they have advanced to work as good as the metal ones. Moreover, due to the low cost, they have become more popular than the other options.

Hybrid: Some sprinkler heads are also hybrids, i.e., they are made from a combination of plastic and metal. They are generally prepared with plastic bodies and then a metal nozzle. These help in enhancing the watering patterns. It is also an advantage as brass nozzles are more durable and are sure to last long.

Benefits Of Having The Best Lawn Sprinkler

Choosing the correct sprinkler head can be a difficult task, and while you are at it, you might consider dropping the idea to buy a sprinkler head. However, it is worth noting the benefits before that. The advantages of having a sprinkler head are as follows:


Having a sprinkler head automates the entire process of watering the lawn, thus reducing your efforts and enhancing the efficiency of the whole process. One need not worry about how much water is being used or the consistency of the sprinkling across the entire lawn.


Different technologies are introduced to make human work easier and reduce manual work. The same is the purpose of a sprinkler head. It reduces human effort as one does not need to carry the water on their own or take out time to water the lawn. The maximum effort required is to check the system regularly. Thus, lawn maintenance becomes quite easy and convenient.

Uniform Distribution

When you water the lawn manually, you cannot be sure about the lawn being watered consistently or uniformly. However, the sprinkler head ensures that the distribution is uniform, and the whole lawn is watered evenly. The systematic distribution allows you to maintain the consistency levels and have peace of mind while your lawn is watered. The lawn is watered in the correct amount, which can be automated according to requirements. They also ensure that water reaches all parts of the lawn.

Water Conservation

With sprinkler head, water is conserved, and there is minimum wastage. Thus, it helps in the conservation of water and helps the environment. In contrast, when the lawn is watered manually, there might be a lot of wastage due to excess watering or spilling. Even efficiency is enhanced in this way.


Many sprinkler heads might have a customization option that can be adjusted according to the type of lawn that you have and the requirement of the lawn. The type of sprinkler determines this. Sprinklers can be stationary or oscillating. The perfect sprinkler head would be able to give you the best performance with minimal wastage.


With the increasingly busy lives of people, it is better to get maximum help from the least number of resources. In this regard, many sprinkler heads not only help in watering the lawns but also take care of your plants and flowers. This helps you in maintaining the lawn and reduces your effort and time.

Value Addition

The sprinkler and sprinkler head add value to the lawn by keeping it in good shape and ultimately adds value to the property. This is an excellent advantage for you in the long run.


The sprinkler head is a safe option to water your lawn in comparison to watering the lawn on your own. It would not cause harm to you or the kids. Instead, it might be fun to play while the lawn gets watered.


The sprinkler head is a cost-effective option as compared to other options. The plastic ones are particularly cheap and additionally save a lot of water. Thus, it is also suitable for budget-sensitive people.

Frequently Asked Questions for the Best Sprinkler Heads

How do I choose the best sprinkler heads?

Many considerations need to be kept in mind before choosing the perfect sprinkler head for your lawn. However, the main factors that impact the type of sprinkler head that you want are the watering area of your lawn as well as the dimensions. The watering area determines if you need a sprinkler head that has a short or long-range. Similarly, in case the water pressure available with you is good, like 60 PSI, the watering level would be quite useful. In case water pressure is below 30 PSI in your area, there would be a different sprinkler head required, or you might need to reduce the rate of precipitation.

How does an impact sprinkler head work?

The working of an impact sprinkler head is different from other types of sprinkler heads — the head of the sprinkler pivots above the attached nut on the top. With the force of outgoing water, the head moves circularly. The arm of the sprinkler is pushed in the water with the help of the spring. The water is then distributed uniformly on the lawn. You can adjust the position of limiting collars. Thus, it helps in directing the water in a full circle pattern or into less coverage. They can be adjusted by simply twisting the collars with your fingers.

How do you adjust an impact sprinkler head?

A sprinkler ensures that the lawn receives the correct amount of water consistently. For this purpose, it is vital to take care that the sprinkler head is adequately adjusted. Otherwise, it might lead to puddles or a situation of over-watering in specific areas of the lawn. In impact sprinklers, the radius cannot be adjusted. However, the arc can be improved. The clamps can be squeezed with bare hands or with the help of pliers. First, turn the head of the sprinkler towards the left and then squeeze and rotate it till it reaches the tab that extends down. You can adjust the remaining clamp in the same way.

How long do sprinkler heads last?

The life of a sprinkler head varies according to the quality of the product as well as its features. A sprinkler system that is of high quality and has been appropriately installed is sure to last between 10 to 15 years if you maintain it regularly. Following this way, you would not incur any high costs before this period.

How far apart do you put your sprinkler heads?

The space that you put between the sprinkler heads is something extraordinary. In case you place the sprinkler heads too close, the lawn might get overwatered at overlapping areas and thus cause waterlogging. Similarly, keeping the spacing too high can lead to brown spots in your lawn, i.e., some parts might remain dry and damage the grass. The nozzle in the head has a significant role to play in this regard. For even and uniform distribution, the sprinkler heads need to be placed at a distance of 15 feet on average.


Watering systems such as sprinklers play a significant role in automating the process of watering the lawns and reducing your efforts. In this article, you are sure to find the perfect fit for your lawn and understand the points to be kept in mind before you make your purchase.