Husqvarna 128LD Review

We know that time is a precious asset for all of us. In today’s modern age, no one has time to take care of their garden themselves because grass cutting is a time-consuming task. Trimmers are challenging to handle and maintain as experienced by professionals like us. That’s why here at Home Gear Expert, we have provided you with the detail of our experience with the Husqvarna 128LD detachable gas string trimmer. After trying out multiple gas-powered string trimmers, we found this one as the best gas string trimmer

It will work smartly and consume significantly less time. With the feature of the fast start and incredible versatility, we recommend you to buy this trimmer. You can use it as a multi-tool for your yard. We know when you look online; you will get a vast number of trimmers, which differ in their features or colors. Selecting the right one for you is crucial. That’s why below is the short review article on this trimmer. Have a look to know about the detail.

Key Features

As clear from the name, it is a gas string trimmer or a weed eater. The nice build-up with a 28 cc engine and a cutting width of 17 inches makes it a durable trimmer. It allows you to add 11 different lawn care attachments to the head. You can double it up as a hedge trimmer, edger, tree pruner, etc. The engine of the trimmer runs on a mixture of unleaded gas and 2-cycle oil. The given mixing bottle has all the instructions on it.

You don’t have to worry about replacing the trimmer line. Husqvarna 128LD is designed with a T25 trimmer head, which is simple and easy to reload. While working, it is tough to check the fuel level of the tank. But with this trimmer, your problem has been solved. It has a translucent tank that allows you to monitor the level of fuel while working. The straight shaft design of the trimmer helps you to reach the hard-to-reach spots and underneath the bushes.

By using the air purge primer bulb, you can remove the unwanted air from the fuel system as well as the carburetor. In case you have a compact space in your tools room, you can easily place this trimmer. It has a detachable shaft that can be removed while storing or traveling. The trimmer uses Smart Start Technology for convenient starting. The robust and braided trimmer line cuts the grass sharply and neatly.


Detachable Shaft- The detachable shaft of the trimmer provides you with easy transportation and storage. While storing it, you can remove the shaft and store it in a compact place.

Quick Line Release- While working, the Tap N’ Go trimmer head of the trimmer allows you to quickly open the new trimmer line by just tapping the trimmer head against the grass.

Smart Technology- The smart start technology makes it simple to start the trimmer. With this advanced technology, the starter cord resistance gets reduced by 40%, and the engine gets warm and starts quickly.

Translucent Tank- One of the unique features of this trimmer is that it has a translucent fuel tank. The benefit of this type of tank is that you can see the level of fuel without stopping your work.


Some problems can be faced while using this trimmer. It is not possible to rotate the head of the trimmer while idling. Also, it would be compelling in some places in your yard. The other issue which may lead to the low-rating of the product can be the adjustment joint. It is made of plastic and is pre-split down each side. Lastly, as this is a gas-powered weed eater we kind of see this as a con for consumers. Only due to the fact there are battery-powered alternatives available on the market as well.

Who Is It Suitable For?

The people who want to take care of their garden regularly should buy this trimmer. It has many wonderful features, which are why we prefer you to buy this tool. It is easily portable and has a translucent fuel tank. The Tap N’ Go trimmer head operates for the quick release of the trimmer while working. It is an ideal trimmer for homeowners who want a reliable tool to handle brush, branch, and lawn care.

Why Do We Like It? 

We have preferred our customers to buy it because of the lightweight and hard-working design of the trimmer. The Smart Start Technology that it uses reduces 40% of resistance required to start the engine. You can operate and maintain this trimmer like a pro. Your garden is going to have smooth and precise grass cutting. It will look beautiful, and your neighbors are going to ask you the reason behind it.