Best Automatic Gate Opener: January 2023 – Top 10 Reviews & Guide

When looking for the best automatic gate opener quite a few things are important. Most people want to get in control of who enters your property by acquiring an automatic gate opener. Here we took our team of professionals for an in-depth look on automatic gate openers and got you covered in your search for one.

Top 10 Best Automatic Gate Opener of 2023 by category

Why Trust Us?

When looking for the best automatic gate opener we worked with several security professionals and constructors. With their help we tested over 62 different automatic gate openers which we narrowed down to a top 10 you can trust.

For privacy and extra protection, automatic gate openers are very useful for house owners. These openers are brilliant for surveillance purposes but also save you time. Due to the high price many of us often think that it is a waste of expenditure, but in the long run, it isn’t. For any traditional gates, homeowners have to appoint extra security guards, but in case you are using these automatic gates, you will save money.

Automatic Gates can be made of different materials like aluminum, stainless steel, plastic, etc. Depending on the gate type, the house owners can choose which type of gate opener they want to go for. These secured openers can be of various types like slide gates, automatic gate repair, security gates, etc.

Quick overview (comparison)

Opener NameBest for LengthMax Weight
Ghost Controls TDS2XP24 ft300 lbs
E8 500M Stainless Steel30 ft1250 lbs
Mighty Mule FM50018 ft850 lbs
Mighty Mule EZGO-Solar16 ft550 lbs
ALEKO AC1400NOR40 ft1400 lbs
USAutomatic 020320 Sentry 30020 ft400 lbs
E8 400MM Stainless Steel26 ft1200 lbs
Mighty Mule MM36016 ft550 lbs
CO-Z Automatic40 ft1400 lbs
Mighty Mule MM560 18 ft850 lbs

1 – Ghost Controls TDS2XP Duty Heavy Automated Dual Gate (Best Pick 🥇)

“The Ghost Controls TDS2XP is probably the best gate opener we’ve been installing last years. The reliability is just awesome and they are known for their high quality”, says Justin Jagemann, Project Foreman at Parker Custom Security in NY.

It is a binary automated gate opening solution for any gates up to 20 ft. This is an advanced gate opener system that is designed as a perfect home solution and replaces your old gate for the better. These are very easy to install.

The entire kit consists of two operating gate arms, a control box with a binary control board system; two surcharged remote controls for transmission, a transformer for Ac, gate brackets (AXPO) and a user guide. All hardware tools for installing are also there in this kit. Even with the help of standard tools available at home, you can also install this setup.

You don’t have to worry about electrical consumption as it does not need a high voltage of electricity. Even during the installation or wielding, they do not consume much electrical connectivity. With the DIY kit you can install it with ease. The whole gate system can work on a power range of a 12volt battery, but unfortunately, it is not included in the kit.

 A distinctive battery box is included, which is lockable and can remove acid leakages. This kind of leakage will otherwise affect the system control board. Solar energy can be utilized for the gate operation as it has a solar panel kit. However there is a limited lifetime warranty guaranteed on the motor and gear assembling.

Key Features

  • Quick to install
  • Advanced gate opener
  • Warranty of limited lifetime on motor and gear
  • Fast operation
  • Remote control, gate brackets, manual, etc. packed inside
  • Solar power capable
  • Battery 12 volts works
  • Battery box ABBT included


  • The superior quality of hardware
  • Excellent arm controlling features
  • Very easy to program the control panel
  • You can also add other things like vehicle sensors, open buttons, etc
  • A complete value for money product


  • You might take a long time to install it. A user guide is very beneficial
  • Few consumers have opined syncing the control panel with the remote controls of old cars can be a difficult task

2 – TOPENS PW502 Automatic Gate Opener Kit

These are specially designed with a wired keypad (ST-120) gate system. By a single screw method you can safely install this system without any problems. It is extremely reliable. There is a presence of manual keys for further user benefits. The built of 500mm stroke is used for the construction of these openers, ensuring it will last for a long time. The entire gate can work on battery power both AC & DC Outages. If you want, you can also use solar energy for the gate operation.

This is suitable for gates up to 30-35 feet and approximately 125lbs. You will also get a manufacturer warranty with this product for a whole year. The things included in this kit are (2) Stainless Steel Arm (500mm), single Wire keypad ST-120, single IR safety Beam, 1 Exit Button, one controlling box (D1 Control Board), three remotes transmitter units accompanied with a receiver and single transformer 110AC-16VAC.

Additional items are one extra 7AH lead Battery, two removal Keys, two pairs of brackets for primary and secondary each, two-door gripping brackets, and a manual.

Key Features

  • Wired keypad (St120)
  • Safe to use
  • Easy to install
  • Reliable
  • For gates 30-35 ft
  • Warranty 1 year
  • Extra batteries included
  • Long-lasting


  • An amazing control panel system
  • Brilliantly designed gate opener
  • If you want you can put an invisible dog fence loop as well on it so that it becomes safe for your pets.
  • Easy to install and the gates operate smoothly
  • It is an affordable product as compared to any hiring professional


  • There is no timer facility with which the gate can be operated every day at a specific time. Moreover, an external timer cannot be added.

3 – Mighty Mule MM371W Automatic Gate Opener (SMART)

“Mighty Mule is both a professional and consumers pick for a good quality gate which is easy to install”, says Bryan Smith, an installer at KTM Door Control Inc.

One of the great things of this gate opener are that it has a sturdy built and that is is very easy to install. This Mighty Mule opener can easily handle a gate with a size range of 17-18 feet and a gate that weighs approximately 850 pounds.

Even any gate design can be well adjusted with this opener starting from ornamental style or panel, vinyl chain, wood, etc. You can install the gate set up without hiring an electrician or professional.

Only a simple click is needed for your gate to open. It also comes with a user kit with a DVD where the installation process is explained step by step. There are various items that come along with the kit: transmitter (1), battery, hardware tools for mounting, AC transformer 18 Volt, and a manual.

Another reason to go for this gate opener is the auto on and shutting down process which takes around (0-120 seconds approx). There is a secondary battery included in the kit which can be used while energy consuming with the help of solar energy.

If you want any low voltage wire or open brackets to attach with it, it is possible. They are sold separately by the manufacturers. A warranty of 18 months is also promised by the builders which is a nice benefit for the customers.

Key Features

  • Sturdy built
  • Easy installation
  • Gate size 17-18 ft
  • Any kind of gate type is suitable
  • User kit includes DVD, battery, hardware tool, etc
  • Auto turn on-off; timer
  • Secondary battery accompanied


  • One of the most durable gate openers
  • Long-lasting
  • The solar panel is excellent consisting of 5 watts
  • Control panel has a nice setup
  • Alarm facility is there for auto on and close
  • A bolt of the hardware does not need any extra wielding.


  • Few customers have opined the batteries of the remote control is not very effective and long-lasting
  • Control panel operation by multiple pressing of keys can be another disadvantage noticed by some users.

4 – Mighty Mule Automatic Solar EZGO Gate Opener

A compact designed automatic gate opener specially manufactured for those who use the gate many times a day. The specialty of this opener system is the usage of solar energy into an automatic battery.

There is the presence of a 10w solar panel for using solar heat as power energy. So you can use both AC and a solar system for the gate operation. So in any case of a power outage, you don’t have to worry about the gate operation. These gate openers are suitable for all types of gates including panel, vinyl, wood, etc. with a length of approx 16 ft long and 550 lbs.

This kit contains all the necessary tools and an instructional DVD that explains how to instill it so you don’t need any help from an electrician or professional. The manufacturers have provided a one year warranty and additional technical support which is very handy.

Users can get residential power efficiency for the tax credit by 30%. The house residents can utilize this credit on accessories or installation. The manufacturers grant an additional warranty of 12 months on this product with friendly customer assistance.

Key Features

  • Compact and sleek
  • Suitable for all types of design
  • Electric gate opener
  • Size of the gate should be 16 ft or 550 lbs
  • Solar panel system
  • Battery Ac 12 volt
  • Easy operation
  • Fast in service
  • Technical support
  • One year warranty


  • Value for money product
  • An effortless and convenient way to install
  • Quiet descent 24*7 customer support for technical troubleshooting
  • The instructions provided in the manual are straightforward to follow during installation
  • The durability of the aluminum brackets are also a favorable thing for opting this item


  • Some users have opined that heavy rain can affect the gate opener. However, you can weatherproof it according to your requirement
  • Opening and closing the gate is a bit slow, according to some costumers.

5 – ALEKO Driven Chain Gate Slider

An exclusively designed gate chain drive for opening and closing operation of the gates. It can be suitable for any gate design that weighs approximately 1400 and is 40 feet tall. You can use the programmable remote codes for operating the gates. The remote capability is fantastic.

 It supports the distance range very nicely. If you want, you can also use an external receiver for this purpose, though it is sold separately. The firm built of the gate opener consists of Aluminum alloy chassis. This ensures that the gate opener will be light, but it will be resistant of corrosion. For any safety, the manufacturers have designed this model in such a way that it will stop automatically if there is any blockage or obstruction.

The Aleko Ac 1400 kit includes the following things; single AC 110V motor, (2) remote controls, single 20-foot chain, and a brilliant user guide. This user manual is used for installation purposes; it contains all the steps that are easy to follow. You can use the automated vacuum cleaners to clean the sliding doors easily if they are dirty or dusty.

Key Features

  • Gate chain drive
  • All designed gates compatible
  • Remote sensor capability
  • Aluminum alloy
  • Strong
  • Durable
  • Auto-stop when blocked
  • Ac motor, chain, etc. included in the kit
  • Helpful user guide


  • Very easy to install watching the videos
  • Advanced and high-quality materials used
  • Affordable and value for money. You don’t have to hire any professional to install this so that the extra money can be saved too.
  • Smooth gate operation can be achieved
  • Oxidizing metal base can be quick


  • Few consumers have opined that the motor quality is not adequate. At times users have to control these gate operations manually.
  • The base of the product is not that great, and it might rust after oil painting as observed by some users.
  • The technical support is not super helpful 

6 – US Automatic Grade Commercial Gate Automatic Opener

It has been manufactured as a commercial-grade opener which can be installed super easily. The control panel is pre-assembled. A simple plugin with the automatic security gate can make you install it properly. You won’t have to use any wire or cable for the installation. Hence there is no rocket science technique that you have to go through while installation. It can work both with battery and solar power energy.

There is a robust solar panel in the control box system which can trap solar power for its consumption. However, if you are using the battery, it should be 12 volts Dc pattern. Opening and closing of the gate take very less time consuming, which is like 15 seconds maximum. High-grade quality products have been used for the composition of this gate opener.

Quick-mounting is possible with this. Any farm gate type can fit in with this provided the length should be 20 ft in length. There are presences of smart remote sensor which can be operated without getting down from your car. For superb rapid installation, a wire is also included in the kit which has a length of 50 ft and a universal adapter. If you love doing DYI projects for your house, this product is apt for you and worth the money value. The universal adapter also helps in the smart push and pulls gate operating technology.

For any ornamental gate measuring a length of 12 feet or farm gates of 20 ft approximately can fit firmly with this automated gate opener. The manufacturers cover a 3-year warranty for both repair and replacement purposes.

Key Features

  • Suitable for any gate design
  • Easy to install
  • Pre-assembled control panel
  • Solar energy and battery backup both
  • Battery 12 volt DC
  • High-grade product
  • Smooth operation
  • Closing and opening within 15 seconds
  • Quick mounting
  • Value for money
  • Ornamental, farm gates can be fit
  • Three-year warranty guaranteed


  • Brilliant gate opener with friendly customer assistance
  • High-grade quality products used for the unit
  • Long-lasting and reliable opener


  • Few users have found there is slow gate opening and closing operation with loud annoying noise
  • It is an expensive item as compared to other similar security gate openers.

7 – E8 Stainless 400 MM Gate Automatic Opener

The automatic gate operating system consists of a stainless coating of 400mm, ensuring long-lasting characteristics. It can easily fit into any barrier that has the length dimension of 26 feet with an open leaf till 2. The gate can weigh approximately 1200 lbs. For further reliability, the manufacturers have induced a screw driving technique for the operation. However, the presences of manual keys enable you to regulate it smoothly.

The product works great with both the AC and DC battery back power. You can also trap the solar energy for its power consumption as there is the presence of solar panel in the circuit board. During a power outage, you won’t have to face any difficulties with the gate operation. The screw-driven mechanism of the motor enables the gate to open and close quite smoothly and quickly.

 The things which are included in the kit are a single controller box, Receiver, transmitter units (3), Wall brackets, etc. A simple user guide with instructional steps for installation. You will get a one year warranty with this product for any support or repair.

Key Features

  • Automatic function
  • Long-lasting steel construction
  • Fits in any gates
  • The dimension of gates L 26 FT AND w 1200 lbs
  • Smooth operation
  • Screw-driven motor
  • Ac transformer, guide, etc. included in the kit
  • Works with AC and Dc
  • Solar power control panel induced
  • Battery back up
  • 1-year warranty


  • Excellent gate opener
  • It can work brilliantly with closing and opening at the same place
  • Heavy arms ensure the advanced quality of the product
  • Smooth and calm gate operation
  • The remote sensor works quite well from a distance


  • A few users have complained about the slow movement of the gates
  • The screws should have been thicker
  • Durability can be an issue

8 – Mighty Mule Duty Medium Operation For Gates (Black)

It is a brand new model designed with dual sensors technology for smooth performance. These gate openers ensure safety standards. Ideal for medium swing single gates which are 16 ft and weighs approximately 550 lbs.

Any property owner who likes to go for DIY projects should go for these security gates. It comes with the user manual and DVD instructions with simple steps for installation. If your gate is constructed of chain link or wood etc. this automated product works with that. There is a single remote button for clicking the operations safely. Other vital components in the kit are an ac transformer and a controller box.

You can charge the gates preferably with a battery of 12 volts. Both automotive and marine batteries work well with these gates. However, a solar panel is also installed in it for trapping the sun’s energy to operate the openers. The manufacturers have provided 24-hour customer care assistance for technical purposes.

Key Features

  • Dual sensor
  • Is safe
  • Swinging gates medium
  • Black in color
  • DIY property
  • Gate dimension- L 16 ft W- 550 Lbs
  • Easy manual instructions
  • Remote sensitivity
  • Battery 12 volt
  • Solar energy
  • 24 hour of technical care assistance


  • You can get a cleaner installation by following the easy, user-friendly tips in the manual
  • It is worth it looking at the value of the product
  • The whole control system carries the circuit board without separation which makes it faster to install


  • A few users have observed that the battery life is less and you may have to spend extra money on them
  • Wire handling can be hard at times as tangling is a problem which has been noticed by some consumers

9 – CO-Z Sliding Automatic Hardware Gate Security Opener

The exclusive stainless steel used to create these strong gate openers is highly suitable for all gate types that have a length of 40 ft approx with the extra chain around 20 ft and weigh 1400 lbs on average. A potent motor is incorporated in the gate system which can work smoothly with a rapid speed of 43ft/min without creating annoying vibrating sounds. The calculation of sound is below 56db. So you can understand how smooth and silent this gate opener will be when you successfully install it.

There is the presence of a timer that enables you to automatically open and close your gate at the time you wished for. It takes around 36 seconds maximum to regulate it. At your convenience and preference, you can also add 23 seconds to 25 seconds if you wish the gate needs to take a longer time to open for you.

Another brilliant feature of the security system is the functionality of the remote sensors. It can range within 100 ft. In that case, getting out of your car is not required, your gate can still be operated. The remote sensor has four buttons for opening and closing techniques.

The manufacturers have constructed this design regarding the extreme safety of the users and of course, the long term durability. Aluminum base is used for its composition with copper gears, and CE Guidelines certify the whole set up. Security of the remote code is protected by RF hopping technology so hackers can’t access your gate code quickly.

Key Features

  • Ideal for all designs gate
  • Gate length 40 ft and width 1400 lbs
  • Robust motor
  • Auto close and on the timer
  • Durable
  • Automatic sliding gate opener
  • High-end steel, aluminum, and copper used
  • Safe
  • Durable
  • Remote sensor unique
  • No hackers can access
  • RF hopping Technology induced
  • CE certified


  • It is lightweight, small in size with a brilliant performance
  • Affordable and great value for money product
  • Customization of mounts and brackets are possible


  • Setting up the sensor could be a bit difficult
  • An instruction manual is not as beneficial as hyped
  • Few users have opined support system of these openers is not good

10 – Mighty Mule Single Opener Gate Kit

It is the brand new advanced gate operating system exclusively designed with dual sense motion. A heavy-duty designed property for your swinging gates which weighs 850 lbs and18 ft approximately in height. This is very suitable for users who would like DIY things.

A detailed manual guide and a DVD are included in the kit so you can install it easily. You can use this automated opener for all gate designs like ornamental or tube or chain links etc. With a simple click on the remote, you can operate the gate door. A battery of 12 volts is sufficient for the operation.

There are a few things which are included in the kit like; hardware tools, instructions, ac transformer, etc. Solar energy can be smartly trapped to use it through solar power as it contains the solar panel. The manufacturers have provided a warranty of 18 months with this item and also friendly technical assistance for installation.

You can maintain these door gates effectively by dusting and cleaning with automated pool cleaners if you want.

Key Features

  • DIY gate opener
  • Single operation through remote
  • Battery 12 volt
  • All gate design ideal
  • Fits in 18 ft length and 850lbs in weight
  • Solar panel construction
  • Easy to install
  • Instruction DVD provided
  • Warranty 18 months
  • Technical support


  • High-quality products used in the built
  • It is very much budget-friendly
  • Using the DVD for installing it is easy and saves the money for hiring professionals
  • Power outage can’t affect its operation


  • A few users have opined that there were gate open and close issues after installing this
  • Sensors could have been better constructed
  • Some customers have also complained about the battery life.

It is self-evident that in comparison to traditional gates, the automated gates are more useful both for security and other purposes. For the readers, it is essential to read all specifications, comparisons, etc. before purchasing an automated gate opener for your house.

Buying guide

The entire procedure is controlled by the brain of the gate opener, which is the control board that is placed beside the gate post near the gate hinge. The hinge is the place where we need the power to be triggered. The trigger is the instruction the control box receives with the help of the remote or keypad. The automatic gate opener is a must-have for some places with regards to convenience and safety. It is a subjective choice that is getting more and more advanced and becoming a popular favorite for a lot of people.

Factors to consider before buying an automatic gate opener

Purchasing a product like this . It is a significant investment and one that is supposed to be with you for a long time. You cannot choose it without checking on the necessary things, and the list is long. It is a time-consuming choice, and the same needs to be done in a systematic process. Let us take a look at some of the factors that must be considered to make the right and most efficient choice:

Type Of Gate

The first and foremost consideration is the type of gate you have installed at your home. The gate opener will differ depending upon the kinds of barriers. Each type of gate has its type of specifications, and the brand cannot be ignored. If the gate opener is bought without considering the type of gate, the entire investment will go to waste, and the purpose of the purchase is not efficient. Below are the two common types of gates:

Swing Gate

A swing gate is one that operates in the same way as the door of a house or room. It swings backward and then back to the closed position. The swinging can be operated in two different ways. There can be a swing arm turner that extends arms from the entrance to open it, or it could be opened by using the ram arms which use the pistons that are operated by jackscrews or hydraulic.

Slide Gate

The gate in which glide is termed as sliding gates. These sliding gates open to one side and they usually have wheels beneath them. The automatic sliding gate opener will regularly use a chain at the bottom which will be connected to the control box which will receive the instruction to open and closes the gate. The specifics needed for the gate opener in this type of gate are different than what a swing gate needs.

Type Of Swing

If you have a swing gate, there are a lot of things that you would have to consider. One of those things is to check what type of swing your gate has. There is a specific gate opener for single swing and double swing gates and the operator works in a way that the gates operate and open with the utmost ease.

Length Of Gate

In the case of the sliding gate, you need to know the length of the gate. How long is the entrance and how much do you need for it to open up to. The gate opener will accordingly have that much chain for operating the wheels of the sliding gate. There are good gate openers that can efficiently work for almost 12 feet gates. The length should be taken with precision because your chain length will determine the operation of the gate opener. Make a choice wisely and after double-checking.

Weight Of The Gate

Not all gates are the same, and there are gates made out of different types of materials. You need to determine how massive the gateway is for which you need the gate opener. There is a certain weight up to which a gate opener can pull automatically. Some gates can be particularly onerous, especially the ones made up of wrought iron, you need to explicitly check if the gate opener can handle that much weight. There are good gate openers that can handle up to 850 pounds.

Does It Open Easily

You need to be aware of the operation of your current gate. Is the entrance in good condition, or is it a low-quality gate that works difficult and opens with disruptions as it is? Ff your gate doesn’t open easily just because of the weight, then you can choose a gate opener that is made for massive gates.

Columns Of The Gate

The columns of the gate are a crucial aspect that needs to be considered before a gate opener is purchased. Most of the gate openers will be attached at the column of your gate, and that will be the operating point for the gate opener. The existing columns of the gate must be strong and sturdy for the gate opener to work nicely. The gate opener will also be in line with the length and space that the columns of the gate have.

Power Required

Many different gate opener brands offer different power options to operate your gate. You need to decide which option you want to choose for opening the gate. It could be powered by using power from an ac transformer, solar panels, or even battery backups. There is also an option to choose all three so that your gate is operational in all cases. Even during the time of power outage, most gate openers will leave the gate to be in default close or open position.

AC Power

You can choose for your gate opener to be powered by the alternating current. For this option, you need to ensure a couple of things. There should be working electricity in the location of your gate, if not it should be viable to extend the electrical connection on to the gate area. There are some outstanding options like Aleko ac1400 through which the gate will be operated by using the electric power from your electrical primary.


The power can back the automatic gate opener from the solar panels. There are gate openers like ghost controls tss1xp that operate using the naturally available solar energy for opening gates. It is a very Eco-friendly option, and with modern advancements, solar power can also be saved for when the sun is not up. Apart from this, it is also an economical option which saves on your electrical bills by not using electricity.

Battery Backup

Almost all gate openers have a battery backup. For cases when the gate is not operating on the power it is based on, the backup battery is supposed to kick in and keep the gate going. There are also options to charge these batteries and have them operate for an entire day. It makes your gate opener a lot more safe and reliable alternative.

Use Frequency

The type of gate opener you need will also depend on how much you use the gate. The power and durability your gate opener needs are dependent on how much you plan to use it. If your gateway needs to be opened a lot frequently, then you need to choose a gate opener with a higher power frequency to facilitate that. Also, your gate opener will need to be sturdy to be able to handle the constant wear and tear from the user.

Safety Measures

A gate is massive, and it is an entrance to your house. You are planning to install the automatic gate opener which will enable opening and shutting the gate automatically. It involves a lot of safety and security risk factors. You need to ensure that the gate opener that you have chosen has the built-in necessary safety measures which will assure you of being at peace after the gate is installed.


What does your gate opener do when there is an obstacle in the middle while it’s closing? This is an important thing to check and make a note of. Most of the automatic gate openers, just like any other electrically operated object, will reverse back into its original open position if it meets any human or material objects. Always check what the gate opener you intend to buy does.

Auto Close

This is a critical built-in feature that you might look for in an gate opener. In cases where you have forgotten to shut the gate back after using it, this feature is very useful. It will automatically shut the gate after the stipulated time if the sensors don’t detect any obstruction or obstacle stopping it from closing back. This feature brings in additional safety for your house.

Loop Detectors

The loop detectors can be best described as the magnetic fields that are placed right underground and do the job of detecting any metal obstruction. It then sends the signals to the operating board, preventing the gate from closing or opening. This feature creates an additional safety measure, which is very important to avoid any accidents or. There are various types of loops, let us take a look at some:

Exit Loops

These are located far from the gates. The usual distance is around 20 yards. Their job is to detect the presence of any vehicle or metallic appearance that is exiting from the property. The gate opens for the cars to pass through without any issue or manual intervention.

Safety Loops

These are the loops that are placed on the path of the gate which works to detect any obstruction that might come in between during the closing of the gate. In this case, the signal from the loops will make the gate reverse back to open and then close back after the obstruction is dealt with. It ensures there are no crashes.

Shadow Loops

The logic behind the shadow loops is according to the length of the gate. If the length of the gate is more significant than the size of an average car, then one can consider installing shadow loops which will work to open or shut the gate when the shadowy presence of the vehicle appears.

Entry Loops

Entry loops are not in place for security reasons. These are placed to let the cars inside by sensing their metals through these loops. These are usually preferred by people who don’t have security as a significant concern as entry loops can allow any car in.


The automatic gate opener is a good investment, and as with any device, the warranty is a good thing to consider. The warranty covers a lot of areas for you. Choose a high-quality gate opener that has excellent durability, but there is no guarantee that it will work without issues and there can be unforeseen problems. It is always better to be covered by a warranty.


The automatic gate opener is operated from a control box which is the brain of the entire operation. Usually, people choose an automatic gate operator, which has a straightforward interface. People typically use the installation for their home, because it should be easy to install. It is logical that people do not prefer a problematic or complicated interface.


For all tools or devices you purchase, you should always think about the brand that you choose. The working, assurance, and durability of the automatic gate opener will depend upon the brand of the product. Never rely only on the brand either, make your choice with the brand value in mind. Choosing the gate opener of the brand that is new and completely unknown would be a significant risk.

Cost And Reviews

When choosing any device which is a big investment and also a vital security investment, you need to check the reviews before you make a choice. What does the consumer say about the product is something that will give you an honest opinion about the product. The cost is always an essential factor for any purchase. Once you have listed down all the things you need from the gate opener, check the one that fits your budget plus needs.

Benefits of an automatic opener for your gate

There can be a conundrum regarding whether you need the gate opener or not. To solve this, you need to know the various benefits that you need from your gate opener. What is it that you will gain from it. Let us discuss some of the benefits you can get from using an automatic gate opener:


The first and foremost benefit from installing an automatic gate opener is the fantastic amount of satisfaction it brings along with it. Whether you consider the situation for when it is raining, and you need to leave the house or about how it makes leaving and entering the house easier.

Security Measures

By installing the automatic gate opener, the security measures increase for you. The gate openers come with inbuilt features that ensure additional security. Installing an automatic gate opener in itself means creating a secure environment for your house where intervention is difficult. With other security features, the level of ease increases.


Installing essentially means that you have just increased the aesthetic value of the house. It looks aesthetically lovely, beautiful and also gives a slick look to the entrance of your home. Most corporations like to choose these to increase their brand value and appearance for their corporate offices.


An automatic gate opener makes your place a lot more safe than houses without one. No one can enter the house unless the gate is opened by you. If there is any obstruction while shutting the gate due to a new vehicle, the entrance is set to a default mode and prevents accidents and crashes too. The controls can be changed to include or exclude the auto shut feature.


All gate openers should be durable devices. The wear and tear can also be covered under the various warranty options that it comes with. By choosing the warranty option, you virtually ensure that the device is replaced if there is an issue with its function.


The gate openers are usually pretty affordable, and the cost will not put a big hole in your pocket. You must, however, ensure that you choose the gate opener which offers the necessary features along with the cost. Selecting a warranty will also ensure that the product is guaranteed to be replaced at a reasonable price as well.


Installing an automatic gate opener makes your presence or house a lot more private. No one can enter your premises without you knowing about it. What happens beyond the gate does not directly impact your privacy. Also the happenings of your home do not become public due to the closed and controlled structure of the gate opener.

Easy To Use

Most gate openers have easy controls and are made so that they can be operated with ease and no difficulties. Anyone can use the gates and learn their functioning with ease. The gate opener also saves effort to have an additional guard as you don’t need to be guarded. The gate, when shut is an automatic guard as it can’t be opened.

Type Of Gate Openers

The various gate openers are also decided based on the kind of control they have. It means that the gate openers primarily operate based on the operation mode. What is the source trigger for these gate openers? There at multiple options and you can check all of them and then decide to the opener that fits you best.

Remote Control

One of the methods to operate the gate is based on the remote control. This is the most traditional and also the most common way that is preferred everywhere due to its straightforward approach. There have been a lot of advancements even with regards to remotely operated gate openers, but most people still prefer the two-button battery operated remotes or even the one-button remote which has just an open and close facility.


The remotes discussed in the above can be operated through a couple of methods, and one of the ways is the radiofrequency. The signal here is not fast, and hence, these are not usually the preferred option to operate the remote. There can be some disturbances, and the action is not as quick as it would be in other available options.


Another option using the remote can be handled or operated is by using Bluetooth. The Bluetooth is a preferred option to work the remote due to it’s faster response time. Bluetooth is the best choice if the distance is not too long and if you need a quick, clear response. Choose Bluetooth if your gate is not at a very far distance and be assured of the fastest possible service.


The last option through which the remote can be operated is infrared. This technology needs to be built. It is cost-effective and also lasts a very long time. That makes this technology an excellent option to consider. However, there is a downside to infrared. The infrared which triggers the remote needs to be pointed directly at the main point of the gate where the signal is located. Usually, the receiver of the signal is located at the bottom or extreme side of the automatic gate and pointing to it directly is a task.


Another method to open the gate is by using the keypad. Here, there will be a code that will need to be typed in to open the gate and cannot be opened without it. It is a more secure choice. Also, the keypad type control has to be checked to be in line with the choice of motor for the gate. The keypad usually has a 3-6 digit code, and there is an option to change the code as well. People typically prefer this when they don’t want to bother about carrying the key of the house along with them.

The choice for the mode of operation of the gate will eventually depend on the comfort and security you feel is best with each of the options available. The choice is subjective, but the right decision can only be made when you are aware of all the possibilities.

Frequently Asked Questions

While there must be numerous questions, the above article has covered most of the points in detail. We have tried to answer a few more questions below for your ease and comfort:

How much does it cost to install an automatic gate opener?

Automatic gate openers are substantial device installations, and they require quite a bit of work. The cost also varies with regards to the features that you wish to install in the gate. You also need to bear in mind that this cost is a one time cost and it will last you a long time. The average price could go between 750$ – 5000$ all depending upon the type of feature and function you additionally choose for your gate.

Are electric gates expensive?

If you are comparing electric gates to other gates, like wood or metal, yes they could be on the costlier side due to their build and other features that ease your efforts. However, if compared to the cost of other gates overall, the electric gates might as well be more cost-effective and efficient in the long run if handled with care. There are many features that make this cost worthwhile.

What is a sliding gate?

A sliding gate is the one that opens to one side entirely and does not need to be swung back or forth. It uses the space on which it exists, and it can be automated by installing the wheels below at the bottom, which are then operated using the chain’s connection to the control box. A sliding gate is preferred where space is small vertically but huge horizontally.

What is gate automation?

The process of gate automation is merely automating the process of opening the gate and closing it. It involves programming the open and close of the entrance to be operated wirelessly or through remote control. There are a lot of additional features that come along with the product that you choose.

What are good automatic gate opener brands?

We like the Might Mule and ALEKO as great brands for automatic gate openers. In addition to that, we also have a nice guide on garage door openers which contains useful information.


As it is clear from the above article, there are good points and bad points to all the technology that you will choose. The purpose is to find a mix that gives you maximum benefit at minimum downsides. You need to select the best automatic gate opener based on your needs and purposes, so you will have the most benefits from it.